Just add confidence.

Right.  So there are certain styles which, as I career past 40 (time PLEASE slow down - my children are growing up at the speed of light and I hate it.) that I find i'm having to now stop and think about with a more sensible head on.

The fact that in my mind, I still think I'm 28, doesn't exactly help.  It also is not remotely helpful that I am a fashion goldfish.  One minute I think - oh no I can't wear that - the next day, I'm all over it like a wasp on jam.  As I've mentioned more than once, I do think I'm a fashion schizophrenic - one day my aim is to be the epitome of all things classic - I aspire to channel the Parisian chic look, which is effortlessly elegant.  

And the next minute, I'm hoofing through Topshop like a frenzied old bag lady (who probably has a lot of cats) with teenage aspirations, picking up the latest fashion, convinced I can pull it off.

So where do you draw the line?  Well, that's the beauty of fashion - I've come to the conclusion that the older you get, the more you can focus on your own style.  All you need is a bit of confidence (and a very very honest friend is also handy, if not essential) 

Today - the contentious item that I'm looking at is The Jumpsuit.  Dungarees were mentioned by a number of people as the possible item to discuss - let's shelve that for the minute but fear not, I will be back to it.  

This season, it appears to also be going under the guise of The Boilersuit.  Which frankly, I do find somewhat more intimidating.  The risk of me getting it wrong and looking like a transvestite dressing up as Charlene circa 1987 is high.  Alternatively I'll look like i've eaten Charlene - Kylie Minogue being the size of a 10 yr old and me being 5ft10 and wide of shoulder. 

Handy Manny's Mum is another fear of mine - let's just face it, this is going to be tricky.  Which is where that little bit of confidence comes in.  At the end of the day - finding your personal style is about having the confidence to wear it.

So here is where the inspiration this season has come from - yet again, a mag on the plane (no I haven't had that long on my own with no interruption, in about 9 years.  And I seriously wish I was joking but I'm not)


The M&S one jumped out (boom boom) at me and last night I got an email telling me it was IN STOCK. GO GO GO GO GO. 

Twin pockets Jumpsuit from M&S £49.50  And I KNEW I should have ordered it last night as some sizes are already sold out.  Maybe this isn't as contentious an item as I had thought it might be... 

However I think I may have come across a better option which is slightly cheaper too.  What's not to love about this one...... especially seeing as it's in, my new and easy to obsess over, khaki shade. 

Khaki Tencel Jumpsuit now only £35

And they also do a black one - for me I think the khaki is more versatile.  I think it would look great with a denim jacket or black or navy blazer.  I'd even consider wearing it out in the evening with some gladiator heeled sandals.  Shall I go for it?  But the black of course would also be a classic to have (well, as classic as a jumpsuit can be... I'm sure we also said this about skinny jeans years ago and could we live without them now?) 

Black Tencel Jumpsuit now only £39 (£4 more than the khaki one for some reason)

Short sleeve and collarless at Kin by John Lewis, again in the sale.  Love this styling in the pic - goes to show how easy to wear it can be. 

Kin by John Lewis Tie Waist Jumpsuit was £99 now £69

Similar shape but with long sleeves is the gorgeous Emmeline Crepe jumpsuit from FCUK which was £150 and is now £75.  A classic that will take you into the Spring. 

Also available at Atterley Road at only £70 and with an extra 10% off with the code FINAL10

Another one in the sale - and it would be surely rude not to take advantage of the dregs of the reductions to suck it and see if you're not sure about a jumpsuit.  This has a D ring belt which is all the rage apparently (judging by the research I've done - just buy it and wear it.... you'll see) 

Mango Hoops Tencel Jumpsuit was £59.99 now £29.99

Navy now - this is more but it's 70% off and would look as good with flipflops as it would be to wear to a First Holy Communion with strappy sandals (not saying my Reiss navy and black ones wouldn't look fab but.... not to mention navy satin shoe boots....).  This is from Matches and actually has free delivery till tonight.  And they have free returns... so it's like going to the shops but having them delivered to your bedroom.  Couldn't be easier.

