It's that time of year again

Discount klaxon.

Seriously what's not to love?  Tis that time of the year folks when the discount codes start coming through thick and fast.   All hail the new season and first up is one I received through from River Island. 

They do a discount at the start of every new season (and occasionally during the season as well).  And they are definitely worth considering.  20% off is not to be sniffed at (with the code STYLEAW16).

It's also an opportunity to take a look at sites that you might not usually consider.  And every time I mention River Island, someone always says they never look there and wouldn't consider it.  And every time I say, I completely concede that you wouldn't wear anything everything from there.  

I'll also reiterate that a store visit can be slightly scary.  Lots of things that are very much aimed at, not necessarily a younger market, but certainly a lady who is slightly punchier in her outfit choice that I usually am.  And likes a smidge (read a fair bit) of exposed flesh.  Which is fine.  As I always say, it would be an exceptionally boring world if we all liked the same thing and for sure, I am possibly not the target market of River Island at the (tender) age of 43.

However that's not to say there aren't some complete gems to unearth.  And when I say gems, I mean gems.  One of the reasons I love RI, is that it's simply not as ubiquitous as other high street stores.  So I always feel like it's more of a genuine find.  (yes I have had one glass of wine so this may make no sense, but in my head it does...!) 

Starting with a steal.  And it looks like a proper midi.  Do I have a silver skirt in my wardrobe?  That will be "not yet"...

Silver Pleated Midi Skirt £35

Now for dressier in the form of a dress.  This is much more All Saints than River Island.

Cream print wrap shirt dress £55

If we're looking for outfits for out out, then an embroidered top is a must have for A/W16.  Perfect for all the old bottoms that you've had for the last couple of years.  And that little bit different from all those at Zara that are very popular at the moment (dare I say cheaper too with the 20% off?)

Black embroidered lace top £45

And a higher neck version.

Black Embroidered Cami Top £35

Now this you could either wear this cami for layering under a blazer for a night out or, if you're arm happy, you could wear on its own.  Whilst your arms are exposed, it does hide any prosecco tyre you may be cultivating.  At the moment, if you held a gun at my head and said bingo wings or booze muffin, I think my bingo wings are slightly less offensive (and I can fake tan them).

Black Floral Print Studded Cami £30

Looking for another sort of top to dress up your jeans for a night out? Then look no further than this.  Alternatively it would look amazing with leather skinnies and a sequin blazer. 

Black "roque" print boyfriend tee £18

Alternatively there is this tee which I think looks so much more expensive than its River Island price tag.  With 20% off - this is a complete steal.  Absolutely love.  The ultimate rock chick outfit - faded jeans, black patent stilettos or ankle boots, black blazer - either plain, sequin or velvet and you're off.  I think we ALL need one.  In my head, this is hopefully a lovely slouchy, velvety feel jersey fabric.  One can hope.

Grey skull foil print boyfriend tee £22

Just as I can hear my jumpers weeping at my having neglected them for the past couple of weeks, I fine a few that look like great wardrobe additions.  Whilst yesterday I did tops for midi skirts, to give you a sneak peek of a future blog, I may be considering the mini... And this would be the perfect jumper for them.  

Beige long sleeve turtle neck £30

But for me - it's the dark green that wins by a country mile.  Just looks more "luxe" (sounds vaguely less crass than more expensive).

In the dark green £30

Whilst we're on the topic of all things properly Autumnal, it feels legitimate to throw in a coat. 

I cannot get enough of leopard print ones this season.  You have been warned.

Brown leopard print wool overcoat £80

Moving onto shoes.  River Island have really upped their shoe game in the last couple of seasons.  And A/W is one step better (couldn't resist - all puke now).  

I'm not even going to mention a classic Chanel sling back but....

Cream and black suede heels £55

Neither am I going to mention Gucci...

Brown leopard print backless loafers £55

Or Tabitha Simmons.... 

Actually whilst we're here, these are the Tabitha Simmons Gingers which I have been coveting (at £465)

Yes - double take.  They are not the same shoes.  

Black multi strap block heel shoes £55

However call off the dogs.  Pink patent.  For a song.  I can't possibly (remotely) justify the black ones as much as I adore them seeing as I have two pairs of patent strappy court shoes.  Slightly gutted they don't do a leopard print version (anyone from River Island readin - pretty please?!).  Or red.  Or navy.  Or bottle green.  Anything but black?  GOLD.  We need them in gold.

But the pink patent could be an epic solution.  When I mentioned pink strappy shoes a while ago, someone suggested leopard print socks for the Autumn.  Absolutely love this idea.  And no I have no clue where to get them from.  Embracing my inner Toyah.

Pink patent multi strap block heel shoes £55

So what would your choice be?  I know every time I do a blog on River Island, someone says it's not their bag.  And that's fair enough.  But I do keep trying to persuade them that it's still worth a look.  As I said earlier, for sure you're not going to love everything.  However I still maintain that you can find the odd gem that makes the hunt worthwhile. 

Today - not a hint of anything Autumnal.  Still in full on Summer mode.

Red dress - H&M
Hat - Fat Face
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe
Tan Gladiator Sandals - Aldo Shoes 
Beach bag - The Jacksons London

Still tropical here.  Which leads me to discuss something super wintery tomorrow... obviously...

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13 comentarios:

  1. Never write off an entire store - gems can usually be found pretty much anywhere. I'll admit to getting a bit overwhelmed in RI - all the banging choons and rampaging teenagers buying scraps of fabric, but I've had some great things from there over the years (4-way stretch jeans a couple of years ago were the Best Things Ever). Loving the T-shirts you've included and, with 20% off, they are practically giving them away. Leopard coat also lush (sadly surplus to requirements - already got a leopard coat) and the Tabitha Simmonds-esque shoes may be just what I'm looking for to go with the dress I have for my cousin's wedding. Sorted.

    1. There are definately stores that I avoid, as I don't usually find anything (Vero Moda for one, their clothes just aren't cut for my figure), but occaisionally if I'm looking for something specific and haven't found it in my usual haunts I will venture off piste, with some surprisingly good results! And who can argue with 20% off!
      Danish Pastry

    2. Aren't the shoes amazing, ditto the tees? I'm off for a look today instore!

      I agree - never write off anywhere.

  2. That's tonight's browsing sorted - thanks, some real gems there!

  3. Coincidentally I rushed past River Island yesterday heading for my car and actually stopped and reversed as their window looked full of appealing embroidered things. Was planning a peruse over the weekend. Bring on the winter-y. It's arrived here. Full on winter jumper yesterday and wishing I'd had a coat too :-( Welcome to Scotland. Hope you've got your thermals.

    1. Oh my lord isn't it funny how the climate can be SO different on the same body of land and not really that far away? Another day of 30 degrees today. HAve to say - *slightly* bored of it now....

  4. Skull t-shirt is great. I am also in the market for a leopard coat but I don't want it to be fur or wool. I've always had a soft spot for RI.

    1. Aha you need my Fenn Wright & Manson one which is perfect!

  5. Oh some lovely things here. I definitely agree, don't write off an entire brand. Lovely clothes are lovely clothes, and brands change direction and stock over time. Love the embroidered tops and the tees.

  6. I've just bought a long grey duster coat for £90 there. It looks about 4 times as expensive. It's not on the website though :(

    1. Oh that's a bummer! I couldn't get there today. NINETY minutes in the car having had to abort mission to Bluewater as couldn't there due to traffic!