The Almost Dalek Effect

Ok so I'm not exactly selling these by implying you look like a Dalek when wearing them.  And you absolutely will not.  They are the most stylish trousers on the block at the moment (in my opinion that is...) but I think they need to be long.  Which is wear the Dalek reference comes in... as in when you walk you look like you've got no feet.  Which isn't exactly right as that would be just barmy and wrong diddly so this reference isn't entirely correct, but I've written it now and it's more succinct than "trousers that need to be really long so you only just see a smidge of shoe but not too long that you do actually look like a Dalek".... Hence the Almost Dalek effect. 

All clear as mud?

I'm looking at long, wide, slouchy trousers.  Which are the most perfect trousers to wear with all our sneakers and skater shoes.  Or loafers.  Take any fabulously comfortable flat.  Only swerve any rain.  That's where the wheels fall off with this style.  Soggy hems.  Big fat fashion fail. 

However let's look at Autumn with a degree of positivity and whilst it's been pouring with rain today, it's definitely set to warm up and dry up for the rest of the week.  And I'm ambitiously going to say "rest of the month"....

It was this pic from hush that first got my creative juices going - not to mention that I already have a grey pair which get so many positive comments when I wear them.

What am I planning on wearing them with?  Well, first off, I adore this longer jumper with them.  It's not something I would have thought of doing, but I simply love this look.  The option I normally opt for is a close fitting top and either a blazer or a biker jacket.   But I'm willing to give anything a go.  

Winnie Trousers from hush £60

And what others have I found?

Flowy Trousers from Mango £49.99 in black

Pocket Suit Trousers from Mango £49.99 in heather grey

Another super wearable pair at Me+Em. 

Wide Leg Lounge Pants from Me+Em £58

And in the navy. 

And then we can move into wider territory.  For me, I'm going to say that I prefer the slouch and the length to be oversized and keep the trouser fairly straight... Wide but not super wide.  But that's just my preference.

However these are a gorgeous gorgeous look. 

Black pleated wide leg trousers from River Island £30

Palazzo trousers from Mango £49.99

But possibly my favourite so from season at good old M&S. 

The green mix - I assume this is probably a teal shade of blue and that's why it's a green mix?

Wide Single Side Stripe Trousers £25 in three different lengths.

And the gold mix again £25

Similar but with different shades of stripe, again at M&S and again for the bargain price of £25.

Wide Side Striped Trousers £25 in the black.

Or in the navy (with a black and white stripe - LOVE LOVE LOVE).

And off piste... knitted.  I know, I know - not the most flattering potentially but with the tie waist?  ADORE. 

ASOS Lounge Knitted Wide Leg Trousers £28

Ending with the slightly more random. I still need to tackle all things velvet, but in the meantime... 

ASOS Velvet Slouch Trousers £35  in mauve.  Which I appreciate isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea but it does go superbly well with black and navy.

So wide trousers - yay or nay?  Dare I say I am ever so slightly looking forward to the cooler (not but wetter) days so I can wear mine?

Finishing with outfits from the last couple of days.  Saturday and leaving hols....

Black Triangle top - hush
Black jacket - hush
Phoebe jeans - MiH jeans
Black Flame slip ons - Seven Boot Lane (and 15% off with the code FLAME)
Thurlaston in camel - Village England

Sunday and it was cold.  I was also criminally hungover and spent four hours in the morning at rugby (polishing my halo I was), then straight to the hospital for a (routine) appointment for the 11yr old (bone density scan - all the excitement, not) and then a much needed cake break in M&S, followed by a quick TK Maxx jaunt (I came home with sequins... all the details on Instagram).

Black lyocell tee - & Other Stories
Black boyfriend jeans - hush
Grey long cardigan - Zara
Glitter Copeland Trainers - Air & Grace
Haworth bag - Village England

And today - the boys back at school and the 11yr old off to her new school.  An emotional day all round.  

Marble tee - Zoe Karssen
Faux leather joggers - ASOS
Black blazer - Me+Em

Tomorrow, hopefully I'll be slightly more organised than today (a day of accomplishing not a great lot) and I may be on a stripe mission.  You have been warned...