V-neck Jumpsuit from Issa was £450 now £135 at Matches

If we're upping the budget, we should look at By Malene Birger.  I do have a strapless jumpsuit which I got five years ago (yes, FIVE years ago!) from there in a khaki (polishes fashion halo) leopard print which I wear religiously every Summer (to be fair every year I do need a better quality strapless bra as gravity is a bitch.  What once were pert, be them small breasts, now bear a striking resemblance to dead hamsters hanging off my chest.  Just charming).  However persist I will and the jumpsuit (which wasn't cheap at the time) has been beyond useful.  I wear it during the day in the Summer with flat sandals and a denim jacket for the school run - throw on strappy sandals and it's been the perfect night out ensemble for years. 

My point (that I'm making in a very longwinded fashion) is that it's been an amazing investment.  And they wash in the machine, like a dream.  Which would make them serious contenders, considering some of the other options - is this better than the Issa one above?

Isina Jumpsuit from By Malene Birger £185

Also found this one at The Outnet - oh hello.... I simply adore both of these.  These would look absolutely rooting tooting amazing with sneakers, sandals or skater shoes during the day - a denim jacket thrown on.  I'd wear for a smart lunch, again with skater shoes or Stan Smiths (which are supposed to have arrived but haven't..... the whole debacle is a fiasco.  What was I thinking?) and a blazer......  Strappy heels for the evening.  This would pay for itself within a month, I guarantee.   In my experience, BMB does come up big. 

Liggaso stretch jersey jumpsuit in Charcoal was £185 now £74

Or in black was £185 now £83.25 

More navy at Vila.  This one isn't as smart and therefore not as versatile as the Issa one but is a fraction of the cost.  

Vila Utility Jumpsuit £28

Another option which is much more difficult to find for day time is a wide legged one.  I love this navy version from ASOS, even though I think the styling is a bit meh here.  Personally I think it's too short for the model - I'd wear it with flat sneakers for day time, a much easier to wear look. (little collarless fitted denim jacket would look absolutely amazing - *rushes off to see if they do a tall version*)  Heels would be fine for the evening if the length is right but I have to say these chunky shoes wouldn't be my first choice.  

ASOS Jumpsuit with wide legs £50

Now moving onto this season - we've upgraded from The Jumpsuit and apparently now we're all about The Boiler Suit.  This (from what I can work out and believe me, I am no expert whatosver..) is that the look is more utilitarian.  We are morphing into full on mechanic status (which is ironic, if like me you don't actually know where the lever to open the bonnet is in your car.  I wrote that down as a flippant comment, but on reflection, embarrassingly I really have no idea) 

The key difference is that we are now being encouraged to embrace denim.  In my book of fashion translations for the more mature amongst us, I would put anything in a silky fabric or with a dressier look to it under the heading of Jumpsuit.  If you look like you're in need of a wrench and a spanner and are wearing a denim/cargo style fabric then we're talking Boilersuits.  Clear as mud eh?  I'll also add, a boiler suit must have sleeves and an opening down the front.  That's that sorted then.

I've also managed to find some that are in the sale and you would be well ahead of the game snagging these. 

Cipputi Boiler Suit from Aries £325 now £97 from Matches.

In khaki - not as great a reduction but they do have more sizes in stock. 

Cipputi denim boiler suit from Aries was £325 now £162

Another from Current Elliot.  The Mechanic cotton jumpsuit (clue is in the title, see?) was £315 now £189

A much more palatable price point though for beginners (that'll be me...) at ASOS.  Some people may prefer a belt, some may not. 

ASOS Soft Denim Jumpsuit with Utility Styling (they call it a jumpsuit - I think maybe I need to rethink my definition.  I'm going with perhaps a Boiler Suit doesn't have a belt?  Does anyone actually care?) £50

Case in point.  They call this a Jumpsuit and it has a belt.  Ergo Boiler Suit = no belt. 

Sod's law says this is the one I LOVE and this is the one that is scarily expensive.  

BA&SH Madison Boiler Suit in Denim £210.  Exceptionally tempted to try just for research purposes... one of those itches you need to scratch otherwise it will haunt you.  Mind you, at that price, it's more the stuff of nightmares.  The fact that she is young and nubile and I would probably look like a tool in it, is neither here nor there.  In my head I will be Alexa Chung (from a distance - like France)

Definitely think no belt seals the definition.  We have belt loops here but definitely no belt itself. 

