There is hope for us all

and obviously there isn't a ripped knee in sight. 

I'm not sure whether I should be over the moon or slightly depressed at the realisation that some of the best skinny jeans to fit me are from, yes, good old M&S.  Actually I'm going with impressed, as they do seem finally to be taking a step forward. 

Of course, this is swiftly followed by two steps back, as locating the exact thing that you want, either in your size online or in the quagmire of confusion that they call a store, would have made a great challenge on the Krypton Factor or The Crystal Maze (the clue is in the name of the blog - yes I am that old) 

Even Vogue have assured us that M&S have turned a corner and I absolutely concur that there are some of the best bargains on the high street to be had. 

It's just a question of locating them.  But fear not, when it comes to jeans, I have yet again turned myself into a sweaty mess, breaking nails and generally cussing like a navvy in the changing rooms to bring you the best jeans they have to offer. 

And they were worth all the pain.  I can honestly say I think I may have found the perfect pair of skinny jeans..... for £35.  Even the grey works if you can possibly believe it?  And it's a pale grey.  For a grey to look good - a pale grey that normally turns my legs instantly into elephantine wrinkles - these must be doing something right.

To be honest, this isn't even a great picture but I urge you to try them if you haven't found any you like. 

M&S Skinny fit sculpt & lift jeans £35

image image

Now on the perhaps downside (this depends where you sit on the jeans front - whether you like a classic denim and prefer a selection of colours - I happen to be a dyed in the wool denim coloured denim girl) they don't have that many different washes. 

Having said that, this one looks great for a Spring wardrobe. 

Sculpt & Lift skinny jeans in light indigo  £35

However I am going to throw the cat amongst the pigeons and say that there is another pair which I think are almost as good - there really is merely a whisker between them.  The above are a thicker fabric, of that there's no denying and I assume that's why they are the extra money. 

5 Pocket Denim Jeggings £22.50 in Indigo Blend

Untitled Untitled

These are more and they only come in one leg length but they are excellent too - are they worth the extra money - well, can you see any real difference?

Cotton Rich Sculpt & Lift High Waist Jeggings £39.50


Also an excellent buy in the black.  Super flattering. Also £39.50

So yes, I was on a skinny jeans mission but I was very seduced by this pic from Vogue.  I simply love the pockets on the front and whilst we've established I really don't need another pair of flared jeans, I thought I'd just better try these for research purposes. 

Limited Edition True 70's Kick Flare Jeans £35

And I have to say they are an amazing fit.  This is the 10 Long and obviously it's not long enough for me to wear with heels.  However.... however however however, I am vaguely tempted to attempt to wear these with my (just ordered as they literally sell them NOWHERE, not even the adidas shop) navy Stan Smiths. (even though I think I might have ordered the wrong size.  I tried the black ones on which they had in JD Sports - yes, I went into JD Sports.  Which was an experience.  And they looked like canoes on my feet in the 7s but they didn't have them in a 6.5.  And they didn't even sell navy.  The white ones though, were absolutely fine in the 7.  This is going to end in tears, I can tell) 

I wonder..... thoughts with flats?  Ignore the mustard top which did an amazing job of making me look like a freshly plucked anaemic chicken.  The jeans people, the jeans.

Untitled Untitled

I am on high alert for the suede skirt, ditto the amazing jumpsuit that is doing the rounds in all the magazines which means it won't ever be in store.  In fact, I am on a jumpsuit mission full stop - research coming up..

Whilst we're on the subject of skinny jeans, my favourite ones which I wear probably at least once a week are from Mint Velvet.  They used to be called Triple Zip jeans but they're now called Phoenix jeans.  They are amazing - truly truly fab and pretty much everyone I know who's tried them, loves them.  I have the regular length which is 7/8ths length on me, which is very useful.  But they do them in short, regular and long. 

I wear these for day time dress down but they're smart enough to wear out in the evening with heels.  The ultimate all round pair of jeans.  Which don't stretch when you wear them.  Slightly more than all the others I've featured but I would pay for them again in a heartbeat. 

So I went today to look at the new Trilogy selection in John Lewis.  Which doesn't exist instore.  Excellent.  Same average selection of jeans, all of which I know are simply "ok" - in fact, I don't find high end jeans as high cut as their high street counterparts.  And I need super high cut.  I want to be able to tuck my muffin in.  And my knees..... as you all now know, I need jeans that don't have rips on the knees.  

Finishing with my outfits from the last couple of days.  It's definitely warming up.  Admittedly I've only been outside on the school run but still - look no coat! 


