Check mate

Because what else can you call a blog that's about check.  Not just any check, but a check coat. 

So we're ignoring the fact it's been almost 30 degrees again today.  We're also ignoring the fact that I sat in my car for 90 minutes today driving around Kent and ending up back where I started, thanks to the car park that is the M25.  Actually I didn't end up sitting on the M25 as I knew there was a problem.  Oh no, I thought I'd go the back way to Bluewater.  Along with everyone else.  Gridlock.  Every way I went.  Gridlock. 

And so aborted mission and came back home - 90 minutes later.  However ended up having a lovely lunch with one of my very good friends so certainly can't call it a failure of a day.  We did sit outside and it starting raining.  A lot.  Ridiculously humid but rain it did. 

So I legitimately think I can talk about coats, as I have recently come across some gorgeous ones doing some research for an article I'm writing for a magazine.  I've been tasked with looking at a variety of coats but we all know that I can get obsessed with one teensy, tiny detail.

Hence today, I am all about a very particular type of coat. 


I love check coats.  I have two already.  I think though, that they will be consigned to coat heaven (one of them - the other I may keep for that special occasion where it will completely come into its own - the navy check dressier one I have from Hobbs).

In fact, it's not dissimilar from this one at M&S.  Ok so it's navy and white and it's also got 3/4 length sleeves, but apart from that, the shape is similar.  So not *really* similar at all.  It reminded me of it, ok?!

Also seems an excellent time to mention there is 20% off at M&S from today through to the end of the weekend. *Everybody cheer*.  Using the code SEPT16A21.  I cannot quite describe how impressed I am with the new season at M&S (despite them having removed all Autograph and Limited Edition from my small local store which I am heartbroken about).  Could easily be dressed head to toe this A/W in good not so old Marks.

Crew Neck Checked Coat £69 (before 20% off - how good a price?!)

Speaking of 3/4 length sleeves, rather liking this one from Great Plains.  Now I'm always asked how are you supposed to wear these, whenever I have a coat that has shorter or bracelet length sleeves.  I love a longer armed jumper underneath and in the Winter - they're perfect with long jumper and long gloves.  Just that little bit different.

Swing Coat from Great Plains £160 

Speaking of Great Plains, I had a look in their sales section and there are some fabulous check bargains.  Seem too good not to include.  Especially in the red.

Bonnie check coat from Great Plains was £140 now £70 

Red check again at La Redoute.  And there just happens to be 25% off La Redoute with the code 25DEL. 

Checked coat R Studio was £89 now £66.75

A different colourway with a different price tag but I love love love this. 

Scotch & Soda/Maison Scotch £187.57

But I think my favourite is probably (definitely) the red version at Mango. 

Check wool-blend coat from Mango £49.99

Moving onto a more neutral set of checks now in monochrome. Again from Great Plains was £140 now £55  

Monochrome again at La Redoute and I don't think I should love this as much as I do.  All the fabulousness of faux faux in black and white check.  Oh go on then.

Boucle checked faux fur coat was £129 now £96.75 (with the 25% off).

Black and white scores again at M&S and this time a slightly different coat in the form of a trench.  But still a great check.  Don't forget the 20% off. 

Checked trench coat £79 pre discount

And now bring on the more random colours.  The ideal way to introduce that bit of variety into your wardrobe, whilst still tying in with all your lovely neutrals.  Yes you can add any colour alongside a neutral but lots of people do like a teensy bit of matchiness.  Go on, admit it, you do... (hands up here, I am a sucker for coordination.  Love my eclectic too but I am much more at home when there is a colour theme that runs through an outfit.  Like black....)

Check double breast coat at Great Plains was £140 now £70

If you like full on oversized (and yellow) then this will be right up your street. 

Check wool-blend coat £119.99

I think this one is more wearable.  Not as clean a check, but I like the tweedy edge to it. 

Check pattern textured coat £59.99

Green.  Slightly way out there, but this is perfect dress down chic.

ASOS coat in check with utility styling £75

But finishing with an easy option to wear.  Classic navy.  Mixed with some black.  Which actually makes it easier to wear.  Don't all thank me at once.  I am sat here genuinely wondering how I have lived without one of these. 