Daisy Street Denim Boilersuit £34.99

Orrrr, could the definition be that if there is a zip down the front, that = a boiler suit?  Who knows... I think I may need to try some.  My concern is proportion related which could equate to a camel toe disaster but maybe I need to try some on to see.  I should probably track down those which come in a Tall. 

Multi-Zip Boiler Suit from Topshop £58

So I think that's enough food for thought for the moment.  Are we in on the action or not?  I appreciate it's not going to be for everyone.  I have worn strapless jumpsuits for years now and I think I could get lots of wear out of ones with sleeves (short sleeves at the very least.  I am ridiculously tempted by the By Malene Birger ones from The Outnet.  They strike me as being excellent value for money and cost per wear, I think they may be a good investment.  The quality of her clothing is truly excellent if you haven't ever tried her wares)

For me, I'm not sure the boiler suit is on the edge of Baaaaaaaa but I think with the right footwear, the right fit (this is seriously important) and a huge slosh of confidence, it *might* work....... 

So finishing with my outfit from yesterday.  It was my niece's Christening so I was up at 8am making two pavlovas (practically the only pud that I can make which other people apparently rate.  Don't ask me how - they just work.  I put it down to a good oven and an egg separator from Lidl...)


Print dress - Sandro
Black boiled wool coat - Ronit Zilkha
Black quilted leather bag - Zara
Black shoe boots - M&S

And last night - well here's my rock and roll Valentine's Saturday night.  We've got my sister in law staying with us for 9 days so we had a movie night with the kids and then I couldn't face a takeaway so The Husband said he'd cook if I went to the supermarket.  Therefore here's my, in my slobs in the lift at Waitrose.  All the glamour.  I thought maybe a Louis Vuitton scarf might make me look less like a tramp.  Alas the hole in the toe of my Uggs (which you can't see but believe me, is there) probably shattered any illusion. 


Leopard print sweatshirt - Zara
Black Lola jersey pants - Whistles
Dune monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton

Tomorrow is the start of half term.  I'll be back with a slightly off the wall post for me but it's aimed at getting us through without losing our minds which can surely only be a good thing. 

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24 comentarios:

  1. I'm all about the jumpsuit and on the hunt for the perfect one. The boiler suits look like the uniform I wore as a visual merchandiser :0/.

    I fear I may be past wearing dungarees but think I can get away with it if they're not denim, so on the look out for cotton khaki or black ones.

    I'm glad you love fashion so much. Makes me want to up my game in my forties ;)

    1. Oh what a lovely comment to read thank you! The blog is a great excuse to eat, live and breathe fashion, that's for sure. I am so on the fence with dungarees but my gut says not in a million years for me.. which means I'll have 7 pairs come Easter. x

  2. Dungarees I can do, boilersuits/jumpsuits... eh, not for me. I think it's my broad shoulders, makes me look like a lost car mechanic! But dungarees, being "sleeveless", look a bit more sleek on me.

    1. To be fair, I think even the slightest morsel on the planet looks like a car mechanic pretty easily in them! Hmm I'm not sure about dungarees.....I need to try on.

  3. I like the khaki M&S and the short sleeve J Lewis one, think all over long sleeve black may be a bit much but those two are lovely and a great price. Look forward to seeing what you try and also what you have in store for us all tomorrow!x

    1. The M&S one is charcoal apparently... I'd like to try it but I'm not sure it would be big enough for me. The Kin one looks so elegant, doesn't it - something I'm not sure you'd say about many of them! And tomorrow, it's something for all the family!

  4. Some great ideas here Kat. Not sure I would do a boiler suit now. I had a grey one the 80's! I have also had a jumpsuit in green with a zip and a belt! The thing I hate about them is having to get completely undressed to go to the loo especially in places where there may be a dodgy lock on the door!! Marie

  5. I daren't go near this one, there's a garage at the end of my street!

  6. Lurve the M&S jumpsuits....really don't like the boiler suits though, they seem too shapeless for my liking! Snort at the Handy Manny's mum reference!! :D x

  7. I love the short sleeved jumpsuits - at 44 I would totally wear those with trainers, flat sandals or heels. I can't see the boiler suits working on me, my hips are too wide. I also like tank top or strapless jumpsuits, I think because all the legs are covered it is nice to see skin on the arms, a bit like a long sleeved dress looks great shorter than a sleeveless one.

