And the obsession with Charlie's Angels continues.

So we've got the jeans, we've got the pussy bow shirt, do we need a classic 70s denim skirt as well? 

Hell yes. 

If we're going to pay true homage to the 70s, then we need to go big on the denim. 

And today, we're ringing the changes with the denim skirt.  Say goodbye to your pelmet mini and hello to the old lady length friendly A line versions.

You don't need to wait for the Summer to wear these, hell, not even the Spring.  Bung on a pair of opaques, ankle boots and a polo neck and you could be ready to rock tomorrow.  My best friend wore a fabulous one on Saturday night with a print pussy bow blouse (see yesterday), opaques and platform shoe boots.  An amazing outfit that works now and will stand her in good stead into the warmer months. 

So where do we start?  Well these, like most things are a case of a) it's whatever takes your fancy and b) a case of praying that what takes your fancy suits you.  Depending on whether you're tall or short and what footwear you wear with it, will dictate which sort works for you. 

Now I'm very much a fan of wearing what makes you feel good and length is really a personal thing (I should rephrase that probably...)  The exception to the rule is with kick flare jeans.  I am a length nazi when it comes to these.  They must be long and almost touch the ground.  The more you resemble a Dalek when you walk, the better.  Swinging round your ankles or hovering somewhere at the top of your shoes is frankly a crime against fashion.  It's probably the only rule that for me is set in fashion stone.  

However a skirt - well.  I would say a good general rule of thumb is if you're planning on wearing heels, I like just below the knee.  With flats, I think just above/on the knee works better.  Essentially the best way to find out is to suck it and see and there are no hard or fast rules with this.  Knock yourself out with experimenting.  

Best of the bunch has to be this from M&S. Yes, they are having a denim frenzy this season.  On fire.  This is the one my bestie had on the other night.  It looks amazing.  Totally amazing.  You can still use your 20% discount till the end of today (I'm assuming that means midnight?  FEB15A12 works.

Button Front Denim A line skirt from Limited Edition £35

Stud Pockets A-line Denim Skirt £35  Again, another belter from M&S. (and yes, that is M&S styling - not bad by their standards.  Love the tan ankle boots with it)

For me, the jury is out on the tie dye/bleached element of this..... I think I love it - I fear I am too old to wear it.  It's slightly too 70s cross over 80s for me.  Although it will probably be what we're all wearing come next year.  For now, I'd probably stick to something a bit more mainstream but I love the styling here.  And those shoes... even though they'd send me spiralling into tranny territory height wise, I do adore them.

Pilcro A-line jean skirt from Anthropologie £98

If you are worried about length, especially if you're tall and therefore can't add fabric, ASOS have a Tall version.  It says button through but it's a placket button through - and I think I've worked out what this means.  It's button through but with fabric over the top of the buttons so they're hidden.  Magic.  (although personally I'd rather have the buttons as a feature... it does mean though that it's less likely to gape.  And anything that means you're not flashing your pants when you sit down - hell, that can only be a good thing) 

Glamorous Tall Button Through Denim Midi Skirt £28  They also do it in a normal length here, again £28  I'm trying my best to ignore the shoes which, frankly, ming (note to self - have a portion of that humble pie to hand come the end of the Summer....)

Boden also allow you to choose your length from petite, regular and long.  Theirs comes in a selection of denims.  Here's a good idea of what the skirt looks like on - perfect length for the S/S with flats.  This isn't my favourite denim at all - the pinstripe pale version, but they have a dark indigo and a vintage wash which are definitely more my cup of tea. 

Chic Denim A-line skirt £45 from Boden


And my definite favourite - Vintage 

So let's go shorter.  These would definitely work in the Summer with a pair of flat glads and a little linen tee.  Or for Spring, I used to love wearing my leather version with a breton and a pair of leopard print skater shoes. 

You could spend £175 on The Kety Denim Skirt by Alexa Chung for AG Jeans....

Or you could spend less than £40 at ASOS.  This one would be perfect.  

Esprit A Line Button Denim Skirt £39

Or clean cut.  This is a much smarter look - a lovely slight A line shape (I would as always size up so it's on my hips and not on my waist as that doesn't work for me) with a smooth line. 

Moto Indigo Clean-cut Denim mini skirt at Topshop £26

If denim isn't your thing, then I've already looked at suede skirts (although there are more coming through in the shops now so I think I can probably revisit that with other options) but nothing screams 70s more than cord. This one hits the nail on the head.  

