And just to prove my point.....

...*WARNING* more New York ranting.....ok not so much and it does end on a super positive note.

....I mentioned yesterday - DVF.  I love DVF - I don't have an awful lot of it as generally the dresses are too short.  Oh and it's usually expensive.  It's very expensive for a day to day dress.  However I have found that if you hunt down the right one they can be so so useful.  I bought one last year - not full price, I'd like to point out, but I did have a £100 money off voucher from Matches if you spent £300, so basically I got a third off it.  

And I wore it loads.  For a lunch, a super fancy evening party, for a First Holy Communion and numerous other nights out.  I chickened out of hand washing and had it dry cleaned (and we all know this is something I rarely do so I must love it that much) but since I have few dry clean dresses, I don't mind making an exception for something that is so unique.  I fully intend to wear it on numerous occasions this year as well.  It's definitely one of my favourite things in my wardrobe.

Now I was going to start this blog by saying you can spot a DVF dress at twenty paces.  However on my recent travels both abroad and here, I've found that actually it's easy to spot the influence that she has had on Fashion generally, but especially this season where we're all about the 70's, and her love of colour and print fits this brief perfectly.  

What is easy to spot at twenty paces therefore, is a dress that *could* be DVF.  

But there was a DVF dress in particular that I loved that I was obviously going to hunt down when I was in New York - new season and so I thought I could perhaps bag a bargain.  Said dress:-

Rose Dress at Matches £398 

Could I find it?  Could I heck.  Besides that, I think it would be too short anyway and there really weren't any others that I loved as much as the one I bought last year.  So big fat fail (Groundhog Day here....) on the DVF front. 

But all may not be lost as whilst I was over in New York I had an email from Matches with more of their sales details and what do you know - bundles of DVF.  At prices which make them way cheaper than in the US at full price.  And even comparable to these in the sale (and there isn't nearly as wide a selection over there) in the US.  Without starting on the tax. 

In fact these are such great reductions, that they're now the same price as a Whistles or a Reiss dress.  

Here is the pick of my favourites - and most have a good selection of sizes as well.  I find with the wrap dresses, they're true to size.  Anything in a silk jersey tunic, size up.  Unless you like the vacuum packed look.

All things 70's and how perfect would this be for the Spring?  Even ideal now with opaques.

Rose Long Dress from DVF was £375 now £150

More stripe in a looser style. 

Joanna Dress were £340 now £136

Let the psychedelia continue with a monochrome version. 

Kelsey Dress from DVF was £350 now £140

More monochrome with the classic wrap style. 

T72 Dress from DVF was £390 now £156

However one of my favourites has to be the Prita dress which I can't get as one of my best friends has it.... 

Prita Dress was £350 now £140

Bruna Dress £410 now £164

However my absolute favourite which I'm still umming and ahhing about is this from DVF. 

Rose Long Dress was £375 now £150

And in another colourway - the Rose long dress was £375 now £150

I'm not sure this would work for my shape but it's like nothing I have in my wardrobe (probably because the cut would be all wrong for me and I would look like one of those dodgy tranny men who likes dressing up like a 6yr old.  Which isn't entirely the look I had in mind)  However if you aren't a broad shouldered, no waisted, 5ft 10 Gulliver, I think this is an amazing, amazing dress.  

Eleanor was £440 now £176

Whilst there are bargains to be had (and believe me - I've never seen so many DVF dresses reduced so much - I think as it's because most of them are, ironically, very Summery and so didn't sell last season.  Go us!) there are some great dresses on the High Street which do have that DVF vibe.
Paisley print tunic dress £45 from Topshop

Daisy Print Shirt Dress from Topshop £55

White Gradie Gross Short Dress from Atterley Road was £50 now £15

M&S are on on their usual roll of amazing goodies (which you have to hunt for amongst the 80% of tat)  But if you know what you're looking for, there are some great things. 

Oversized Floral Tunic Dress £55 from Autograph I've seen this in store and my friend who is a DVFaholic virtually sprinted across the floor when she caught sight of it.  It's so pretty but with such a vintage edge to it.  

But if you want bargain all things homage to DVF 70's stylee, look no further than the Limited Collection in the sale.

Floral Fit & flare Dress from M&S was £45 now £18

My preferred print though is this one which I spied the other week and had planned to blog about shortly.  I can't believe it's already reduced and I am so pleased with it, I've shoehorned myself into the 8.  Well it clearly comes up big but I am happy to report that the 8 definitely fits, isn't even too short and the only place it is snug is on the wrists.  Clearly I do not have size 8 wrists.  You learn something new every day.

They're totally sold out online (they also did a top version which was lovely and not dissimilar to my Kenzo top from last year which was significantly more expensive....) and I will see if there's a 10 in store tomorrow as I would probably feel more comfortable in that but I don't think this is too bad?  For £27!  I think for now with sheer tights and my navy Dorothy Perkins satin boots this will be fab for a couple of nights out - an entire outfit for £37.  That's quite a result.  

