The Itch I can't quite scratch.

Oh it's a bloody skirt. 

So.  I thought that the pencil skirt was a good idea.  I still think the pencil skirt is a fab idea.  If money were no object and i could buy a fabulous leather one (numero uno on my sales list), I hadn't set myself a quota which I'm clinging onto by my fingernails, thanks to the evergrowing amendments I keep adding to it.  Oh and I didn't mostly have a lifestyle which involves bombing around in jeans.  

I would wear a pencil skirt of that I am sure, but how much?  I fear it may be a bit like my black capri pants which I had such high hopes for and I simply can't quite get to grips with.  All the inspiration is there - it's just that translating into my everyday life hasn't seemed to pan out.  Totally randomly, I find it much easier to wear the print ones I bought and I reckon I've worn them as much, even though I bought them a couple of months ago and have had the black ones for an entire year. 

A pencil skirt for the school run and my mainly very casual life just doesn't work hard enough.  And as I've said before - one of the main reasons for my quota was that I don't want to fill my wardrobe with things that get an airing once in a blue moon.  It's already full of stuff that does that, thanks to my (old) rather impulsive shopping habit which primarily centred on quality over quantity (until I saw something expensive I loved and then it was all about the cost per wear and longevity of an item)  Fickle shopping.  

I've turned into Lydia from Fame when it comes to my wardrobe.  (yes clearly I have totally lost the plot).  This is what I want to say to new clothes "You want fame? Well fame costs and here's where you start paying".  Can I please point out that I've never actually uttered these words outloud and to be fair, I haven't even "really" thought them, but the analogy stands.  I need things that I buy to work hard.  They need to be able to multitask.  I want to get real value out of my clothes. 

Which brings me back to the thorny subject of skirts.  Right now I need a skirt that will cover a multitude of occasions and a pencil one doesn't fit the bill.  (I could of course arrange more dressy/posh things to do but this seems to be coming at the thing from the wrong angle) 

Let's go full.  Let's go midi.  First things first - the great things about these are that there is less leg on show so less to shave and less to tan.  These are things that are v important to me (my laziness knows no bounds) 

I'll come to what tops I can see myself in another day (fear not, I have plans) but shoe wise, I think pretty much anything goes.  Especially for the Summer, sandals are a total winner including the not so fugly anymore sandals from yesterday.  Sliders, skater shoes, heeled sandals, courts (mid or high) and even ankle boots are a total winner. 

Length wise... Well.  To be honest it, not wanting to state the obvious, it depends on how tall you are.  Which will not only dictate how long each skirt will be on you but also how long you want it.  For me at 5ft10 I would like it to be (she says making it up as she goes along...) a bit below my knee.  Absolutely not lower than mid calf.  But definitely below the knee.  For me, anything on the knee with fullness and flat shoes screams Lindy Hop.  And now that picture is there I can't get rid of it.  But skirts can always be shortened (not lengthened which is a bummer - I'm still scarred by memories of my beloved mother adding another layer in a different fabric to a rara skirt in the 80's as she thought it was too short.  Not good. Oh dear god, not good at all)  So trying them on is obviously essential. 

Starting with something neutral and straight in with something quite full on - a leather version. 

This from RIver Island is a great price. 

Black Leather Full midi skirt £130 

Now this is an obviously contentious number - white leather.  I like it.  I really like it.  I'm also very worried about my fake tan with it though.  Dang it. 

White leather midi skirt £130

A non leather white one from ASOS 

ASOS Premium Full midi skirt in Bonded crepe £75

This navy floral skirt from RIver Island is actually one of the reasons I started thinking hmmm, these may be an option.  Saw it in store and it looks amazing.  Fantastic quality, great length and just that little bit more interesting than a plain navy number.  They do this in yellow as well which they don't seem to have online but definitely have in store. 

Navy Floral Embroidered A line midi Skirt £40

Now this is why I think they slightly work better if they're not totally plain.  Were this in bottle green this plain textured one would be my school skirt.  Clearly it would depend on how you wore it in an outfit so I'd need to try this on.  But I think I'm going to move as far away from uniform as I can (ie leather.  Ha!) 

Whistles Textured Midi skirt £125

If you are after navy, I think that this might work better. 

Weekend by MaxMara Vittor Skirt in navy £140

Pale pink with an on trend black waistband.  The flat pleats from the waistband would make this more flattering on those less than flat tummies. 

Light Pink Box Pleat Midi skirt £35

In a coral colour from Great Plains. 

Cafe Crepe Pleated Midi skirt £55

Another pink - the stitch waist detail makes it slightly more fluid and less full. 

