Item number 3 for April

And hold on to your horses ladies, as I've gone off piste..... 

....I'm embracing the pastel. 

Yes, you read that right, I have been exploring all things sugary and sweet.  And it's not so saccharine, I have truly been surprised. 

The colour that I have chosen to go for is lilac.  I loathed lilac.  Properly hated it.  I remember looking at a gorgeous house years ago that we considered buying and when we went for the second viewing the current sellers told us, very excitedly, they'd repainted their bedroom that week.  It was lilac.  I cried.  (I was 8 months pregnant at the time to be fair, nothing was making a lot of sense).   Needless to say we didn't buy it. 

And since then, nearly 8 years ago, my feelings towards lilac haven't changed.  Poor, inoffensive, never done anything to hurt me, lilac. 

Until now.  The lovely Frances over at School Run Style has THE most stunning lilac TopShop jumper (which I know that Joanna at Poppy's Style also had but hers shrunk.  Oops) and when we met for drinks a while ago she had it with a navy shirt.  Oh it looks lovely on her I thought.  But I wouldn't wear that.

Well..... I'm not even going to bother to make excuses.  I am now the proud owner of a lilac jumper. (not the same one!)  Which I love.  Which was my (very considered) final purchase of the month. 

Firstly I tried this on in Zara and I did like it but I wasn't sure about the cable detail and surprise, surprise, the stitching was already coming undone at the vents of the side.  I know it's not expensive but it's not supposed to be disposable.  Zara PLEASE sort it out. 

Zara detail knit Sweater £17.99

Ok - admittedly I do think in this pic it does look better than the one I bought - that I will give.  BUT it doesn't in the flesh, it's just a good photo and the ones from today with jumper that I have bought are bad photos... Also this is a much thicker jumper and I really did want a thin one I could wear under a blazer.  Oh and plain - wanted to be able to wear it with my print trousers (it looks so so lovely, the one I bought, with the Zara print trousers)  And it was falling apart (and acrylic - now I'm not a fabric nazi at all but if I had the choice I would prefer a cotton knit, for sure)

Decision made (although I am now of course tempted to go back and get it another colour for the A/W... will hawk it in the sale and get it for thruppence) 


I then ordered this from M&S which is a different sort of lilac - more purple than I wanted (I am now an expert on shades of lilac - who would have ever thought).  It is a lovely cotton but quite a thick cotton.  I wanted it super thin - John Smedley merino style thin but in cotton.   For the record, these Blue Harbour jumpers are amazing amazing quality in both the crew neck and the round neck.  My usual clothes snob of a Husband buys at least one of these every year and will grudgingly admit they are *perhaps* his favourite.  I've just treated him to a pink v neck one.  Honestly they are fab for a bargain price. 

Lavender Blue Harbour Jumper £17.50

And I happened to stumble across this one.  It actually had some money off it the other day so I think I paid about £14 for it.  Totally totally love it.  Perfect colour - looks utterly gorgeous with navy, tan - love it with leopard print and looks fantastic with all shades of denim. 

ASOS Crew neck jumper in Lilac £18

And here we have it in all its glory on me.  This is a size Small.  The XS was just too tiny and fitted but I do have a broad back and wanted it looser.   I love love love this outfit.  I am so sold on lilac I can't believe.  However the one jumper is enough for me for sure - just don't be surprised if it features quite heavily in my wardrobe from now on! 

image image

Lilac Jumper - ASOS 
Faded vintage skinny jeans - Zara
White collar - Cos
Navy duster coat - H&M
Ponyskin cheetah print skater shoes - Next
Stone Maxi Zip Satchel - Anya Hindmarch

They also do it in other colours as well - I love this jumper for 100% cotton and less than £20 it's amazing.  

(very tempted b y the black and grey pack for only £27.....)

Ice Blue Crew Neck in Cotton £18

And in a pale salmon pink now £13.50

Now not exactly pastel but I do think this is a lovely neutral shade that would work well all year round as well as looking fab teamed with pastels. 

Oatmeal jumper now only £13.50

I also did try on a lovely pale lemon (sorry - Amarillo Candy - obviously) in Mango.  This was gorgeous, I loved the colour and think this shade would work really well in my wardrobe actually.  Love this with black and grey - also looks great with navy.  An ideal backdrop for leopard print and breton stripes as well.  What's not to love?

I was looking for something not as loose and not as fine a knit but I loved this a casual throw on jumper.  Other colours are available. 

Linen Sweater Mango £29.99  These jeans are haunting me.... (would also look amazing with the lilac.....!) 


So as you can see it's a bit of a departure from my normal foray.  But I think it is a colour that will go, randomly with so much I already have in my wardrobe colourwise.  Has anyone else dipped into the pastel pond yet?

