Discount time again

And this time it's thanks to Mint Velvet.  15% off their new season until the 27 September using the code GREY15.  With free delivery too.

Now I'm not going to lie, Mint Velvet isn't somewhere that I've shopped often.  And this blog now is no way prompted by any contact with them - it's merely a new catalogue that came through the post and was unrecognisable to as the Mint Velvet I'm familiar with.  There is a definite absence of lilac (I know some people love lilac... I love it teamed with leopard but as a rule, it's not up there with being my favourite colour) and lace edging (again - I appreciate that other people love but again, I've never been tempted). 

Fear not however if you have always been a Mint Velvet fan - on further exploration they do definitely still have lots that works on this level but they've also gone in a new direction which I think is pretty interesting. 

This is the cover that greets you.   All rather not what you'd expect from MV is it?  

I need to immediately wear my collar turned up and invest in suitwear to wear as dress down.  And for those of you who do work, well lucky lucky you as you can invest now to wear during the week and then have a field day with the same wardrobe at the weekend.

Above she is wearing:-

Navy Relaxed Coat £179 This is the perfect coat for work but with a tee or jumper and jeans at the weekend, it will end up costing you nothing per wear (not to mention with the 15% off).
The trousers alas are not in stock yet and are coming soon (everyone keep an eye out for them..) 
White Zoe Metallic Trainer £79  I've come to the conclusion you can never have too many white trainers.  It's a fact.

And great look two.

Black Formal Wide Leg Trouser £129
Charcoal Alice Plimsoll £89 which you can't see properly in the pic so here it is.

That plimsoll is pretty darn lovely and also comes in a rather lovely (read VERY lovely) monochrome pony skin. 

And look three.

Black Formal Duster Coat - £189
Ivory Hook Up Tunic - £89 (online only)
White sneakers as above
And trousers - again not available yet... 

Now for some mainline Mint Velvet which, as I say, does have some of the old favourites that they know people love but there are definitely some new additions which I think are more than worth a look at. 

Two of my favourite things are these skinny polo necks which come in three colours.  Not to mention the leather and suede mini skirt.  Love.

Black Marl Jersey Polo Neck £45  

Which they also do in two other shades which I defy not to be supremely useful this season.  Wear on their own now but ideal for layering under dresses and jumpers later into the Winter. 

In the Granite Marl £45

And my favourite which is the Silver Grey Marl £45.  Now I've seen somewhere, an amazing pic with this but do you think I can find it now?  

And this look I could really get on board with.   Perfect for a night out or with sneakers for during the day.  And all the separate elements are ridiculously versatile. 

Clean Leather BIker Jacket £349
Charcoal Star Tunic £89
Lincoln Black Skinny Zip Jean £69 
Black Tallulah Ankle Boot £159

And I know people haven't been able to get hold of the M&S leopard sneakers so these may be of interest to a few of you?

But possibly my favourite pic is this.  As I have a camel trench style coat but what I don't have and now realise I'm not sure I can live without, is a navy suede biker jacket.  And I can hear you all agreeing with me from where you are (not that I need one but that you all need one!).

Navy Suede biker jacket £259 (and this is where the 15% is really worth using).

And just in case you haven't got a camel coat, this one with epaulette detailing is that perfect mix of classic with a twist.

Camel Relaxed Longline Coat £199 (so again, the discount is not to be sniffed at).

So give me your thoughts.  Have you always been a Mint Velvet fan and this is an improvement for you, or do you prefer the more classical MV pieces.  Or is there something there that has given you food for thought when previously you've not shopped at MV? 

I was going to try and pop in today but got totally sidetracked with time.  A lovely day spent visiting possibly my favourite independent boutique, Quattro Rish in Reigate.  And obviously couldn't not bring something home with me.. all will be revealed tomorrow.  Will be back there next Friday for a styling event instore during the day.  If anyone is local and would like details, do holler.

It was ridiculously humid and drizzly today so my newly washed hair could actually be seen from space.  Not to mention my roots have gone from being acceptable to being GRIM.

Je Ne Regrette Rien jumper - Orwell + Austen
Khaki Industrial Pants - Current/Elliot at Quattro Rish
Flame Black Slip Ons - Seven Boot Lane
Leopard coat - Fenn Wright Manson
Hazlemere bag - Village England

Tomorrow - apparently it's going to be back up to 22 degrees.  Which is better than 30 degrees I guess... I shall be wearing my new dress I got today which is the PERFECT in between dress.  In fact, I have been inspired to get frocking again so later, once the kids are in bed maybe I shall have a look to see if there's anything new in stock anywhere.  However I have made the husband promise he will watch another episode of The Night Of.  I am completely hooked after episode one.  It could not be more up my street and less up his.  Oops.