ASOS Midi Skirt £28

Classic plain black ASOS full midi skirt £22

There are lots of different colours in this style all at £22

ASOS Full Midi skirt £22 in yellow

Grey Marl £22

Soft Blue £22

A denim version from Warehouse 

Midi Skirt in light Denim £38

Obviously can't ignore black and this one has pockets.  I would love to have that as my must have but beggars can't be choosers (mine will probably be quite reliant on length) 

Black Scuba Skirt from Warehouse £32 (this does look shorter but the model is 5ft10)

A fuller version from ASOS also in pockets and also in scuba material. 

ASOS Full Midi Skirt in scuba fabric £35

And the scuba fabric proves popular. 

Closet Full Skater Midi skirt in scuba material in red £30 (they do this in black too)

A different option on a plain colour would be pleated. 

Love this in either yellow or pink from ASOS. 

ASOS Pleated Midi pleated skirt £35

And in pink £35 (which is more of a lilac pink to me) 

If we're looking at print which would look marvellous paired with any number of plain tops then there are lots around.

White Abstract Stamp Print Full midi skirt £35 from River Island.

You would probably be forgiven for thinking the one above is Boden and of course you couldn't do a full skirt post without including one from there.  Actually I thought there would be loads but no.  Just the one really and this probably could do with being slightly longer than Boden would normally do but since there is a Long option they get a mention.  Oh and they have pockets which are a huge plus. 

Nancy Skirt  in Jumbo Spot £69

I love the idea of this one teamed with a black thin knit crew neck boxy jumper and black skater shoes.  (or fuglies...) 

Riviera Skirt £69

A smaller spot version with a pleat at ASOS 

ASOS spot pleat midi skirt in oyster and black £40

And navy and oyster £40

An abstract print from ASOS in pink/yellow £35

Moving onto metallic which I think might be a pretty bold step for my first summer skirt venture but I guess it would go with everything.... (I'd just need to toy with whether I could stomach the "finishing a marathon"/metal mickey jokes from The Husband) 

Metallic Midi skirt from Warehouse £46  Slightly less full than some others.

This I absolutely love but am quite realistic that as regards versatility, I'm not going to be wearing this on the school run. (whereas randomly I would wear a leather one.  Make of that what you will..!)

Daisy Foil Skirt in silver from Whistles £125

Slightly less obvious metallic from ASOS 

ASOS Midi Skirt in silver camo jacquard £50

And I'm sure there are loads out there, hopefully I'll get to try some on this week or next and get back to you with ideas for tops to go with them.  It's also occurred to me as I've put this blog together that most of these are on the waist.  I would personally go with a size bigger than usual as a) I have no waist and most things that are designed to sit on the waist are snug on me and b) after years and years of having things not at the waist for fear of Simon Cowell comparisons, it feels supremely odd and I prefer things to sit on the hips.  There is a c) as well - as I'm short bodied with very out of proportion legs, if something is at my true waist I do look rather like Simon Cowell in a wig. 

So - where do we all sit on the skirt front?  We've done pencil and we're all used to maxi length skirts but a full midi?  Would love to hear if you're already wearing them or planning on wearing them and what with. 

Finishing with outfit today - up to London en famille which was great.   Braved the Transport Museum which, with hindsight, was a bold choice with a 7yr old with ADHD/being diagnosed for ASD.  Shan't be doing that again in a hurry.  We'll stick with what we know - train, watching all the street performers in Covent Garden, lunch (at the restaurant he knows where we order the same thing!) and ice creams on the way home.  To be fair, now that we've done it once, he'll actually be totally fine second time round (which is handy as the tickets you get are valid for a whole year.  There is loads to do so highly highly recommended - if your children aren't runners...!) 

It was also chilly.  But I have to say I was super pleased with my outfit today.  Am so so pleased I took this blazer out of the charity bag! 


Grey tee - H&M
Grey tie dye jeans - Sandro
Pink blazer - Zara
Black skater shoes - Next
Black Faridah Hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Hope everyone is having a fab Sat night.  We cancelled our plans as we are so so exhausted, which is great as after a day in London with three kids, pizza and champagne on the sofa is exactly what the Dr ordered.  xxx

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24 comentarios:

  1. I have a black, full, leather midi skirt from Asos that I bought in the autumn, but I've never worn it as I couldn't figure out what to wear on my feet! Knee high boots were too dominatrix, brogues were too frump, and I don't really have any heels. I'm hoping to finally get it out soon, with bare legs and my Kurt Geiger zebra skate shoes, or maybe my Nike Air Pegasus, or my Minnetonka moccasins, or...

