Idea number one for getting into Spring mode

New shoes. 

So something that most people always tell me they have issues with are mid season shoes.  That icky bit of the year (happens twice - how lucky are we?) between proper cold and hot (and then the other way round).  Personally I love it.  I adore the changeover but then I'm not a lover of very hot or very cold weather.  Mrs Average, that's me. 

The obvious answer is, of course, the current darling of the last couple of years - the sneaker.  However I know that so many people loathe it.  I know lots have had a "New Balance" experience with skater shoes and your more generic Stan Smith a like.  And of course they're not going to be for everybody. 

Just as I know other people who can't get to grips with a loafer, a brogue or a ballet flat.  Ok, so sort of showing my hand slightly early there but definitely - answers to the dilemma of what to wear between a boot and a sandal are indeed - the loafer, the brogue or the ballet flat. 

But what colour.... black against pale pally wally Winter skin (that may just be mine and every Irish counterpart out there) really isn't the most flattering, navy is marginally better, tan could be the answer but well, I've always found tan or chestnut flats to be well, slightly scholastic.  However word to the wise, I think I may have come up with the answer.  

Metallic.  I've been thinking about this for a while now and have definitely blogged on it before (although not sure I've covered flats...) and gold, silver or bronze is the solution for me. 

These are the ultimate neutral (yes, trumping even my newly beloved khaki) that go with everything.  I predict they could also come year round favourites.  The perfect nod to lighter shades for going into the Spring and lasting out till the Summer.  With a festive edge for Autumn into Winter - you can easily wear these all year round.  

We're talking flats today as I have become obsessed with not wearing heels.  Well, during the day that is - I'm off out tonight so have my heels at the ready (think the new M&S channelling DVF dress may be making its debut...). 

Starting with my favourites by a country mile from good old Clarks. 

Gino Dawn in Silver £55  These are just about perfect.  And as they're from Clarks, they're going to be comfy as well - in fact, I have a blog up my sleeve from Clarks as I have been so impressed with the snippets I've seen here and there (despite them not having much when I went instore the other day)  These are definitely the exception.

If you are looking to just try out the metallic thang, then these from ASOS are a great toe in the water job. (ha) 

ASOS Life story silver pumps £12

Another option in faux leather are the patent leather flats from Forever 21 at £17.00

More pointy with the sleek pointed Oxfords £27.90  Also from Forever 21 and not leather but boy do these look fabulous in the flesh.

Staying with pointy (which I'm having a definite moment with) but bringing it kicking and screaming into this season with a slight flatform sole.  We're not talking full on creeper here as they're not chunky enough in my opinion so less of a creep and more of a mince (in a good way) 

ASOS Mallory Creeper lace up £30

Another slightly thicker sole and a mix between a ballet flat and a slipper are these from Clarks. 

Phenia Jazz in silver leather £60

Moving further into a sturdier and more manly territory.

Leather Textured Penny Loafer from M&S £55

When I was in the US, even The Husband thought these were rather fabulous from Stuart Weitzman.  The fact that they were a snip of the price of the boots I was drooling over is, I'm sure, not remotely the reason.

These seem more and more like a good idea the more I look at them.  (seeing as my boots are still out of stock online.  AND they've come down from £695 to £595 yet I still can't get hold of them.  AND it's only my size that's not in stock.  You couldn't write it.  They are so not meant to be, are they?)

Guything from Stuart Weitzman £225

More tassels from Office in Rose Gold this time.  Although this one is pinky shade, I promise you it looks great with everything.  (having said that, I may swerve yellow... silver just looks too amazing to even think about putting anything else with it).  I do though, love with navy, and with khaki, it's a true match made in heaven. 

Extravaganza in Rose Gold leather £65

Staying with the manly theme - love these from Toms (I fear I may need to do some more perusing of this site..) 

Silver Crackled Leather Brogues £74.99

Moving back to the classics - and a timeless ballet flat from Hobbs.  I love this with a pair of 7/8ths skinnies, if you can get ones that have a teensy tiny kickflare (I will explain more shortly - there is method in my madness, I promise) a la Audrey Hepburn.

Hobbs Prior Square Toe £79

I appreciate, as I sit here listening to the rain hammering down, that I may have peaked somewhat early..... but the problem with not buying these things now is that they sell out.  It's that age old dilemma - do you buy at the beginning of the season in haste and repent at leisure when in the coming months, the shops are full of even more delicious goodies.  Or do you abstain and sit back, polishing your halo, only to see nothing else at all that you remotely want.  But if that's all we've got to worry about, then we're doing pretty well....

I shall leave that in your capable hands... 

Finishing with outfit from today.


Black polo neck - Zara
Indigo Baxters - Topshop (old ones can I point out....) 
White leather sneakers - Zara
Grey Military coatigan - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Quilted leather bag - Zara

I am off out now to a dinner party that I am so so looking forward to.  Have just got back from swimming and tennis with the kids and have thrown a pavlova in the oven - I need to make two for my niece's Christening for tomorrow so I shall have to get up at the crack of dawn to make the other one.... Nothing like forward planning, is there?  Note to self - don't drink too much tonight.... 

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14 comentarios:

  1. Great post and some very nice shoes - also like these - very tempted by the brogues, the flats just make my feet look like pasties - too wide!

  2. I was just thinking that I too peak too soon with spring clothes buying but then am actually fed up with said new items by the time it actually gets warm and then need to buy even more stuff - so this year on low buy and trying to pace myself! I can't do flats but I do like the rose goldies - was just thinking about the time you spray painted some boots gold and now thinking oooh rose gold boots - interesting! Have a great night out - can't believe you made a pavlova in all the rush of after school activities and getting ready to go out - you seriously put me to shame!! X

    1. Such a good point - I shall definitely take this on board. I think the key is to try and buy just one or two things that can transform a whole host of outfits into something more interesting. And yes, those boots! They served a purpose but I think you need to do them on leather as they cracked and were like wearing cardboard!!! But yes, they did look good at the time. I have to confess that meringues are the one thing I can do in my sleep so it's a total cheat for me to say that it's hard!

  3. I got these in December...$ja=cgid:13774737671|tsid:34908|cid:170733431|lid:70916940551|nw:g|crid:62773447871|rnd:11602046310803414553|dvc:c|adp:1o1|bku:1&gclid=CjwKEAiA3vamBRDJ1Lfwt5Pckw4SJAAdhnk2oQgBCdmEO1D4S3OO2J3H7nq6STAGXCJ1SHP30NjuDhoCy27w_wcB Nothing like being prepared! Still haven't worn them yet though, waiting for spring!

  4. I don't suit silver very much I do like the rose gold. I love your overall look. The jacket is fabulous.

    1. Thank you.. It's one of my faves for sure xx

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Great post! I bought a pair of these recently in Brown and beige calf ( I love them, and they are very comfy, but not a clue what to wear them with!

    1. Oh they are amazing - totally amazing. I think they'd look amazign with wide legged jeans, even with dresses and skirts - and perfect with skinny or straight leg jeans. Boyf jeans - you could wear them with anything and everything. My advice would be to try them on and see.... best way to find out. xx

    2. :D I have a black patent pair too. Do you think the brown/beige ones would go with black skinny jeans? My mother was always very clear you shouldn't mix black and brown, but I'm not so sure. Hx

    3. oh definitely. Brown and black together look amazing - especially if you add a caramel/camel/beige tone too. Sounds like a winning combo to me. Enjoy xxx

  7. God those shoes from Moda in Pelle sound amazing. & it wouldn't be a boring world if we all liked the same sort of shoes! xxx