And in the warmer months, with the navy and black Reiss sandals, this is the perfect extra little outfit to have snaffled away in your wardrobe.  Sneakers and a little blazer for the school run.  I am rather pleased and shan't be bothering ordering any of the DVF dresses, despite them being bargains - more money towards my Lowland Boot fund......  I should keep it, yes? (no I couldn't be arsed to even undo my jeans in the changing room - too cold and I'm too lazy)


So there we have the start of the 70's onslaught.  Be warned.  This isn't the end of it.  Are you planning on channelling your childhood heroines?  I am.  In spades. 

Finishing with outfit from yesterday - needed to break free of the black and the lovely Carol on BBC Breakfast assured us it was going to be warmer than previous days.  Well.  She lied.  I was absolutely bastard freezing.  Back in boots today.


Denim shirt (not seen) - New Look Men
Horsing Around Sweatshirt - JCrew (nothing remotely this interesting there these days)
Baxter jeans - Topshop
White leather sneakers - Zara
Emerald boiled wool coat - Zara
Leopard print scarf - Alice's Wonders
Camel wrist warmers - Topshop
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

Friday night in with the kids, my mother is going home tomorrow, I'm treating us to an Indian and we're going to binge watch Castle.  The Husband is at the rugby - and apparently there's more up on tomorrow.  I'm going to take the children to Bluey - a trip to Build a Bear which we owe the boys (don't ask) and I may have to have a quick stop in Russell & Bromley.......

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18 comentarios:

  1. Those animal print DVF dresses are gorgeous! I was also fooled by the weather - bright sunshine, it looked warm.....fecking wasn't & I was only in a cardigan!! X

    1. it's been so so so cold, hasn't it?! They have said it's going to be 7 degrees today..... yeah right. Not cracking out the flipflops just yet...

  2. LOvely lovely DVF dresses! I have a classic wrap leopardskin print one that I am always hauling out and looks good whatever size I am over the years - so worth the investment and in the sale and on ebay not that much - I machine wash and it comes up fine. Sprinting to our local big M and S tomorrow to see those lovely dresses. Worried that in the 70's print I will look 70 - isn't there a thing that you can't wear it second time around? (sticks fingers in ears and goes la la la)...

    1. oh no that's not remotely true... Definitely definitely embrace it!

  3. Is the one you're wearing from M&S? Looks great x

  4. Where is the print dress you are wearing from Kat?

  5. I bought 3 DVF dresses in 2001 on a trip to NY - went to Wooodbury Common and went straight to the DVF shop - I was beyond excited! Point being over ten years later I still have all 3 dresses and after a year or two of paying a fortune in dry cleaning I started to machine wash them - they are still in great condition!

    1. I have an old one which I have been washing and I swear it's shrunk.. (however I do continue to wash it!) The new one I will probably stop dry cleaning when I stop loving it so much (does that make sense?!)

  6. Stop it with the M&S fit n flare frock! My Grandma had that exact same one, made of 1000% polyester, smooth and shiny and clicky on the hands. In the 80's.
    To be fair it was 12 sizes larger than the one you've shown, but nooooo!! I don't want to dress like me Gran!! :-)
    Lou x

    1. ha ha ha - honestly it's lovely in the flesh, I promise. You want to put a pair of rock on shoes with it and you're away!

  7. Does that blue and black dress have a name or a code? Really need it and will have to call MandS customer service to see if there are any in stores near me!

    1. I've located it online even though it's sold out - but the link should give you all the code info you need (plus name!)

      Hope that helps/works!

    2. Just found a couple in my local m and s( Shoreham ) nabbed the size 10 but there was an 8, had to restrain myself from buying the very beautiful top as well ( quite a few of those, all sizes) thanks so much Kat, how would I shop on my own? Ridiculously pleased with the dress. Was starting to look like mafia widow with all the black, this has brightened me up no end !!!

  8. Just wanted to tell you that your are absolutely right with your assessment of 5th Avenue in New York. The european brands have taken over and rightly so. They have so much more style. The only american brands items that interest me are Vince sweaters, AG Stilt jeans, and the odd Gap tee or Jcrew linen sweater. Oh and Madewell leather bags were a surprise - really good quality. Glad you saved your money and spent on lovely food and drink. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    1. I will give you Vince - although I did feel it was a poor Helmut Lang wannabe.. for the same price!

  9. I bought the top version of that blue M&S dress today Kat... they only had a 14 left (I'm 12) so it's a bit swingy, but in a good way as it works with the fabric. I really love it (and finally have something to match that Whistles navy jacket I just returned - typical!) ;) x