    1. Yes I do think (like boyfriend jeans) that these are perhaps easier to wear in the Spring/Summer. Good luck with the shoes. I am so off to try these skirts on just so so hoping they're longer enough. x

  2. Wait, are you saying you never bought the leather wishbone skirt??? It was gorgeous on you. I love all these midis but as a 6/8 5ft 3", git to be careful with proportions - would have to go very tight on top so no blouse,jumper which catapults it into high summer only for me with a strappy vest or even dare I say boob tube - mutton claxon alert! Think these midis would be lovely with a mid heel featured a few posts ago for day then ramp it up with 4 inch gladiators at night. V interested in the scuba fabric as think the funkier look is needed to avoid looking like Boden mum! Well done for braving central London on a saturday - I'm braving Easter activities at the Trafford centre tomorrow - lord help me!

    1. Can you believe I didn't get it? Meh - It's still definitely definitely on my wish list for the sales as it was an amzing fit and a perfect length, but it was neither full nor straight and I'm after full now. However if I can't find another one then I will deffo get that. Yes - it's definitely sa difficult for small as well as tall. I've found the ASOS skirt in tall in scuba which I'm v excited about and will order. Now on a little jumper quest! Good luck with the Trafford Centre..!! xxxx

  3. Also in Covent Garden today - v busy so also exhausted! Love the black leather skirts. Hx

    1. it was really busy wasn't it? Especially later on. But boy, wasn't it super chllly??! Love it though - so so easy for us to get to and I think one of the best places in London for mooching and not having to spend loads of money xx

  4. Have to ask, did you go to DGGS?? Love the pink blazer.

    1. As I'm not sure what DGGS is, I'm going with no?! (school?? No I went to HASG ha ha). I have to say I am so so ridiculously pleased at rediscovering the blazer, thank you xxx

    2. Ahh!! Well we had the nightmare bottle green skirts too. It took nearly twenty years for me to be able to wear green again!!

    3. To be fair, there is very little, nay make that not a jot, of bottle green in my wardrobe. Still can't do it. Plus our shirts were apple green (boak - why though? Tis actually a lovely colour!) and the jumpers were edged in red. All together quite vile. xxx

  5. I love these skirts and I bought a pleather one in the winter. Wore it once and realised it might have been a mistake. But but but ... Then saw it styled with a shorter ( not cropped!!) white linen tee and blocky sandals and I thought I might give it another go. It would have to be on a thin day though as they can make you look hippy ... Not in a good way. I love that pink blazer you have I am currently stalking a collarless fitted one from topshop at the moment

    1. No I know exactly what you mean! Yes, definitely all about the shorter top - needs to finish at the waist at our age I definitely think. Definitely have a blazer thread on the radar. xxx

  6. I have a very very pale pink quilted one from topshop, bought about 2 months ago but have been waiting for warmer weather and trying to decide on tops/shoes. I'm thinking a tee which sits on waist, neither cropped or normal length?!! And can't decide on shoes! It's a funny one! A x

    1. oh that sounds lovely. I need to check out TS actually, they should do a good tall range. I think you could tuck a tee in... hmmm you'd need to try it. x

  7. A couple of the skirts are scuba material -pardon my ignorance but is that rubbery or am I completely off the scale?? X

    1. no no no (well at least I don't think so.........) it's neoprene like fabric. So a more modern scuba fabric! Soft but holds its shape with a texture to it. Clear as mud?! xxx

    2. Okay thanks! I did wonder. Isn't it a bit sweaty?!? Xx

  8. I LOVE it! Tis normally as long as my blog. And yes, you are so so right on every count. I think a loose thin knit silk front jumper/sweatshirt is ideal for this time of year. Very fitted shirt as well......with little jumper over the top - win win. I have now had a glass of fizz and I NEED the silver one. Dear god, drunk online shopping. This is not going to end well.....

  9. The skirt is a tricky item! I have a Next pleather pencil skirt that I bought last is hanging in the wardrobe with the tags still on! Have been at a loss as to what to style it with but have bought some strappy high gladiator sandals and I am now thinking this outfit would be complete with the River Island chambray shirt from your latest post! there at last! Thank you xx

    1. I LOVE my strappy glads (I think I may have 3 pairs now....) and yes they would work so so perfectly with the skirt. Hurrah!

  10. Oh I'm glad to see there are so many midis around - not the case last year when I really wanted one. Am actually liking the look of the asos marl one - looks so easy to wear with a denim jacket or biker. x

    1. Am definitely trying some on tomorrow - am slightly concerned at the length, but we'll see xxx

  11. I love flared midi skirts but they just don't work on me being only 5'2" & I just sold a leather look one on EBay that I had never even worn! I just couldn't make it work & I'm sitting here sobbing as there are some lovely ones & styling ideas in this post! I can't believe you had that blazer in the charity shop bag! Its fab! Ax