Having a Zoe moment.

But before I move on to that, as promised I am taking a deep breath and going over what I have bought in the first quarter of the year.  How far from the path have I exactly strayed?  

Well to start with my first confession is that I am clearly beginning to lose my marbles as I'm struggling to remember what I've bought.  I think this is it....  I do have to pre-empt by saying there is one extra blouse in January from TKMaxx that was a present from my mother in law which I think is fine.  As it wasn't a purchase.


Kenzo Top
Zara black silky top
Whistles Izzy Stripe top

Shoes - New Balance trainers
Accessory - M&S Hat


Zara blue shirt
Zara green coat
Zara print trousers

Shoes - Skate Shoes - Next 
Accessory - Shirt collar - Cos


Cos blue top
Zara midnight blue boucle jacket
Fenn Wright Manson leopard print coat

Shoes - Skate Shoes - Next
Accessory - Dynamite necklace - Marc by Marc Jacobs


Banana Republic Trench Coat 
Zoe Karssen bat sweatshirt

Shoes - not yet.... 
Accessory - not yet.......

I did feel rather smug for about 10 seconds at not having bought the complete quota for April when I realised that it was the 6th of the month.  Which is truly woeful really.  But at least I haven't gone over yet.  

Second confession is that I may have bought one of my April purchases a couple of weeks ago in March.  Oops.  But I had been looking for one for ages and I have tried so so many on including a whole host of Burberry ones (at Bicester) and they're just not quite right.  I'm actually pretty broad on the shoulders and tall with long arms so if I manage to find one to fit across my top half, there tends to be reams of fabric around my middle. 

So when I was in London a couple of weeks ago with the 9yr old, we popped into Banana Republic as it was there and the trenches were on special offer with 20% off.  These things do fit differently on everyone but for me this one was perfect. 

Banana Republic New Classic Trench Coat on special offer now at £99.99

I have been looking for ages and a trench had been on my radar for forever and had I not come across this one, the others that were top of my list are these. (I have listed these before but for ease of reference) 

Marks and Spencer Pure Cotton Belted Trench Coat with Stormwear £79  I couldn't get the sizing right  for example a size 16 fitted on the shoulders for me but swamped me round the middle.  And the smaller sizes always seem to be out of stock.  I would probably recommend this for shorter people who don't have Hulk style shoulders and are a more classic proportion.

Gap Trench £64.95  This is great and they do it in a tall and a petite version as well.  Huge improvement on last years trench as this time it has a buckle which it never used to before.  Small detail but it does make a huge difference.  One thing I would say is this comes up massive.  It's properly huge.  My Banana Republic was a medium but I was definitely a Small in this.  They also didn't have my size in the Tall ever.  Now of course they do.  However I'm over the moon with my BR one. 

Lastly, I love the River Island one (which I thought may have been reduced but alas no.  I'm not surprised to be honest as it is a classic.) which I think they still have instore but seem to be sold out online. 

Next, my second April purchase.  This is where writing a blog gets dangerous.  I'd always liked the Zoe Karssen sweatshirts and have featured them on the blog a number of times.  Which includes a couple of weeks ago when I featured the black bat one.  That I then became obsessed with. 

Now I only put things on the blog that I genuinely like.  Obviously I don't/can't buy all of them but I spend way too long, searching online and instore for what I think is the pick of the high street.  It's completely unbiased - I love fashion but this is my space for showcasing things that I think are better than the rest.  And if money/space were no object I could pretty much wear everything I list (that's the point - it's my choice of what is out there!).   But there are things that sometimes I simply can't live without and this Zoe Karssen sweatshirt was one of those.  

Especially when last Saturday I went inot Bod & Ted which is a local boutique in Tunbridge Wells and they had a version of the Bat sweat I hadn't seen before.  This one with leather epaulettes.  It was reserved for someone else but this week they got in touch and said they weren't having it and I could have it.  Now it was more expensive than the normal shoulder one and considering I had a 20% day offer thingymajig at My Wardrobe, I ummed and ahhed at the extra money.  But I caved in the end as I do think it makes such a difference. 

The only place I've found it online (and I bought the last one from Bod & Ted - I did tell them they should have ordered more!) is from Zoe Karssen themselves. 

So here it is in all its glory - first outing will be tomorrow.  Size wise, this is a Medium although everyone says they come up big.  It's long on the sleeves which is great but it's definitely not oversized I wouldn't say.  I love the fact that it's not a huge sweat but (well I think) a more flattering slimmer fit. 