Black long sleeved top - Baukjen
Fairisle oversized jumper - H&M
Indigo jeggings - Zara (5 yrs old they don't make them like they used to...)
Camel wrist warmers - Topshop
Buckle boots - Toga Pulla
Quilted leather bag - Zara

And for yesterday.  I love this outfit - this jumper has been one of my best finds this season. 


Black longsleeved jumper - Baukjen
Navy cashmere Off Duty jumper - Boden
Tie dye jeans - H&M
Black scarf - Mint Velvet
Caitlyn boots - Seven Boot Lane
Diego bag - Alexander Wang

I am becoming all consumed with new season goodies so have loads and loads up my sleeve to explore.  Some of which I know I will love - other things I have to try on just to prove they are not going to work. (which means I will be buying in bulk come June)   Do not worry, there will be pics...

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18 comentarios:

  1. I love the Topshop Joni jeans...stretchy and high,win!

    1. I did look at them but the ones I saw didn't have pockets on the front and looked a bit too leggingy for me...!

  2. I agree the mint velvet pheonix jeans are the best I've ever bought...... Thinking of trying those M&S ones at some point

    1. They are simply the best aren't they?! Try the M&S ones, you'll be amazed.

  3. The m&s ones look fabulous on you . They have really upped their game haven't they ?. I am so with you on the baxters Kat . What the heck had happened?? They are now so low . I've read the reviews and many have said the same x

    1. They're not remotely the same. Not at all.

  4. Def will try on the m and s high waisted! Love a trouser that I can tuck my vest into! Looking forward to the jumpsuit research, I too am swayed that way......

    1. They are amazing, honestly. Get trying them!

  5. Hmmm, I'd never have tried M&S for jeans but I'll have to have a trying on session now, thanks! X

  6. Re trainers with the m&s flares- definitely, you have to buy them, they're fab. If you're over a certain height you can wear flares with flats, those look the perfect length but yes they would be too short with heels. Wait until you hear what I did with a pair of flares: bought a fab pair of high waisted flares from Gap outlet last week- perfect length with high heel boots/platforms but too long for trainers, they would have dragged along the ground and frayed. So, silly me I got an inch taken off by by lovely local alterations girl- now they're perfect with my new white converse but too short for heels. So I took myself along again to Gap on Friday and bought the same pair again. Now I have 2 pairs of identical jeans but different lengths- I could justify as they worked out at £29 each

    And I love M&S skinny jeans, their high waisted skinnies are brilliant and a steal at £29.50, my black pair have faded a little but at that price I won't feel bad about replacing them, my indigo pair still look great, they wash well and I even tumble dry them.

  7. Agree the M&S look great on you. Just wondered if you have looked at Hush's new offerings - I have to say I am so disappointed. Nothing really that different, nothing exciting....................all very, hate to say it but safe and boring! What do you think?

  8. I was like a kid in a sweet shop in M&S yesterday. OMG some brilliant pieces. Didn't have time to look at the skinnies though so I shall be returning shortly. I always thought Adidas came up small but the Stan Smiths are huge aren't they. I've got the white with zebra print which shall be returned although I doubt there's a smaller size left. Like rocket horse poo aren't they. X

  9. Hi, great jeans review, I'm definitely going to get a pair of those M&S flares. I've just bought a pair of flares from Mango (the darker ones) and they are perfect for anyone over 5'7. They're high-waisted, super-long, and super-flattering. My first Mango jeans and I'm very impressed!

  10. Love, love, love the flares!

  11. I have just discovered Mint Velvet jeans, they are really lovely and long enough. M&S 5 pocket jeggings are really good too, I have a 3 yr old pair that's going strong. I might have to dye them as they are green and I am definitely wanting a more neutral colour!

    The ripped knees were hilarious, mine look horribly knobbly in rips, which I've just about been able to get away with in the cold with heattech under, but will be rubbish for spring. Mine are ripped through wear (and small kids) not by choice. The kick flares look fab too.

  12. I was really tempted by those flared ones but know the likelihood of me wearing them with high enough heels during the day is zero. Was actually wondering if they might work with sneakers, block heel tan sandals or Hasbeen style clogs... be interested to know how you get on as I really loved the look of them.

    Nic x

  13. The Mint Velvet tripple zip jeans are the hardest working jeans in my wardrobe,....dress them up, dress them down, any which way you like!

  14. I've got the M&S jeans - they are so lovely, excellent quality BUT massively long in regular for me at 5ft 5…..not sure how much to take off length or what shoes to wear with - dilemmas, dilemmas!