Obviously, that's All White.   But I did try writing that as a title and it looked naff.  Not that the one I ended up looks any better but then I got bored thinking about it and decided to leave it and move on. 

To the important stuff. 

Trainers.  It's amazing how you can think you have enough and it takes seeing one person wearing some you don't have to think - oh my lord, I'm not sure I can live without that pair.  Slightly dramatic reaction but no, actually maybe not.  

I see trainers all the time.  I love lots of trainers.  I *really* love some trainers (which I own).  But then a pair comes along that I would possibly consider selling a small child for (or medium sized child - possibly not the largest as she makes an ace shopping companion.  The other two should have considered their shopping behaviour over the years more wisely it seems...).

What are these trainers, clearly sent down from heaven to tempt us, of which I talk?


Isabel Marant Etoile Bryce low top leather trainers £225 (oh and if you happen to order from My Theresa before tomorrow morning, you get free delivery.  It's also free returns.  Just saying...).

The pictures do not do them justice.  I did see if I could buy them today in Selfridges but they only had the Bart trainers which I have to say are absolutely lovely (and she did actually say that people keep asking if they have the Bryce.  HA Selfridges.  Get buying better).  But I'm going to throw it out there that they are a tad too much like the classic Stans for me to justify the extra money. 

Isabel Marant Bart Trainer £225

But what was that I said about Stans?  The classic of classics.  And with 40% off?  Yes a whole 40% off.  Rude not to.  Code from La Redoute BIG40.

White on white Stans £69 that's before the 40% off.  I'm not sure you'll ever find cheaper than that.

Or red...£69 (again pre discount).

Or a different red version £69 pre discount again.

Or the Superstars - again 40% off. 

Superstar foundation trainers £79 from La Redoute 

Whilst we're on the subject of classics, the most chic and plain of trainers, I saw today at Jigsaw.  Went to their amazing flagship store on Duke Street (complete with coffee shop and Bluebird concession).  These are their stand out shoes of the season. 

Ayda Leather Trainers £98

But if you're looking for slightly off piste then obviously I'm going to recommend my beloved Golden Goose.  

Golden Goose Superstar sneakers £295

Or their new this season higher back Ball Trainers. 

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Ball Star Trainers £265

Then just because I love my Toga boots... ok so I'm going to throw it in that I'm not 100% sure about these (on reflection, I'm not sure I'm 1% sure).  But you never know... and with fashion, never say never. 

Toga buckle low top leather trainers £240

Have you gone over to the white side yet?  Are you the owner of more than one pair.  Oh and I should probably point out that whilst I do have my Stans, they have been Ginnyed.  ie the dog has eaten the back of one of them.  Which means I am totally totally justified in buying a new pair.  Seeing as I wear them pretty much all the time.

Today, trip to London, some meetings followed by a lovely lunch with one of my oldest friends who has moved back to England from Australia.  Beyond pleased.  And yes, I wore the dress again.  Different jacket, shoes and bag which I think gives it a different look. 

Green & navy dress - Quattro Rish
Onyx leather jacket - hush
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Black Haworth bag - Village England

Tomorrow is Friday.  Where did that week go?  I will be back with.. right now I can't remember what I'm supposed to be doing tomorrow but I will be back with something.  Tonight it was only an hour persuading the 9yr old to do his homework.  There may have been wine.  And now there will be new trainers.  

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23 comentarios:

  1. I have Stans and leopard print, and part leopard print etc etc, but it's the Golden Goose I can't get out of my head. I think i NEED them, I just can't come up with a good enough reason husband would buy when I wore them. Although he's such a style innocent he would possible believe me if I told him they were second hand from a charity shop!! Love all your posts, thanks for all your work!!

    1. Genuinely my daughter's first comment when I first got them and asked what she thought, she looked at them confused and asked "did you get them from a charity shop?".... so you would SO get away with it!

      I think they all serve a different purpose if I'm honest! xxx

  2. The first Marant ones remind me a bit of Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66's: I think it's the suede around the front. The Tigers are insanely comfortable, had the white ones with red/blue flash for years, wore them out! Must replace them...

  3. I had to laugh when I read the bit about selling one of your boys. Same here!! I have two boys and one girl. My daughter (10), came up to me this evening, tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'can we go shopping this weekend?' I have passed on the shopping gene. I feel that I have achieved something great in life!! Love the Ayda trainers but must not be tempted.