However if I could only have found the cheaper one without the leather shoulders, I would definitely just have gone with that one.  It was meant to be. 
Zoe Karssen Bat Sweatshirt £95

The other option that would be great for the Summer is the t-shirt. 

Bat Tee by Zoe Karssen £56  Now I'm not going to lie and I do love this but for me - that's quite steep for a tee.  Which sounds like an insane thing to say when I just paid £130 for a sweatshirt but somehow to me that doesn't seem quite so bad (I appreciate there is negative logic in this, but go figure) 

However there are bargains to be had at ASOS if you do like the Zoe Bat look, in two shades. 

Zoe Karssen Bat Loose Fit Sweater with contrast sleeves now £58 from £94.88

In Sodalite Blue 

And in Grey heather 

Moving away from the batmobile, this has to my next favourite Zoe one (someone told me that it's a slippery slope....)  Think this would look fab with navy. 

Zoe Karssen Killer Cool Ombre Sweatshirt £97

Whilst we're talking about wishlists and things that I've featured on the blog - there are things that I like and think might make the grade but something better then comes along (surely this is the story of everyone's life?)  

Then there are those few things that the more you think about, the more you like them - the bat sweatshirt and a trench coat being two such things.   Thinking back over the last couple of months the two things that I come back to and think, yes I really would like them is the Never Tear Us Apart tee from Zoe Karssen again. 

But pipping it to the post has to be the Run DMC tee from New Look at a rather bargainous £14.99.   Currently these are both top of the list for the precious third April space.

So how is the experiment going and is it working?  Well I feel every so slightly a fraud as I do have a couple of extra pair of trousers (jeans and cargo pants) and tees from Hush that they gave me as a thank you for contributing to an editorial of theirs which I haven't counted in the tally (and the navy shirt from Hawes & Curtis, polka dot Great Plains jeans which I chose, oh and my suede Seven Boot Lane boots)  But when I've sat back and thought what was the point of the quota, it was to stop me impulse buying and choosing quantity over quality. 

And in that respect it definitely has worked.  I have given each purchase that I've made much more thought than I would have in the past and I've definitely gone to greater lengths to justify what I've bought - I wanted to make my clothes work harder.  To that end, I think I've worn more of what I've bought than I did previously.  

It's also made me consider my wardrobe and look at what I regularly wear that I have had for years.  There are definitely some great items that I get out every year.  Classics that work for me - with older things I have and with the new items as well.  Things that spring to mind are good skinny jeans and trousers, blazers - I'm having a complete blazer moment - and good jersey basics.  Belts are definitely up there as well with favourite jewellery and bags. 

And it's given me some blog ideas for the coming weeks which I hope you'll enjoy. 

Phew - that was rather wordy, apologies.  I know some people like more prose and others like pics.  Unfortunately it's impossible to please all the people all of the time so hopefully the mix I have on the blog will appeal to some of the people most of the time.

Finishing with my party outfits from Friday and Saturday night.  Taken in our building site.  Which won't be forever.  Hurrah! 

Normally we don't go out two nights in a row as I don't have an off switch and so two on the trot is normally car crash.  Excellent fun but it's slightly painful the following day.  

Friday night - big party which meant a 2am finish.  Was definitely worth it. 

Navy quilted shell top - Cos
Print trousers - Zara
Asymmetric black suede court shoes - Zara
Earrings - bought from a friend.

And last night, a casual dinner which again was a ridiculously late finish meaning that was officially a duvet day. 


Floral Print top - Kenzo
Boyfriend jeans - Hush 
Blue and black snakeskin sandals - Reiss
Navy boucle blazer - Zara
Black clutch - Tory Burch

This week I shall be looking at some of the classics I have and treasure in my wardrobe and seeing what options there are out on the high street.  I shall also be looking at some Summer trends that make my eyes bleed.  There are some pieces I love that others loathe and vice versa.  I shall be shopping with the 9yr old and we shall be papping to prove how some things just don't work for everyone.  (and yes, we all know that I am such a total total sheep, my final April purchases will be those things that I've set my store out as hating.  Obviously) 

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend. 

