In for a penny, in for a pound.

....with all things 70's.  I know I did say that next time I was going to do a round up of my purchasing tally for the year but whilst we were on the subject of 70's print, it seemed a good idea to mention another of my must have items for the Spring.  These, like so many things to be honest, are not everyone's cup of tea, but, if I've said it once, I've said it a million times, it would be a dull world if we all liked the same things. 

We're talking print joggers.  I only have one pair at the moment - mine were a suck it and see bargain last year from Forever21.  They served me well, I wore them loads last year and shall be planning on wearing them this year too. 

These are a great alternative to jeans when it's warm (it will get warm I promise.... Who am I kidding?  I hope...) and can be super casual or on the smarter side if you wear with a blazer.  Of course footwear wise I would wear with my skate shoes as (if I may not have mentioned ha ha) I am obsessed with.  I think they're surgically attached to my feet.  But they also look great with sandals once it's warmer. 

Yes it's verging on wearing your jamas out but what's not to love about that? 

I've been papping these all over the place but whilst on our 70's hunt the other day there were definitely some fab numbers that were more than a nod to the decade.  Actually I've just remembered that I have a leopard print pair I got for a steal in the Zara sale which I did wear with flats but also wore with heels and a little sleeveless blouse for a night out.  I've also remembered that they're at the bottom of the washing bin as they're dry clean only.  Dare I hand wash........?

So yes, these can also be worn with heels (I wore my mine with sandal shoe boots if I recall) so that doubles their use instantly.  Doing a very good job of currently convincing myself I could do with another pair. 

These are the ones that we saw in Topshop (clearly they're super on trend as there are loads in there - to be fair along with a whole load of other rather dubious stuff which you clearly have to be either 

Floral Utility Trousers £38

In the flesh these have a lovely vintage look to them which I don't think comes across online. 


I swear my grandmother had tiles like this in her kitchen in the 70's.  Which isn't a bad thing.  I love the colours of these, would look great with a navy or black tuxedo style blazer. 

Mixed Tile Print Jersey Tapered £28

Please note.  I'm not advocating the cropped lace top.  Like I said on another post, I have never worn these at any age of my life - the chances of me wearing on at 41 are less than non existent.  

Mosaic Tile Joggers in blue £35

And the red version - love the styling with the heels.   You can keep the cropped tee.

A green tone pair at Miss Selfridge 

Tyre Print Trousers in Dark Green £28

Love the tones in this print.  

Selected Harti Pants in Kaleidoscope Print £75  There is a matching loose blazer style jacket but I have to say that's too much, even for me.

Forever21 also have some lovely print ones - this monochrome colourway would be great with a plain white tee and some tan sandals.

Hollywood Regent harem pants £18.75 

Ditto this pair. 

No Grey Area Joggers from Forever21 £12.75

If you liked the full on banana print of the Dorothy Perkins jumpsuit last post but thought it was all a bit much from head to toe, then fear not, there is a trouser version.  

Banana Leaf Joggers from DP's £24

Another bright print pair from FCUK 

French Connection Vine Bloom Trousers £65 blush/rose/black £65

LIke I said, these have been on my radar for a while and when I went to pick up my skate shoes from Next, I came across these which I nearly bought on the spot (so this 3 things a month is working as I would normally probably have purchased but no, I came away to think about them.  Still up there as an option though)

I'm gutted as I have a photo of these on my old phone and they look so so much better than they do here.  There is also a matching top - I know I know - but honestly they did look fab together. 

Camouflage print tapered trousers from Next £32

Maybe there's a reason why I love that print as I was lusting over the Hush ones all Winter and didn't get round to getting them.   I think I will definitely add these to my wish list - the new colourway for S/S. 

Camouflage joggers from Hush in camo blue £45

I've had these on the blog before on the leopard print post but I've seen them in the flesh and they are so good.  In M&S they're actually in the fitness section but they would be more than fine to wear every day. 

Animal Print Tapered trousers in grey mix £22.50

Mint Velvet also have an animal print pair - in love with this outfit. 

Mint Velvet Alma Print Trousers £69

So I am looking forward to wearing mine again (once I've either got off my lazy arse and taken the leopard print ones to the dry cleaners or have bitten the bullet and thrown them in on a handwash.... we all know what I'm going to do, don't we?).  Apart from not tomorrow as it's going to pour with rain apparently.  Joyous. 