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage skirt with button through in baby cord £34  They say this is grey.  I'm not seeing it personally..... Khaki surely?  Elephant grey at a push? (assuming said elephant has just rolled in mud)

So how are we all doing on the skirt front?  Denim or suede?  There's no doubt denim is easier to wear but I think I'm still hankering after a suede number. 

Continuing with the "things you keep and they work" theme from yesterday and I have worn this outfit for about 4 years now.  I do wear them as separates (especially the trousers) but still love it as an ensemble.  Over the years I've alternated the scarf with lots of others but this is probably my favourite - the Dune Monogram scarf from Louis Vuitton which was a 40th birthday present. 

Just to prove it does pay to keep the old favourites.  And that khaki is a colour for all seasons.


Olive and bone stripe tunic - Toast
Khaki skinnies - By Malene Birger
Chocolate leather jacket - All Saints
Caitlyn Boots - Seven Boot Lane
Dune Monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton
Brown wool wrist warmers - TKMaxx
Chestnut cross body bag - Campomaggi from Plumo

I have had the strangest inspiration today so this evening shall be spent doing frantic research on that whilst hiding behind my hands watching Broadchurch.  Can't wait!

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17 comentarios:

  1. referencing you last post, I still have this skirt from the last time it was in (I think Stella or Chloe did it about 5 years ago and started a 'thing') But it is white denim, does that cut the mustard?

    1. Oh I think white denim is definitely fabulous for the Summer! And wasn't it Stella when she was at Chloe maybe?! Definitely get it out again. x

  2. Hi Kat, last year I bought a light demin A-line knee length skirt and I loved wearing it. I felt unfashionable in it though, funny that because now they're ''in''. And your last post just gave me an idea of combining that skirt with the polka dot 70s blouse I bought a little while ago at HEMA (

  3. I'm actually wearing an a-line knee length denim skirt today! It's from last winter but I can be on trend without spending any money. Always a winner!

    1. Wowzers! This rarely happens to me.. although I do have a pair of Pied a Terre boots from 6 years ago which were the precursor to the Dicker and the Jalouse. Wearing them today in fact *punches air*

  4. I bought a pale distressed denim pencil skirt from Zara last summer, loved wearing it. Bit too pale for this time of year though, so I'm on the lookout for a darker version! Thanks for the ideas.

    1. You're more than welcome - yes, denim at this time of the year definitely still has to be in the darker camp, doesn't it? I tried on my lighter Saxby jeans from ASOS this morning and took them off immediately!

  5. Love the M&S denim one, missed discount arghh!!!! Fab blog Lucy x

    1. nooooooooooooooooooo! I'm sure there will be another one v shortly, along with a Mango discount. There has to be a Mango discount very soon.....

  6. ha ha! Yes the other skirt is £25 isn't it? Great buy, well done you. I am so on a mission for all things suede xx

  7. I have a D&G A - line skirt, a bit like the pilcro one with frayed edges. I've had it quite a while, it was a bargain in the charity shop! I wear it quite a bit, but it's on the pale side and you definitely need heels or chunky sandals (in summer)with it or it turns frumpy.

    I've got a denim blazer too, for spring... loving the 70s retro, I am old enough to remember seeing older girls/teens looking cool in it. Just waiting for corduroy and velvet, as well as denim and suede.

    1. oh gosh that all sounds GORGEOUS. Your wardrobe is set for the Summer you lucky duck x

  8. Kat.....those boots you are not trying to get any more?
    The decision was made wasnt it?
    There are some on eBay!
    Lu x

    1. I'm too scared to order them on ebay..! I'm going to hold tight for next Season. SOB

  9. Hi. I have both of these skirts and trying to decide which is best ? I like the colour of the buttoned one but it does gape and it's quite long on me as I'm short. However I have no idea what shoes to wear until it gets warm - I only have dr Marten boots so they're no good! Can u recommend any good brown suede boots? Am 45 so comfort is a must!!

  10. Hi Kat. I am very new at following blogs but I have recently found yours and I love it! Looking through it j found your piece about all things 70s and having recently purchased that very same M&S buttoned down very 70s skirt I am yet to brave wearing it! I can see how it will look great in the summer but with tights and s polo neck/high neck will it make me look like I am off to a fancy dress party dressed as a Charlie's Angels wannabe?? Might have to just brave it!!