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19 comentarios:

  1. I've been eyeing up a silver grey tuxedo jacket for a while, so with 15% off, it may be a goer! What I've wanted is a blazer ish style jacket, that isn't too dark that I can't wear it all year, the main thing is the colour, as while I wouldn't want to wear head to toe grey that often, it would be nice if it worked with other grey stuff in my wardrobe!
    Do love your look today, I swear by moroccan oil - it calms down the frizz and split ends are a thing of the past, I get through it by the bucket load!
    Danish Pastry

    1. If you knew how much Moroccan oil was on my hair... *WEEPS*!!!!!!!!

    2. Oh and meant to say - silvery tuxedo sounds GORGE!

    3. Danish Pastry - I hold you responsible for me eating an almond croissant earlier. I read one of your posts and then though "Oh I know what I fancy". To be fair it was delicious ;)

    4. We've just been to Germany so I've indulged in a jam doughnut (you can only get them at Christmas in Denmark).
      And funnily Danish pastries are called Vienna bread here!
      Danish Pastry

  2. I am going to have to pop in to their concession in our House of Fraser today! I do have a very lovely pleather (but you'd never know it was) jacket and grey jeans from MV. I agree some of their floaty polyester tops, for how much? were never my thing. I do need some polo necks for layering this season and you're doing dresses you say. I do need something between a summer dress and a jumper dress as some of my autumn ones really need replacing.

    1. Have a look (although I don't think they do the discount so you may have to order online... but free delivery). I too like to be able to try on before I buy! Their jeans are EPIC. And dresses coming up later. x

  3. It's from Orwell + Austin. Link is above! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  4. Hi Kat, I love to read your blog. I love Mint Velvet, I am tempted to try the plimsolls. Your ones look really lovely too. I wish I had your help to sort my clothes out. I am in a complete style slump and seem to wear 2 outfits on rotation as I no longer know what suits me!

    1. Oh noooo! Maybe try branching out slightly into a different direction? Not a whole new direction but adding something in that's just ever so slightly outside your comfort zone but works with everything you've already got? Dresses? Am on them today... they are so SO easy to wear, I promise!

    2. I will give that a try Thank You, although not quite sure what to go for? I am afraid I don't really wear dresses as they are not that practical for me for everyday wear, although I love how they look on others. I look forward to your blogs for inspiration.

    3. What I would suggest is keep an eye on the blog as I have lots of new style ideas for the Autumn coming up in the following weeks. So at the moment, yes definitely I'm all about the dresses but we've looked at midi skirts as well (again I appreciate they're not for everyone) I Shall also be looking at jumpers, jeans (done boyfriends but will still be looking at skinnies) and mini skirts and jumpers I think are also going to be big this year. I think it's a question of seeing a style you like and adapting it to fit in with your own style, existing wardrobe to an extent and definitely lifestyle.

      Does that make sense? (it's v early for me..!!)

  5. We now have an Allsaints concession next to Mint Velvet. This could be very dangerous...

  6. Not a MV fan but their leggings are absolutely amazing. Really, really high on the waist and long on the leg and SO full of lycra it's crazy - and at £15 a pair, I have every colour and don't mind replacing when they look a bit sad.

  7. Gosh it's all so nice! Those pony skin plimsolls are gorgeous. It's all such a grown up, tasteful colour palette too.

    I can vouch for the loveliness of their leather handbags too. Although I did accidentally cut off one of those leather loops you get on the strap of a leather bag on a Mint Velvet bag I bought last year. I was using scissors to remove the packaging on a bag I bought online. I screamed so loud my other half thought something terrible had happened... which of course it had.

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Gosh I feel your pain from here!!

  8. I have tonnes of stuff from Mint Velvet, love it! Not a bit of lilac and lace in sight - maybe I'd missed those items because they're not my style. I've got lots of grey, khaki, navy and cream and just bought 2 new pairs of jeans from there. Maybe once you scratch the surface it's where the real gems are found? Ooo and my newfound grey metallic vest too - that's still waiting to be worn! Yup, you've just reminded me I love MV!