    1. Only issue is when they want you to spend a fortune on them.. hmmm maybe we haven't been so clever...!!! (couple of packs of football cards at £1 v a spree in Lush at £20)

  4. Not at all tempted by trainers - especially white ones! But thanks for La Redoute tip, just went on and got all manner of practical things - duvet covers, pants and gym top - don't see that as proper shopping at all so feel very justified and smug.....

  5. can one ever have too many trainers? Wearing my brand new white Stans today as I trashed my last pair in the rain. I have 6 at last count (4 Adidas- Stans and Gazelles and 2 GGs) and thought I was done but then came across the most gorgeous pair of glittered metallic silver Golden Goose exclusive on Net-a-porter. Sadly (or not) they are out of my size...

  6. Bought myself some trainers but just not sure how to wear them!?!

    1. With everything! I adore with jeans and a blazer - for me. it's always putting them with something you wouldn't think trainers would normally go with.. so dresses, skirts, smart trousers - just to make them wearable during the day. Dumbing them down so to speak. Hope that helps! Enjoy and experiment xx

  7. I've decided to bite the bullet and buy my first pair of white trainers! Do the Adidas Superstar sizes come true to size or large or small ... any idea? thanks for encouragement and help xxx

    1. ARRGGH I don't know about the Superstars. I do know that the Stans come up ever so slightly on the small side so if you're between sizes, size up not down!

  8. Thanks for this Kat. Just ordered my first pair of stan smiths W trainers from La Redoute. Always thought they were too pricey when you can get similar pairs for half the price but with 40% off, it's nearly there - happy days!!!

  9. Kat, have you looked at adidas, they have customisable ones with gum soles, you may be able to get the look for half the price. I think they're about the £100 mark.
    My lastes addition are by Geox, but are very similar in style to Candice Cooper.
    Danish Pastry

    1. Oooh thanks for that (but they wouldn't be Marants, would they.... !!!!)

      I do love the idea of being able to customise a pair. Genius idea!

  10. Kat, thank you, you are the reason why am considering trainers for the past 2 years! I bought the Superga with the slim sole for the summer and love them. Now I need a winter/leather version. I have wondered about the Stans and Goose but they look like having quite a round toe with the lace starting quite low too and very well could make me look like a child being petite. I noticed when the tip of the trainer is slightly elongated and the lace starts higher than it seems to elongate the leg. You don't have to worry about stuff like that being tall but us petite suffer!! :)

    I am really wondering on the Common Project all white trainers. They sell them in a market near Picadilly Circus and going to check them out. Have you ever tried them on, what were they like?

    Another thing I would love your advice on is how to wear trainers in winter say with black skirts. I would wear black tights with normal black shoes but somehow it feels wrong with white shoes. What colour tights would you wear with white trainers in winter? Myriam xx

    1. Now I have not tried on the Common Project ones at all....

      With winter tights.. hmm personally I don't think I would. I know people do but I have a mental block still with black tights and lighter footwear. However I would (and will) happily wear good old American tan tights (they have come so so far forward!) in the Winter with midi or maxi skirts or dresses. When it comes to mini skirts, I'm not sure I'd wear them with trainers and whilst I would perhaps wear a dress, in the winter for every day, I think american tan tights are too cold!!! (and my legs too pasty and doughy underneath them. There is NO way I am doing fake tan under tights - life is too short).

  11. Hi Kat,
    Can you advise if the GG super stars run true to size? I have checked online forums but the advice is rather conflicting. Thank you ever so much in advance xx

    1. RIGHT, I am usually a 39/39.5 or a 40 and I take the 40. Hope that helps? I also take a 40 in Stans if that is a better indication? In M&S shoes, I'm also a 40 but they call that a 6.5 (whereas I think most people call it a 7 no? It's M&S and Next that are different as far as I can see). All clear as mud?!

      Oh and I should point out that I have the Superstars so whether the Franceys or their newer styles are different sizing i'm not sure. But I have two pairs of the Superstars and they are both a size 40.

    2. Thank you! That does actually help me a lot so I am now off to buy my first ever pair of Superstars! Woohoo! :-)
      Kath x