Inspiration comes from the strangest of places.

Ok so this isn't strange in the scheme of totally strange but the fact that a) I never ever ever watch This Morning and b) I'm not really a huge fan of Fearne Cotton, means that it's more random than it might at first seem.  (I should say I have absolutely nothing against FC at all - I'm sure she's lovely in real life but I'm not a fan fan if that makes sense....)

Yes, yesterday I happened to turn on tv and the aforementioned FC was on This Morning.  And she had the most fabulous dress on.  I couldn't see the whole dress as she was sat down but the stripe, the colours - love at first sight.  

It's not often I see something that I think - LOVE that.  But this has really turned my head.   So much so, I took a photo of the TV.  And no I hadn't been drinking.


After much begging and pleading on Twitter, it was in fact one of my closest friends who pointed me in the direction of .... oh yes, good old M&S.

Wide Striped Dropped Waist Dress from Limited Edition   

Totally sold out now which isn't necessarily a bad thing as whilst it looked amazing on Fearne - it would look more like this on me.  Not great..... to put it mildly.... "would you like to wear a dress that makes you look 6 months pregnant, even though you're not?"... OOH actually may Fearne is hiding something...... (I didn't see her stand up in though so we should quell that rumour before it starts)

When I asked on Twitter, a number of people thought it might be Stella McCartney as yes, there are some very similar options.  Two differences - one, the price and two, you can still get hold of the SM ones for the sale of a kidney or a small child.  Both differences suck.

Rita Striped Silk Dress from Stella McCartney at Matches £995 (yes really)

Stella McCartney Striped Knit Top from Matches £495

But I've gone a hunting for something that might fill my new "wide stripe in blue and orangey red craving". 

Ok so falling at the first hurdle with the lack of wide stripes but the colours in this are similar?  Just a shame the shape is slightly meh.  May be better tucked into high waisted jeans to be honest.  (with a navy blazer could look fabulous actually....) 
Pure cotton Striped top from M&S £18 - navy and red mix

Classic black and white for a steal from Vila 

Vila Stripe Long Sleeve Top £28  This is much more appealing to me. 

Moving onto dresses now as I do like the whole dress look - I do think that's what I was perhaps drawn to.  Oh and the orange and blue mix.  Which makes this one also not remotely on brief but we do have a wider stripe (this was more difficult than I had anticipated) 

Autograph Striped Tunic Dress with wool £49.50 navy mix   I've seen this in real life and it's stunning.  Gorgeous fabric but it's SO so so so so short.  Dress, my arse.  And it would be my arse - on show.

Textured Striped Tunic Dress from M&S £45.00  This one looks like a much more respectable length but is more 60s inspired than the all the rage 70s.   However I think if you teamed with super strappy heeled sandals - the mix of styles would really give the outfit an edge.

More wide stripes in blue at Fat Face.   Very much a day dress.  A bit of a Doris Day dress actually.... not for everyone but for those who love this style, it's a Summer classic.

Bramley Stripe Dress in Blue £49

The other option - keep everything else simple and add striped footwear.  This one may have mileage....   Keep your dress plain black and let your shoes do the stripey talking.

Angular Block Heel Striped Court Shoes £35

However I think I may have hit pay dirt with this one from Vero Moda.  Orange, check, navy, check, wide stripes, check..... I am just hoping that it's not too flimsy a fabric.  I am rather scared at the "tee shirt dress" bit of the equation as my lumps and bumps need something more substantial than a woofy thin material... hmmmm maybe not then..... but might be worth a try.

Vero Moda Bold Stripe T-shirt Dress £25

Whilst we're on the subject of tee shirt dresses, I chanced upon this one - it's not a wide stripe, it's not navy and it's not an orange or even a red but there is something about it which I think is a little bit more than fetching.   Love the shape, love the print detail in the stripe and I love the colours. 

Warehouse Stripe t-shirt dress was £40 now £24  I'm hoping, the fact it was £40 to begin with, means it's not such a paltry fabric as the description "t-shirt" would lead us to believe. 