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25 comentarios:

  1. I do like the trousers with 'go faster stripes', not so sure that wide legs will be flattering on my stumpy legs.
    Can't wait to see how you style your sequins from yesterday, they were probably well deserved after your hangover!!
    My bank card is a little on the warm side itself at the moment - one of my colleagues arranged a girls shopping evening at a local store, with brands such as Gustav, PartTwo, Coster Copenhagen, Mads Nørgaard, Denim Hunter and Karen by Simonsen. I'd done my homework and came home with a pair of two tone blue trousers, a dark rose lace blouse, and a belt - the best thing, 10% discount. It does mean I've now got a self imposed ban on buying any more clothes and shoes for the rest of the month!
    Danish Pastry

    1. Oh wow - fantastic buying! You're sorted for months now!

    2. Try telling that to my inner shopaholic! ☺

  2. Hi Kat,

    I've been "lurking" on your blog for years. Love your style and your humourous writing.

    Totally off topic but I think I remember you talking about one of the Hush candles being amazing a couple of years ago. Which one(s) would you recommend?


    1. Well I have to say I think they are all amazing but my favourite is Pomegranate and Peppercorn. I've also found two other candles which I completely and utterly love - Restoration from the brand Brown and Drury and Moroccan Wood and Leather candle from Lilac et Loic

    2. If it helps I can vouch x humongous amounts for the Brown and Drury which I bought from Kat's recommend. They also do very lovely diffusers.

    3. If it helps I can vouch x humongous amounts for the Brown and Drury which I bought from Kat's recommend. They also do very lovely diffusers.

    4. Oh lovely. Thanks for the suggestions ladies.

  3. Kat,

    How do you find the Hush leather leggings? (I think you have them). I notice this season that they're listed as having a 29" inside leg, they'd be like cropped trousers on me, not the look I'm after, sadly. Maybe you could do a leather leggings post, think quite a few of us are thinking of investing this year.

    1. I'm off to see them tomorrow so I'll check on this year's length but mine from last year are super long (full length on me....)

  4. Emma, if it helps, I'm 5'7" and had to cut the Hush leather leggings down that I got last year so that they sit on the ankle. They are a fab fit-highly recommended.

    1. Thank you so much Jan, fingers crossed this years' version is equally as leggy!

    2. Aha! I will let you know x

  5. Love, love, love these and perfect for me (tall but with a long body and shorter legs) but how do you wear them without dragging the backs through the wet/mud and avoiding the hems getting horribly frayed?

    1. Hmmm well. That's one of the reasons I wouldn't spend a lot of money.. although I have to say I've never had a problem with mine. Randomly as yes, one would assume this would be an issue. x

  6. I've just bought the M&S navy with black and white stripe in regular - which are good and long for me and I'm 5ft 6". Lovely and thin for the Autumn transitional period. Only downside is that the thinness doesn't hold in prosecco belly :(

  7. Adore all these trousers and kicking myself for throwing out a pair of gorgeous, long enough ancient grey flannel ones last year because clearly I have no vision for future trends! Only fly in the ointment was that they were pre kids, low rise and at least two sizes too small, hey ho!

    My actual question - do you have any tall recommendations for this style (I'm 6'), nothing worse than the ankle swinging look and all of the above I presume are too short.. Thank you. Love the blog. Bex

    1. Right - now I think that the long ones from M&S look like they'll be a pretty good bet... other than that, I would also have a look at Next.. (I'm doing a Next blog as I have so many great things from looking at the new directory, it deserves a blog all of itself).

  8. Oh, lovely... I have have a pair of grey, wool Great Plains trousers and a Me & Em jersey palazzo pants pair. Definitely not for rainy weather.

    1. Oh they sound great! I always forget about Great Plains....

  9. I'm another lurker of your blog ..... am so ready for relaxed styling.... had a little look on JL site and am waiting on their new Modern Rarity range teeny snippet is tempting already ...

    1. AHA! I'm going to a launch evening at John Lewis on Oxford Street tomorrow evening and I think there's going to be the Modern Rarity range in full there - can't wait to report back!

    2. Oh that's great, can't wait to read all about it! I have high hopes of getting some new new a/w additions - hope it's a fun night!

    3. It does look gorgeous, doesn't it?!