And the obsession for this season is...

... the same as has been for the last couple of seasons and is an itch that I've failed to scratch. 

A black cardigan, coaty, long thing.  You can perhaps see the dilemma in locating said item.  It not actually existing being the main stumbling block.  But it so should.  Oh it really really should.  

I can find them in beige, in khaki, in grey - I have an amazing grey speckled one from last year (it's nicer than it sounds) but I want one in black, goddamnit.  Too much to ask?  Apparently.  Proverbial rocking horse poo. 

I should probably explain that I do in fact have one.  Which is now 8 years old?  Maybe 9.  It's a boiled wool Ronit Zilkha gem that I bought as I really wanted the (when they did it) long Joseph one but at about three times the price RZ one, I couldn't afford. 

The Ronit Zilkha number has served me well and I have worn it to death.  Which you can tell.  If I told you the dog had slept in it, you would believe me.  But I still love it.  I really really do.  

So I'm looking for a replacement.   Boiled wool would be ideal.  Maybe not quite as drapey as mine.  I bought it when waterfall cardigans were all the rage (as was using the phrase "all the rage" - all the apologies) and I can't *quite* get past that when I wear it.  That and I sort of feel like I am wearing a dog blanket. 

How hard can it be to find one of these?  Very is the answer.

I found nothing - even the budget went out of the window for research purposes - that came close. 

This was *vaguely* on spec.  But not right.  However it is a cardigan, it is black, it's by a great Danish designer and it's a good price.  Maybe I should order just to prove it's not right (the sort of phrase the husband wants to weep at).

Selected Femme SFDARLA in black £84.99

And then I found this in the coat section.  So it's a coat.  And I really wanted a cardigan.  Although I did say a cardigan coat thingy so I guess I could consider a coat. 

J Lindeberg Mava wool coat £199

Which opened up a whole new avenue of thought - aka I could stop looking at a whole load of really dull, black cardigans which were so not what I had in mind. 

But you know what they say - when something doesn't go quite right, yell PLOT TWIST and carry on. 

Hence we are now looking at black coats.  Ta Dah!  Since it's not exactly cold yet, we're looking at lighter ones that we can layer up.

New Look Side Split Maxi Coat £44.99 in black pattern.  Which is basically grey.  Love this but I don't want and definitely don't need grey.  However if you could go grey, this is amazing.

Monki Duster Coat £60  From now on we have monochrome loveliness.  I adore the styling of all these.  Black, white, pared back, mimimal, Scandi - ok hands up who else wants to throw away everything coloured in their wardrobe and dress like this?  ME ME ME (until tomorrow, but hell for today, this is me and then some).  Proving the point that we all need a black coat (cardigan thingy...).

Monki Minimal Duster Coat £65

Another tailored mac from Sisley £125

Selected Longline Tailored Coat £135

Only Maxi Long Wool Coat £75

But... but but but I feel I may have struck pay dirt at Mango.  Ok so admittedly this isn't what I started looking for but I have loved my grey (not remotely similar so ignore me - this has been a labour of love which needed wine to help the creative juices) one from Whistles last year and this is similar.  At a fraction of the cost. 

Handmade Coat from Mango in black £89.99

And I'll be honest - I am now totally black coated out.  I have also had another small glass of wine and what was helping the research is now hindering it so I'm signing off in time for Bake Off.  I'll be benchmarking this for another day but have high hopes for the Mango number.  Who knew finding a black coat thingy could be so difficult?

Hair yesterday was bad - hair today doesn't look hugely better as I did have it coloured but opted for an Olaplex treatment which I had to leave in for four hours so it looks even worse than when I started.  As I mentioned on Insta - I also decided to try the "wear your bag higher" cross body stylee as is "the trend" this season.  Frankly, I felt like a tit.  Which is slightly irritating as it's a vintage bag so only has a shorter strap clearly designed to be a shoulder bag and not cross body.  Hmmm... need to think this one through.  Any suggestions?  The husband looked at me like I had two heads and said "if it's supposed to be a shoulder bag, why not use it as a shoulder bag".  " Because I feel like my gran?" wasn't met with much sympathy.  So maybe I should just embrace the shoulder bag....