Outfit from yesterday, complete with wheely bin in the background. 


Black silky tunic top - Zara
Straight leg jeans turned up - Rock & Republic
Black ponyskin skater shoes - Next
Leopard print coat - Fenn Wright Manson
Sierra Necklace - Stella & Dot
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang

So I've hope we've all been enjoying the sunshine.  Which is a good thing as from tomorrow it looks like, down South at least, we are in for a deluge of rain.   Fear not.  I have a cunning plan...

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18 comentarios:

  1. Never thought to look at men's bits for me but with jumpers it makes sense! Happily I've always worn pastels so it's a trend I can embrace without spending any money.

    The longer I read blogs the less likely I'm ever to set foot in Zara again. Everyone complains about their quality in forums too, you'd think they would take heed....!

    1. oh how fabulous - I am so so so not a pastel person but I could be converted by having is purely an accent colour. And yes, Zara quality is becoming a total joke.xx

  2. Get that bearded male model away from me, hubby has grown beard and looks just like him, but older. Hubby also like a Blue Harbour thrown in with his Stone Island for good measure and you look lovely in lilac, really suits you xxx

    1. ha ha ha ha ha! They're fab those jumpers, aren't they? And thanks love - I have to say I am super pleased with it!

  3. Funny I just bought a Zara jumper almost identical to that but in royal blue & for another £7! This one: They only had it left in small so it's more fitted on me - and not usually my kind of thing at all, but I adore the colour (way brighter irl). I like the idea of wearing it with a collared shirt like you've done above, not that I even own such a thing! Actually thought to myself at the time Kat would not buy something like this that goes with zilch in her wardrobe. #facepalm

    Nic x

    1. oh that's too funny and you're so right, I would not have bought it! Does sound like it will go with loads of things though. I love love my little bib collar though and am definitely tempted to get another in navy. x

  4. You are hilarious .. I remember you that day, declaring your utter revulsion for the colour lilac (albeit you agreed it looked fab on Frances) Fickle indeed :) Anyhow, enough of that, I'm totally distracted by the oatmeal colour. Why haven't I thought of the men's jumpers in M&S before. Duh!

  5. The Gap luxlight jumpers (I think that's what they are called) come in lovely colours are thin and cheap as chips!... X

  6. I think you look great and it really matches your navy jacket. Being 6 months pregnant with little bub #3 I am on a shopping ban but did manage to find a backpack in a soft mint green which I am very impressed with. Shame it has earnt me the nickname "Dora" aka "The Explorer" from the husband and little Mst 4 and Miss 2 now whoop with joy and chant along clearly not realising that for once I am following the current fashion not light years behind. So thanks to all the lovely bloggers who keep me on course. Lucy :-)

  7. I actually ordered the TopShop one again I loved it so much - I will just NEVER wash it again...stinky but looks good:) I couldn't do it in the mint they have but the lilac is lush - great with black, navy, grey, white, cream - you name it! LOVE the men's ASOS one - and I love the model - have a thing about a good proper beard:) Looking good as always babe xx

  8. Sold! Love it. Am a purple girl (not so much a pink one) so am ordering it today. Have a new navy gingham boyfriend shirt that will work well with it. Wearing my bat sweatshirt today - love it's fit but had several people mention how fun it was that I was wearing my Halloween sweatshirt in April. Oh well. Keep blogging. I look forward to reading each post.

  9. Love reading your posts and those colours look fab on you but I'm not so brave. Could you please do a post on sweaters/jumpers, I'm still feeling the cold and am at a loss as what to wear on my top half at the moment while the weather is still unpredictable. Many thanks

  10. The lilac and navy look great together, love the shade of lilac too. Too bad about the Zara sweater, I love that store. I loathe acrylic sweaters though, they pill like crazy.

  11. I can't do lilac. I want to do lilac but it makes my hair look yellow (in a very bad way). Great, great bargain Kat x

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  13. As you know I love a tempted by the yellow linen jumper it's gorge think I may have to add it to my pastel collection! That's for the lovely mention, mwah xxx

  14. Ah now since drooling over all things Hush I too have been hankering after a bit of lilac (remember their fab boxy lilac top with the combats (which u already own so forget grey jeans!!)) then I saw a pic of the most gorgeous understated maxi dress in pale lilac so don't rule out more lilac purchases - go find! X

  15. I purchased a stash of cheap and cheerfuls from Gap. Yellow, lilac, navy and grey. All under a tenner and all wash and wear brilliantly. They have the look J.Crew but are a tad cheaper. They are an easy go to. I think the lilac really suits you. H x