Since we've started off piste, I may as well throw another one in - this time we're good on the orange front and there are a couple of stripes in there so I reckon it's a goer.  It's also the perfect throw on for those warmer days with a denim jacket and sliders.  Depending on the fabric (I am scared by the tee shirt element of it again, 100% cotton?), I'd like to wear this on a night out in the Summer as well.   Actually the more I look at this, the more I love it.

French Connection Maddison Stripe Dress was £65 now £50

But I've saved the best till last and spied this today in Topshop.  Interestingly, I'm not sure I'd have given this a second glance if I hadn't been inspired by Fearne. 

I love this - it would be the perfect dress for Spring and early Summer.  Ideal for dinner parties and I'd even wear it for a First Holy Communion.  Black or navy blazer - pick your shoes from a whole host of footwear in any colour that would go with it.  Dress down with a denim jacket (to be honest, I'd still wear a blazer) and sandals, sneakers, sliders or skaters. 

Is the main reason I love it that it makes my pancake boobs look like mountains?  HELL YES. 

Major major major fly in the ointment is that this being Topshop it is a totally indecent length.  Fine if you're 24, at 42 being tall this is a great big fat fail. 

Nautical Stripe Shift Dress £50 This is a lovely, non crease tweed like fabric, it isn't too short in the body, this is a 10 and it even isn't too snug on the shoulders.  It's just criminally short.

And have they made it in a Tall?  Oh have they hell.  Soddus Lawus.  Back to the drawing board we go.


So I am now striped out.  If anyone is shorter and looking for a stripe dress, please do try the Topshop one as it's one of the most gorgeous dresses I've seen in a while. 

I have been inspired to drag out two wide stripe tops I had conveniently forgotten and am looking forward to wearing them shortly.  I love it when you fall back in love with something you'd sort of lost affection for. 

Speaking of affection - I should confess that the other day I did buy the Zara Cat Lady Cardigan.  I love it.  I love it so much, I will be wearing it at least once more this week, if not twice. 


Black cotton polo neck top - M&S
Real Straight jeans rolled up - Gap
Knitted cardigan - Zara
Black suede stud boots - Pied a Terre
Black Diego bag - Alexander Wang 

Have had the most hilarious day trying on my comedy find of the season.  Some of you may have seen the pics on Instagram (@doesmybumlook40 if you haven't and want a sneak preview).  Can I make one of the key trends of the S/S work at the ripe old age of 42?  Watch this space.....

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13 comentarios:

  1. The top shop dress, could it be worn over your pleathers?
    Lu x

    1. Hmm yes it could but actually I think it's really a dress shape - it's quite fitted as opposed to being a tunic. I might cut some of my legs off... Would be fine with opaques but a MASSIVE no with my 42 yr old legs!!

  2. Hi Kat, another great post. You are rocking the 'cat lady cardi'! I thought you might be interested in Boden's 'Marion' top (in Mandarin/Navy):
    Such a great colour combo.

    1. It's such a great colour combo isn't it - will definitely explore in more detail. I feel a love of orange coming on....

  3. Ooh I do love that Vero Moda dress. Love the cat lady cardi on you, although sounds like you are going to be a dog lady soon!! Warehouse have some fab dresses in this season, I bought this at the weekend, thought it was quite similar to that DVF dress on you blogged about about recently. Saw it through the window and barely had time to try it on but loved it. Looks great barelegged or with opaques, I wore on Sat night, tanned the legs, wore with nude suede courts

    1. So funny - I papped that yesterday to put on a shirt dress blog I'm working on. It's fab - and not a bad length either! Perfect for this time of year and into Spring. x

  4. That SM dress looks like the children's brand No added Sugar!!

    1. oh lord it SO does, doesn't it! Which probably isn't the look you want for nearly £1k!

  5. at Cos I saw a dress you might like,. Good length, block stripe dress in a summery mint colour. I'm not alowed another stripe-dress as I already have one.......

    1. I am going to go and check it out, thank you xxxxx

  6. I have the Warehouse dress (which I picked up for a bargain £15), definitely not t shirt material!!! I love it. I got the size 10 and have taken the waist in (due to larger size 10 not smaller size me!) and also took the sleeves up as I didn't like where they sat on me.

  7. Very impressed - Fearne announced pregnancy... you were correct