Finishing with my outfits from yesterday and today.  Trip to the hairdressers for me to have my colour done.  Completely love it, the best way for me to hide my greys.  Kids tea with friends and then last night went to a party - have forgotten to upload outfit photo but will do it tomorrow.  

For the record, I have warned you all about how much I am loving these shoes. (although you'll be pleased to hear, no I didn't wear them out last night) 


White tee - Hush
Black semi coated jeans - 2nd Day
Pink blazer - Zara
Cheetah print skate shoes - Next
Gold bracelet - Made from Whistles
Large white face tan strap watch - Olivia Burton
Tan cuff - Mulberry
Stone maxi zip satchel - Anya Hindmarch

And today, morning in with the kids and then out for lunch with the family after which the kids went for a swim.  Outdoors.  Absolute nutters.  


Grey and off white striped top - Zara
Print quilted biker jacket - Zara
Grey cargo trousers - Hush
Black ponyskin skate shoes - Next
Black Faridah hobo bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs (still love this bag, it's now nearly 8 years old! That's value for money) 

Off out tonight again for a dinner party and then no hockey tomorrow morning so a lie in.  Oh yes.  Oh yes oh yes oh yes.  Obviously I'll be wide awake at 5.  I promise I'll fess up my tally of purchases tomorrow.  Gulp.  (I really don't think I've swerved too badly at all actually.  She says hopefully.....) 

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15 comentarios:

  1. Is it just me or are those hush cargos MAHOOSIVE?? I have a pair upstairs in my usual size that I'm deciding on but the waist is huge and the legs aren't as clots fitting as yours appear to be. Am I deformed from the waist down or are you wearing a smaller size than normal?

    1. I bought my usual size, but I'm a big 10 so they're too bad. But I completely agree that they're big on the waist and I always wear a belt with mine. It's a shame those adjusters at the side don't really work. Not sure I could have fitted into the smaller size on the legs but if yours are loose on the legs still I'd definitely size down.

  2. Hi Kat, saw the Next joggers yesterday much better in the flesh I was quite tempted. Have got the white shoes you featured gave you a mention on my blog hope you don't mind.
    Sue x

    1. Thank goodness it's not me going mad - they're so much better aren't they? And of course I don't mind! xxx

  3. Hi just had to say love your 2nd outfit! still loving that Zara jacket ( M&S has done something similar - have you seen it? )and the hush cargo pants look lovely. xx

    1. Oh thank you and no I haven't! Which section is it in do you know? Trying to find anything online with them is like trying to find a needle in a haystack....

  4. Fess up that Zara blazer looks brand spanking new?!!! Gorgeous also gorgeous hair. Wouldn't have entertained joggers prior to my jumpsuit purchase as always thought they were a bit saggy bummy but now I'm converted. Think I need to look at plain joggers first though to dip my toe in gently! I was so a crop top girl in the 90s can't believe it now but used to go out in a bikini and hotpants that you could whip off! Oh to be 20 again!

    1. ha ha ha! No, this Zara jacket is 2 years old. I just don't wear it very much and in fact it was in the to sell bag. But actually it's perfect for the nod to pastel trend and I've completely fallen in love again with this style of classic blazer. Last year was all about the boxy jacket but suddenly I can't get enough of this and my black Topshop one which is even older.

      Am intrigued by hotpants that you can whip off...??! xxx

  5. Bloody hell Kat, I thought you had Liz Hurley on your blog in the last picture. You are a dead ringer or maybe she's a dead ringer for you lol. Yep, loving these trews. I got lots of wear out of mine last year. Great travelling trousers too x

    1. MWAH I love you xxxx (and in my dreams..)

  6. Great outfits, I love both jackets on you. I'm all about the slouchy aka pj aka soft pants. I try not to get too crazy with the prints on these pants since I have shorter legs. I think they look very chic with heels and a smart jacket/blazer.

    1. Yes I love them worn like that, for sure. x

  7. I think the Hush trousers would possibly work better on a pear shop to be honest. THey are very big on the wasit and hips in comparison to the bottom of the trousers. Which gives a looser look which is what I was after. The Boden ones look much more fitted to me. HTH!

  8. Yes this is and it's the v neck one which is ACE. Their normal tees I don't rate nearly as much, wouldn't bother at all for the money. - I will deffo do a blog on them. The 3/4 sleeve ones with a dip back are the best ever.

  9. I love you in the Zara jacket & stripes & you were wearing something similar when I first found your blog! Just gorgeous! Skaters are dangerous & mine are rarely off my feet atm too! I need another pair! Ax