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And we're back to the 70's.  

It's got to be a suede skirt.  There is a high chance that this Spring, I will end up looking like an extra from The 70's Show.  I fear I am starting to get obsessed.

My theory on this is that all these fabulous outfits were around when I was a young girl and possibly were the start of my love affair with fashion - I aspired to be as awesome as those Angels belonging to Charlie (I would happily have sold my 7 yr old soul to be part of his crew.  And, if I'm honest, my 42 yr old soul would also have no shame either)

So the suede skirt for me wins on every level.  This is an all year round number.  Which means that cost per wear, this will pay for itself in no time.  And you don't have to pay a fortune for them either.  To be honest, I would err on the side of not paying too much as whilst I do find suede a forgiving fabric generally and it does wear well with age, a glass of red wine on a tan suede skirt is sayonara. 

Wear now with opaques and any sort of flats to be honest, ankle boots or knee high boots ditto.  And dare I say over the knee boots?  Moving swiftly on - I did have this little seed sown at 20 000 feet when flicking through the stack of magazines I had taken on board last week.  I nearly wept at the memories this page bought back and suddenly, my need for a suede skirt became all consuming. 


I then also happened to see this on Instagram, again, the M&S number.  Now this is £199 - not out yet, I think it's March but I do know they are bringing out a shorter faux suede knee length one in February (so rumour has it) at a much more palatable price.   But in the meantime - embrace the inspiration. 

I think I definitely am looking for a shorter one  - I know that my inner mutton shaped slut would appreciate it.  But seriously, it just works better for my proportions.  Just above the knee, A line ideal for me.  These all look on the shorter side, but my cunning plan is to buy them one size larger so they sit on the hips.  I find these more flattering round the middle anyway - anything that clings on my waist doesn't help with the "please don't make me look like a tree trunk" thingy.

Suede A Line popper front skirt £75 from Topshop in black

Slightly less 70's than some but there is something about a suede skirt that just screams Boogie Nights.  

Suede Wrap Skirt from Mango in navy £49.99

Back to full on Boho - these with a polo neck now and a print loose blouse in the Summer - simply perfect. 

Milk it 70s' Patchwork Suede mini skirt in brown £45

And in tan - this would be my preference.  Adore this shade. 

Milk it 70s' Patchwork skirt - £45

Two different shades here.  Lovely colours to add a 70's vibe to any existing wardrobe - would both tie in perfectly with all neutral shades of black, navy, grey or tan. 
ASOS A-line skirt with zip through detail in burgundy £65

And in chartreuse, again £65

And that was all I muster up.  I looked everywhere.  Despite the promise of flares, suede and bold floral prints a plenty, I couldn't find any other suede skirts, bar ones that were 4 figures from Net a Porter et al.  So the trick is my friend, to buy them now before they all sell out and get ahead of the game.  I love the idea of being able to buy something new season that you can wear now - the perfection pick up me for our (my...) somewhat jaded A/W wardrobes. 
So here I am yesterday - dress down to the most dressed down I get.   Didn't leave the house - made a huge lasagne lunch for all the family and no-one wanted to go anywhere which was bliss.  A totally relaxing day after the not so relaxing week I've had. 


Pink linen tee - Zara
Damson fine knit jumper - Hush
Nessa cardigan - Hush
Charcoal Lola joggers - Whistles
Gun metal Virgin hi tops - Ash

A whole day of rugby today - left the house at 8.30am and got back at 5pm.  (admittedly that was after a trip to McDonald's....)  Movie night finished the weekend off perfectly - tomorrow I have my sister in law staying with us for 9 days so a quick trip to Bluey before she arrives.  Oh UK High Street - it's been way too long... I shall report back tomorrow night.  Watch this space. 

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  1. Jumping for joy at the thought of all these 70s beauties. It's been far too long. I'm kind of hoping that there'll be a few more choices in the next wave of High Street deliveries although several of these skirts are tempting. Did you see the suede dress in H&M? Not cheap for them at £199 but I think I need to check it out further....

  2. Funny I was looking at Grazia's choice of suede skirts yesterday. Naturally being Grazia there were a couple of four figure ones, of course I fell in love with the Miu Miu at £2570! I like the look of that DP one but I dont see it on their website. I had a tan midi length suede skirt that I got years ago in Oasis that I put in the charity shop bag as it was a bit frumpy. then recently got about 6 inches chopped off and it is now a fab, just above the knee length. It looks great with knee or ankle boots and a fitted polo neck.

    Enjoy your shopping trip to Bluewater- wish there was somewhere like Bluewater near me, although maybe its for the best, I would never be out of there!

  3. Oops heres the Grazia link:

  4. I so wish I wouldn't look like a sack of spuds in a suede skirt....but I would, lol!! I had a fabulous camel suede A line mini when I was about 20 (and a couple of dress sizes smaller!) and wore it all the time - until I killed it with a red wine spill :( x

  5. My favourite outfit was once a chocolate brown suede A-line mini with matching knee high boots & a white vest top. Which probably means I shouldn't do it again.

  6. If i was looking for a suede skirt (and I'm not - not me and my legs and posterior at all) I would look in Beyond Retro and ebay and pay £ for alterations