  8. I love the short sleeved jumpsuits - at 44 I would totally wear those with trainers, flat sandals or heels. I can't see the boiler suits working on me, my hips are too wide. I also like tank top or strapless jumpsuits, I think because all the legs are covered it is nice to see skin on the arms, a bit like a long sleeved dress looks great shorter than a sleeveless one.

  9. I love jumpsuits, I have a Jaeger one I've had for five years and a Michael Kors one. Fashion fabulous. And I am 43.

  10. The grey Liggaso one is stunning though not sure if it's the shoes winking at me as well - they are gorgeous and would be so cool with the denim Ba&sh one - not sure about difference between jumpsuit and boiler suit but for me the leg has to taper down to skinny preferably without an elasticated cuff. This post has made me giggle - hamsters and gravity is a bitch - ain't that the truth!

  11. Thank you Kat for being a mind-reader........I bought a short sleeved black boiler/jump suit thingy way back in November and it has been hanging forlornly on the back of my bedroom door ever since !! You have inspired me to PUT.IT.ON.AND.WEAR.IT.!!!! Have some (age)inappropriate black platform ankle boots, leopard print tote bag and I'm ready to strut...... I think?!?!

  12. Ah the fashion split personality....Tis the curse of us Aquarians Kat, I tell ya! Why else do I sit and drool over your glorious finds while wearing sweats, bed socks & joggers on a wintery evening?!
    I adore the jumpsuits but fear am a tad short to carry them off without a good heel. I LOVE dungarees, even tho they remind me of too many early 90s festivals - - always imagined would take getting up the duff just to justify them again tho! ;-)

  13. Love the blog, but this one isn't for me - am not only tall (so any of these in a standard size are a hilarious underboob 'waist'/camel toe nightmare) but all a bit Prisoner Cell Block H for me! However actually glad that you've done a post that doesn't make me have yet more illicit parcels arriving at my door!

  14. The khaki boiler suit idea is all too 'top gun' for me. I'm afraid I'd run the risk of looking like I'm in fancy dress.

    1. Definitely Topgun and car mechanic. Thats how I see it no matter how much I want to see anything else...

  15. Hmmm.
    I think I'll reserve judgement on the boilersuit.
    I actually work in a garage. I could borrow one and put a belt round it and let you know the reaction?
    I know yours pictured don't have 'Suzuki' on them but that's just a small misjudgement !
    Lu xx

  16. I like the first couple from M&S - you could definitely pull them off Kat. I wore a bright turquoise jumpsuit as a uniform during my stint at Top Shop in the late 80s and think it's scarred me slightly, plus I can't be bothered with all that faffing when you need the loo! x

  17. Saw this poster yesterday and immediately thought of you! http://www.iwmshop.org.uk/images/prod_23724.jpg. Khaki obsessed also. xx

  18. It is not so much confidence you need to wear boilersuits as fashion but earplugs and a very very dark sunglasses to shield yourself from all the comments and looks you will get. And then there is the mirror....that tells you, you look fine for painting the outside woodwork. I wore a bright yellow boilersuit for years when I was a ceramic artist and at the end of a long studio day I could wait to slip into something more elegant. So no boilersuits for me. Kat, trust your first instincts and stay clear of the boilersuit!
    Jumpsuits however are an other matter! I am so looking forward to wear my La Fee Maraboutee green jumpsuit again! Every time I wore it last summer I got lovely comments.
    Oh, and dungarees. Sigh. Last time I wore them I was a very sweet 13 year old. I had them in mint green (it was 1984) and I looked lovely and adorable in them. I don't think I could carry that look of anymore, 30 years later.

  19. i hadn't really thought about the mutton-o-metre with regards to jumpsuits, they are pretty forgiving and cover everything, what is not to love? But boiler suits, mmm not so sure, I can see many a comedy quip about fixing the drains, loos, sink et al from my crowd.