Because I haven't done one for ages...

..surely it's about time for another dress blog?

I know a couple of people have either been trying to get hold of the Vero Moda dress that I posted on my Danish blog and can't, or have it and aren't sure about it (I'm hanging in the latter squad...). 

So whilst I'm making my mind up, I have come across another couple which may be also worth a look.  Seeing as I had such success with dresses in the Summer and it being so hard to dress for this not cold but not hot weather, it suddenly struck me that I should be wearing my dresses all the time. 

I therefore feel totally justified in my choice of new dress yesterday - yet another good old maxi.  Viscose and swooshy, it is perfect with trainers, it looks amazing with ankle boots.  At the moment, I am planning on wearing with shrunken leather jackets (and I just remembered this evening, I have a Primark navy faux leather one that I got a couple of years ago that will be perfect with it.  Completely perfect.  There is nothing I like better than when a new purchase means something from the back of your wardrobe gets a whole reinvention.  And if that's not justification for a new dress, I don't know what is.  Not to mention it goes perfectly with my old Rag & Bone Newbury boots.  You can see why I love it and can totally justify another one.

Starting with a fairly random number but I promise, promise you, this is sublime in the flesh. I will definitely be trying it on and yes, it is possibly a tad more "out there" than most, but if any of these dresses have the more expensive factor, this is it.  Think Net A Porter.  Not Laura Ashley (yes I said Laura Ashley...)

Heraldic Print Tie Neck Maxi Dress from Laura Ashley £125  Discount of 10% with N501  This is off first orders at Laura Ashley online.  I think it might work on furniture too).

If maxi isn't your style, then this - with a v neck peeps as I know so many of this have Victoriana style high necks which do boobage no favours whatsoever - may be right up your street.  It's definitely on the shorter side of midi.

Floral Print Midi Dress £35 from M&S

More floral at Topshop and again, what I would call a midi for the not so tall amongst us (or should I say you).   As midis go, these are mini midis and not maxi midis.  Never let it be said that I can't confuse an issue that one would normally think completely unconfuseable. (or that I don't make up way too many words).

Rose Keyhole Midi Dress £46

And then I've found a bargain at Matalan.  The styling perhaps isn't what I'd go for but with a pair of ankle boots and a biker.  Or I like the ideas of a flowy trench too.  Mini midi.

Floral Print Midi Dress £20 from Matalan

Whilst we're talking brands I don't usually look at, I saw an ad the other day for the most amazing dress and it was at Debenhams.  I can't actually remember the last time I went to Debenhams.  I think it might have been when I had a brand new baby (I think he was two weeks old), a one year old and a three year old and became OBSESSED with this dress that you could only get there (randomly it was a maxi as well).  I drove to Gravesend (or Dartford..) in 30 degree heat with all three babies to try and hunt this dress down.  I remember getting lost in the one way system, stuck in the multistory carpark in my ridiculously massive new car that was like driving an articulated lorry, with a screaming baby and a one year old who had escaped from his car seat and weeping in the lift at the futility of it all.  BUT I got my dress.  Post natal depression affected us all differently... 

This dress looks amazing.  20% off dresses at Debenhams by all accounts.

Black Rose Print Midi Dress from Nine by Savannah Miller was £65 now £52


Preen/Edition Black Floral Midi Dress was £69 now £55.20  They're not entirely selling it to me with this model.  And to be honest, I wouldn't call this a midi dress on her.  However what it does mean, is that on a more petite person, this would be THE most perfect length.  That will be another mini midi.

And the bargains continue at La Redoute where there is now 40% off everything.  Yes, 40% off everything, including brands.  With the code BIG40. (check out the branded trainers and jeans would be my advice...)

Printed Maxi Dress R Edition £39 pre discount  Maxi midi.  Unless she's 5ft 3. In which case mini midi.

And a slightly dressier option, again at La Redoute (and a more expensive option but that's where 40% off comes in very handy).   I have to say I do absolutely adore the idea of this with a black biker and biker boots or sneakers.

Floral print maxi dress Delphine Manivet x La Redoute £139  Simply a maxi maxi.

But then I saw this on Matches and lo and behold, it's a Self Portrait.  Who would ever have thunk it?

Plum blossom-print crepe dress from Self Portrait £290

Moving away from the floral now (I can hear a collective sigh from the back of the room)  I do love a floral but that's not to say a different print isn't very appealing as a contrast.  And seeing as I'm in collecting mode....).

Rather liking this one from Topshop. 

Polka Deconstructed Dress from Topshop £120  If you click on the detail, the edges of the frills are raw - hence the deconstructed tag (she assumes).

And then stripes... admittedly swerve if you have curves.

Mono Stripe Midi Dress by Topshop £40

Or plain with a hint of detailing.

Gestuz Kate Green Midi Dress £229

However this is the one I got yesterday.  Nothing says "it works" like wearing something the day after you get it.  I would never have thought it would go with burgundy but I think it really works.  Green and navy houndstooth perfection. 

Green and navy houndstooth dress - Quattrorish
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Burgundy leather bomber jacket - Gerard Darel
Vintage navy bag - Gucci

And in fact I love it so much, I'm going to do the completely unheard of thing and wear it tomorrow.  Two days in a row.  When you find a dress you love - I promise you, there is absolutely nothing like it.  Someone back me up....

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8 comentarios:

  1. Fab green dress and I have those boots but the heels look considerably more knackered than yours do. They look unworn whereas mine are very much lived in. In fact, I think you were responsible for those boots in the first place. I'm not a dress wearer at the moment (2 boys aged 2 and 5) but you are now also responsible for my new pair of Levi jeans at 40% off £85, thanks very much! Jo

    1. To be fair I haven't actually worn these *that* much. Whilst they are a super comfortable heel, they are still a heel and I can't really wear them to trudge miles in!

      But they do look EPIC with dresses I've discovered! (well I like them anyway). And enjoy the jeans!!

  2. Love that vintage Gucci bag...where did you find that, it's wonderful?

    1. I got it from a vintage site called Lovely's Vintage! Saw it on twitter (she puts some of her stock up there) and snapped it up immediately. Was £100 with postage. Navy and simply gorgeous. Am beyond beyond pleased with it (will do a navy blog fear not!)

  3. I must say that every dress you pictured looks dowdy AF, but YOU look fabulous in YOUR dress. And yes, the burgundy does work. Who woulda thunk it? I believe you could show those stores' stylists a thing or two on how to make a longer dress look appealing, not appalling.

    1. You are very very kind! I honestly think it's how you style it. If everything is too pristine, it doesn't work and looks like you're off to a wedding. But if you mix styles - especially styles that work for you, then I think it works. That's just my theory and I'm sticking with it!!

  4. Gorgeous selection of midi dresses - my absolute go to item in the winter. Just so easy to wear with tights, ankle boots and a leather jacket to feel really pulled together and effortless. The Self Portrait one has to be my fave but those la Redoute ones are pretty amazing too. I must investigate. (I know I said no more purchases this month but it's almost October!)

    I finally checked out the footwear in M&S today. Really good selection. A pair of high ankle boots very similar to the Ash Flora boots for only £79. Very tempting. I tried on your lovely versatile lace up ones but I'm not sure I can carry them off. Maybe I'll try them again when I'm not wearing skinny jeans. Maybe with a printed midi dress! :)

    1. I also think these those boots will come into their own as soon as the weather turns nasty!! They NEED to be worn with huge oversize knits. LOVE.