Check wool-blend coat from Mango £139.99

But this is the one that has me most excited.  Excited enough to order to see what it's like.  Ridiculously excited if I'm honest. 

ASOS Coat in Oversized Check £85

So that's my choice.  DIdn't start this blog with thinking that I had any real need of a check coat.  I thought it was a "nice to have".  However having finished, I now realise it's a Need, with a capital N.  Oh and it's also made me realise that I never got round to actually finding the perfect black trousers.  Another blog for the list of blogs to do - the perfect black fitted trousers.  Watch this space.

However today was another day with no need of a coat at all.  I'm not going to lie - I may be looking forward to wearing a jumper tomorrow (yes, wash my mouth out).

Leaf print silk dress - Whistles
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe
Tan gladiator sandals - Aldo

And I have to say, the reason I'm holding my bag there, is that this is short.  I've decided it's too short.  I didn't feel particularly comfortable in it.  An inch or two longer and it would have been fine - but it was hovering slightly too high above my knee for my liking.  Over on Instagram a number of people very kindly suggested opaques, which normally I would 100% agree with.  But I've tried that before with a silky shirt dress and it rather randomly looks like I've simply forgotten to put a skirt on.   I think it's the shirt shape.  Bare legs and sandals work - but for me, I sort of struggle with the look when it's with ankle boots or (god forbid - this was a scary sight believe me) heels and opaques. 

That's not to say I won't be doing short skirts - as I said, I have a blog up my sleeve. 

At which point I shall say night night as I have a date with Question Time and a glass of wine (have been out at an event this evening but drove.  Polish my halo if you will).  Tomorrow - big day out for the best friend's birthday.  London, are you ready?

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18 comentarios:

  1. Presumably you'll be selling that lovely dress as you feel so uncomfortable in it? Please let us know what sites you use. Is it my eyes....coat no.1 looks striped to me. Love the blog but would love more on what to wear now as I've been really struggling this week, especially with workwear. xxx

    1. I may well be selling it and will let you know xx

      Now I've had another look at the coat and yes, see what you mean - but M&S do call it check! Definitely more on what to wear now coming up but it's been so difficult when it's been 32 degrees outside and all we want to do is think about Autumn clothes!

  2. Great blog as always, I love reading your blog every morning (in work, eek!), great way to start the day. Have a fab day in London. Audrey x

  3. Love a checked coat. Have almost always owned one, except for the past couple of years. Must rectify that. Love the Maison Scotch one but fear I'd tire of it after one season. It's the type of thing I'd love like mad this year and then pull out next Winter and go 'ooh, nope!' Love the colours of the Asos oversized one but would be too long on me. You've given me the bug now!! I can hear the calling of the checked coat.

    1. Sorry..!!! Honestly I LOVE them (but then I love pretty much every sort of coat..!)

  4. Arghhhh bought lots of things from M & S last night with 10% off using Sparks offer and now feel cheated 😪

    1. Nooooooooo! Can't you return and reorder?!

    2. Too impatient! May be the push to order a cashmere jumper though, fancy the roll neck in camel.

  5. Hush Onyx jacket arrived... love it!! Believe the hype. Kat and Diane - thank you for the push to purchase!
    Jill x

    1. Oh I'm SO SO pleased!!! It's amazing isn't it?

    2. I'm so pleased you like it. I'm actually happy the weather has changed so that I can finally wear mine!

    3. I actually wear mine all year round!

  6. They have cracked it - everyone loves this jacket! Also recently bought the frayed jacket in black and it is also a triumph. Next considered purchase is one of their parkas... Any feedback on those? Jill X

    1. I've got my eye on the Hush parka and would be interested to hear any feedback too. I did see it in the John Lewis concession and it looked gorgeous and the quality was very good. (At the time it was too hot to try on though). I'm a little obsessed with Hush this season! There's literally nothing in the collection I wouldn't wear. :) Any a/w Hush capsule wardrobe evenings planned Kat similar to the one you hosted in Spring?

    2. Now I haven't tried this on. I need to remedy. Hopefully I may be doing another evening I think closer to Christmas? I'll let you know xxx

  7. I love my hush parka - I especially like the fact that you can unbutton the fleecy lining and make it a lightweight option

    1. That's GENIUS. OMG how have I never seen it!!!