It's the C word...

...although maybe not what you think... nope, it's coats.

Yes, it's the 1st October, I reckon we can legitimately talk coats. 

And I've already done some initial research for Good Housekeeping in an article I wrote for them, which you can read here.

But those who know me well will realise that's just the tip of the iceberg.  And why look at just one coat in each trend when I am never knowingly under researched. 

Ok so *maybe* there is always an ulterior motive.  I am obsessed with leopard print.  I can fully vouch for how useful and versatile a leopard print coat is.  I have two.   Which is easy to justify as one is lighterweight and the other is a heavier, full on fur number that is perfect for the cooler months. 

So can I therefore find room in my wardrobe for a third?  And if I can't, then I need to find a whole host of new ones so that I can live vicariously through you buying one of them . 

This is the one I found for Good Housekeeping and love.  I LOVE. 

Limited Edition Long Sleeve Animal Faux Fur Coat from M&S £99  It's fur but it's a soft, drapey, almost like a light throw weight as opposed to a heavier fur.  Must be tried. 

More fur at Topshop. 

Casual Leopard Faux Fur Coat £89

I know from previous leopard posts that not everyone loves the camel shade and prefer a grey so here you go.  Gorgeous and completely a neutral.
Grey Yvonne coat at Pepe Jeans £164.99

If you're not looking for a full on fur number, then this version from River Island is well worth considering.

Brown leopard print wool coat from RI £80

Another version at Topshop.  Full on fur clearly hasn't been released yet...

Leopard Print Coat from Topshop £85

Another non furry number from ASOS. 

ASOS Slim Coat in leopard £85

But the bargain of the day has to be from Florence & Fred.

F&F Leopard Print Coat £29

And not forgetting those who may not want full on leopard print.  Although if you're not up for full on animal, then I would say the chances of you preferring a pink coat with leopard pockets is possibly slim.. but I adore this. 

ASOS Coat in Wool with leopard pockets £75 (on proof reading, I may have become more than mildly obsessed with this.. and seeing as I don't have a pink coat....)

Perhaps easier to wear is a black coat with a collar. 

Leopard Faux Fur Collar £65 from Topshop

A black jacquard duster coat from Topshop £85.  I'm not going to lie - the jury is out as to whether this is gorgeous slinky coat or old man's smoking gown (I've ruined it for you haven't I?  Sorry).

So on that note, I've had inspiration for fur collars (not silk duster coats funnily enough.. although never say never).  In fact it's reminded me that we are shortly venturing into scarf weather.  When it's not entirely cold enough for a coat (although don't let that stop you buying one now as they do sell out and when it eventually does get cold, we'll be in Spring retail mode. ARRGGHH) a scarf is the perfect addition to your outfit.  That's research sorted for tomorrow.

And clearly, there is still a whole host of coat related gorgeousness to bring you in the next couple of weeks.

Finishing with outfit from today.  A lovely day spent at Quattro Rish in Reigate. 

Green and navy houndstooth dress - American Vintage at Quattro Rish
Onyx jacket - hush
Tan suede boots - Ivy Lee Copenhagen at Quattro Rish
Whiskey Medium Marcie Satchel - Chloe

So I hope you enjoy the Good Housekeeping article - lots of food for thought coatwise.  Which avenue are you going down this season?  I may be more than slightly sold on the pink with leopard print pockets number... someone talk me out of it.  It's Friday night, I'm a glass of wine down.. this may not seem like such a great idea in the morning?

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28 comentarios:

  1. Gorgeous outfit, Kat, I'm loving your green and navy dress more and more every time I see it! Sadly I am much shorter so maxi dresses don't work on me. Which brings me to my (admittedly ridiculous question). So I went for the Paige Colette and now wondering how one shortens raw hems? Do you just hack them off yourself or bring them to a tailor?(Would I get laughed out if I did??) But they are pricey and I've never DIY'd jeans before...

    1. We had this conversation numerous times yesterday and have come to the conclusion that yes, you do need to be tall to wear this one. Otherwise it cuts you in the wrong place and just isn't as flattering. So yes, alas, this one if just for the tallies.

      And oooh I don't know about shortening the Colettes... I think the problem is that the beauty of them is the cut at the bottom and how they are a tiny kick flare which I think you'd lose if you shorten them. I know they're completely epic but I think you would lose all their beauty if you adjusted them. An alternative could be the Topshop ones?? They do them in different leg lengths.

  2. Have a look at next's leopard print coat. It is more casual but very nice ...

  3. Love the GH article! I've actually not long since ordered and received the Autograph tweed overcoat, which I love and think might be a keeper, but I had my eye on the leopard print and your fab write-up has me very tempted. I'm trying to talk myself out of it, because I seem to accumulate coats (!) and what's really missing from my wardrobe is a lightweight trench for rainy days, but they just don't hold the same excitement for me! x

    1. Awww thank you! And yes yes yes. I'll agree completely. Trenches are amazing in theory - I love the look on other people but I always end up looking slightly more Columbo and slightly less Carine Roitfeld in mine.

  4. Oh you are doing some amazing purchases. A sneak preview of a completely amazing polo neck if you're looking for one to wear with skirts and culottes as it's more fitted is the one from Fenn Wright and Manson. Day to night sorted. And the sheerer v panel at the top is perfect for bigger busts...

    And thank you - it's been a lot of hard work over the years but I do love it and yes am pleased that it's all paying off!

  5. The pink one reminds me of Mrs Brown - the pockets on her cardigans are always a different colour!!!

    1. OMG I hate that programme.... although Granny's Attic is big at the mo... hmmmmm

  6. I have the F&F coat although I have to wait two whole weeks until my birthday to wear it! *works on persuading hubby* x

  7. What is the sizing like of the M&S coat?

  8. just tried to buy the M&S coat online, sadly all sold out !!

  9. I have one in my basket...just not sure if it will be too large

    1. By the time I faffed on putting in the details of my new credit card it had gone!

    2. oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! To be honest, it was true to size so console yourself with the fact it would have been too big. (not sure if that helps or not!)

    3. Yep, saw the M&S coat in store on Thursday but only 8s left. Went online and already sold out! Obviously now I really, really want it...

  10. I have the F&F one, it's great for the money and as I used some Clubcard points it only cost me about £20... not cold enough to wear yet but will do. I particularly like this style of coat, I have 2 almost identical (different colours) from French Connection and they are a classic style.

    1. Oh genius! I love this style of coat too - it's the Winter version of the blazer isn't it?!

  11. I'm obsessed with leopard print at the minute too. I've got the topshop leopard print coat already (non fur one) and love it. I've not worn it yet as my husband doesn't know I've bought it and I'm trying to work out how to use the old 'I've had this for years' on him but don't think it will work with something as obvious as leopard print. Also have the m&s one on order, I couldn't resist, just to see what it's like!xx

  12. Think embracing leopard comes with maturity! Most younger girls hate it, don't they? My Daughter loves borrowing my stuff but my leopard print items are safe!

  13. The topshop one is gorgeous, my 10yr old pointed it out to me (good girl) they had another lighter weight one too. And lots of gorgeous leather jackets - which I don't need. I don't need another winter coat either... maybe.

  14. What serendipitous luck - i got the M&S leopard coat yesterday evening by pure chance! they now only have a size 6 left - that would have just about covered one arm on me! I got a size larger than I would normally take, but for me to be honest I actually prefer the extra slouchiness - it is gorgeous and looks really expensive. Great with jeans and sneakers and definitely one to be 'dressed down' - truly lovely and without doubt the jazziest thing i own!