Navy slogan tee - Zoe Karssen
Navy blazer - Alexa Chung at M&S
Jeans - Zara
Red Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Vintage navy bag - Gucci

And how warm exactly was it today?  Which is why I have a slogan tee on and not a slogan jumper.  

We all know I love a slogan jumper so writing my newest article for The Pool wasn't remotely difficult.  Hope you like it (sorry - two doses of me in one day....).

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21 comentarios:

  1. So I'm in australia (and the semi tropics bit to boot) so i don't trally need a cardi reading about your adventures though. .BUT,bags i understand. why don't you get on etsy and buy a longer strap for the Gucci.....which is the most divine colour so deserves more than being slung behind you on your shoulder

    1. That's a genius idea... i will have a look thank you x

    2. Right, I've ordered one from China so it should be here for Christmas. Darn it!

  2. I'm not in search of a black cardi coati thingy but another darkly coloured one which I'll know when I see it! Have seen lots that finish mid thigh length but few to none that finish closer to the knee or even slightly beyond. I think this is what I am after but at the very least want to try before I abandon the search! Any suggestions? Also, what will you wear with mid dresses and skirts when it gets truly cold, jacket or cardi? That's also part of the dilemma. I feel your pain!

    1. With mid dresses.. hmm I shall definitely be wearing my Martina coat from hush.. or a trench.. I need to do trench research... But it's not easy!

      And yes, am also after a longer cardigan.. I will be back...

    2. Oh yes the Martina coat is perfect!

  3. I hear you on monochrome. My stylish friend from Denmark only wears black and white, each year adding beautiful quality pieces to her magnificent capsule wardrobe. Impossibly stylish :)

    1. Oh god I have wardrobe envy and I don't even know her!

  4. It's funny reading your comments about Danish style, having lived here (Denmark) for too many years to mention. One of my oldest friends here is also in to the monochrome look (it's definately developed more in the last five years), she spices it up with bubblegum pink, and being tall and skinny she looks great. She has a great By Malene Birger jacket (black and ivory triangle print) that is amazing on her, but would look silly on me.
    Looking at what stylish Danes wear on an everyday basis, I'd say there is a minimalist sort of look, but it's not limited to any one colour palette.
    I love my colour, but I don't go too wild on it, tending to wear navy or grey, with one item in colour to liven things up!
    I love being able to buy things from the UK, that I know others won't have much here, so thanks Kat for introducing (in some cases reintroducing) me to some great stylish brands.
    As for black cardigans have you seen this one from Acne?
    Bit on the expensive side though!
    Hope your hair turned out okay.
    Danish Pastry

    1. Oh that all sounds lovely. And clearly we all have a complete misconception of how a whole nation dress!!!

  5. I'm looking for exact same thing! Thanks for the inspiration xx

  6. I laughed at your post which started with black cardigan, became grey cardigan and finished on black kind of shopping. As for the bag - what a thing of beauty but not as a crossbody - maybe the etsy longer strap is the perfect plan! We are leaving Saudi Arabia this week to come back to the blustery Autumn of the UK so a whole new wardrobe is required. You will fill me with inspiration as always. x

    1. Well, it has been surprisingly warm in recent times although I fear from SA, you may find it a bit of a shock and will want to layer up!!! Am on the Etsy idea xx

  7. "A black cardigan, coaty, long thing" in the US (and I assume other places) they are called "Coatigans". However, I don't know if there is a standard length or weight for coatigans. Knee length or longer? Mid-weight?

    Katherine C

    1. It is indeed.. but I much prefer black cardigan coaty long thing....!!

  8. Yup, called coatigans here too. I have just got my blue mohair one out for the autumn. I love boiled wool too, but it's not that easy to find and often not in styles I want.

    1. Yes yes and yes. And boiled wool is normally expensive. BUT it does last and doesn't bobble like normal wool.

  9. Advice on the bag with the too short strap- could you get some chain off a cheaper bag and get a good cobbler to use it to extend the existing strap?

    1. I could do but I ordered a stripped red and beige webbed strap that I think may give it a modern edge. It was £6. I'm not holding out much hope..!!