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24 comentarios:

  1. I am a big fan of Zoe Karssen, I have a blue sweater that I have worn to death..the quality is not the best especially after a few washes but I love the shoulder detail, it is just a bit different. Your bat sweater looks great on you, I love love it with your black jeans and white tee x

    1. Thank you love - this is how I'm going to wear it tomorrow actually. Haven't been as excited by a jumper since my Horsing around one. XXX

  2. I definitely wouldn't recommend shelling out on the tees, I bought the D'accord one, and after one wash it came apart. Liking the sweater very much!

    1. It does seem slightly steep - maybe in the sale I would. Thanks - the sweater's fab, isn't it?! Feel like a small child looking forward to wearing it tomorrow xx

  3. Thank you so much Carol for your lovely lovely chat - I always so look forward to reading them. Yes, I love the jeans with those shoes - they're the perfect length for them - I think I'm going to be getting a lot of wear out of them.

    Oh and don't listen to them about the skate shoes, if you love them that's all that matters. Your outfit sounds FAB! Keep wearing them. Everyone said the same thing about wedge trainers and the world and his dog ended up in them! xxxx

  4. Ha ha I loved your comment about the sweatshirt and the T shirt, thats just the kind of logic I deal in...... Love your blog, always look forward to reading it

    1. Phew - thought it was just me! And thank you xx

  5. I usually love reading your blog but your prices are now outside my price range. Plus £130 for a sweatshirt is just madness especially if it's going to fall apart after a few washes.

    1. Apologies - I do tend to include a wide range of prices on the blog as that's how I shop too. Everyone has a different budget after all and people would rather spend different amounts on different things. i've certainly not changed the blog with regards to shops or prices - there's a £14.99 tee shirt from New Look above!)

      Oh and hopefully my sweatshirt won't fall apart! Clearly I didn't know that when I bought it - fingers crossed eh (otherwise I'll be taking it back!) To be fair, it does feel like really good quality otherwise there's no way I would have paid that. xxx

  6. Hi Kat- I love when you feature something which I can check out stateside, I have been looking for a trench also and had in fact checked out this BR one, I though the cocoon color was so bloody light though not at all as represented in the photo here, can you confirm it's as shown or verging on almost cream/ivory? I will feel so jipped if they aren't offering a darker shade here! Thanks V in SF

    1. RIght, mine is definitely not a cream it's a tan - a classci pale trench tan. I think they do it in two shades of light colour here. HTH!

  7. Love that sweater Kat...it's €130 on the website, £107.50 in pounds. So not quite as expensive as your post and it is very special, you'll get loads of wear out of it once the quality is good, it's a classic that won't date quickly.

    1. I think once I'd factored in posting etc & the crappy exchange rate that I would end up with, I thought I"d rather support a local business! I think the quality and the fit are both great. x

  8. Love the sweatshirt, I have had my eye on it as well! You look gorgeous in your night out outfits. total shoe crush on the Reiss sandals. :) x

    1. Thank you - I have to say I don't love them as much as I did and perhaps regret not getting the cream fronted ones but hey ho. I've my eye on some nude ones for the SUmmer as well so I'll have all bases covered. x

  9. Kat you are now officially an old Bat! Lol x I have last years Gap trench and love it but the buckle would be a welcome addition although being an apple shape I would never do the thing up for fear of looking like a sack of spuds! x

    1. I am indeed HA HA HA!! i do think they sometimes look better undone anyway xxx

  10. I'm just really looking forward to the next few posts when you and RR1 go shopping and papping together. I reckon that sounds like lots of fun! Enjoy wearing your new sweatshirt .. I love it that I'm not the only one who occasionally gets really excited about wearing a new item of clothing xx

    1. Hmm fun? Depends on what mood she's in and I do have to do one of her shops one of mine. Which is totally fair. I can't however get excited in Claire's no matter how hard I try. And I LOVE a new item of clothing!

  11. Good blog post Kat. I really like your' purchases and, I must say, those Zara print trousers look stunning on you. H xx

    1. Thanks love - they are the surprise buy of the year so far it has to be said. Love them. x

  12. Love the new sweatshirt, the shoulder detail makes it extra special and cool. Glad you found the perfect trench coat, they are a wardrobe must-have. Thanks for sharing your shopping process, it's a great exercise of prudence that I should be doing as well.

    1. You're more than welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment xxxxx

  13. I love all your purchases this month and the bat sweater with the leather detail is fabulous, totally something I would buy. I have bat sweater envy!
    Abbi x