I'm pretty sure I'm probably the only person on the planet who can't look at the word ruffle without wanting to say Ruffleupagus as in Snuffleupagus? (and yes I had to google to remind myself what he looks like too.  Can't say I'm any the wiser if I'm honest.  I can't recall the brown furry thing, but the name is incredibly familiar). 

But in fact, I think I'm coming over all ruffleupagus.  (it does what it says on the tin no?  Ok so it may be just me again...) 

Either which way, ruffles are here to stay.  And yes, yet again I am a late adopter.  Although... I will say that last year they were all very much in blouse/shirt form (if I recall correctly which is highly unlikely seeing as yesterday I couldn't remember which colour ball I was in petanque, despite having only thrown the darn thing 90 seconds earlier.  The.  Shame).

Which didn't work for me (the blouse that is, petanque rocks).  I don't know if it was the fabric, the shapes or simply the shock of too many ruffles all at once which I found scary.  However fast forward a few months and we have jumper versions.  Which I have to say I am loving.  Which means it's either the new style of ruffle or (and much more likely) it's my incredibly fickle nature.  I hold my hand up and say aye to the latter.

Why do these work?  The elevate a normal jumper into something just that little bit more interesting.  Perfect for this season's trend with all things eclectic.  You may not want to go full on mixing the prints, fabrics and textures but a nod to the theme with a frill in the same colour and same material is a great alternative.

So easing us in gently...

Vero Moda Ruffle Top Sweatshirt £18  The titchiest of frills.  And in a completely non threatening pale grey.

Slighly more oversized.  Personally I've come to the conclusion that for me, the closer fitting the better.  The fear of looking like I'm having a fight with an empty duvet cover is high otherwise.  But that's just me...

Jersey Ruffle Sweatshirt from Topshop £36

Full on marigold but I LOVE this colour with black, with navy, with khaki.  And it's only a smidge of a ruffle here and there.

ASOS Jumper in Rib with ruffle neck £25

Ribbed again and possibly the easiest to wear at M&S.

Ribbed Frill Shoulder Jumper in black £29.50  Also comes in green, grey and yellow.  Buy quickly as these won't be around long.

Red now.  Love love love.  Buy now, wear on Christmas Day (obviously wear next week as well.. I'm thinking leather midi skirt and you're sorted?).  And you know when I mentioned tops to wear with skirts?  Example number one... it's the hem.  Sneak preview here.

Ruffle Shoulder Jumper £35

Moving onto stripes and M&S make it a really easy trend to adopt. 

Ruffle Shoulder Stripe Jumper from M&S £35

And moving onto the more eclectic.  I love love love this.  Easy to wear?  No.  Fabulous on with leather culottes or a leather midi?  Hell yes.

Chevron Plisse Ruffle Top from Topshop £32

And now a blouse which is more top than blouse and again would go with any of the aforementioned bottoms.  The ruffle has turned.

Topshop Mono Animal Ruffle Long Sleeve Blouse £34

And although it is the start of Autumn today - we are definitely in for an Indian Summer (if I say it often enough, it will happen...) so a short sleeved number is definitely still an option.  

Ditsy Print Blouse £36 from Topshop

And in for a penny in for a ruffle pound.  Lace and everything.  Not one for the fainthearted. But with a pair of faded wide leg cropped jeans... or any old jeans in fact.  Lush.

ASOS Top with ruffle collar in lace £30

But finishing with possibly the easiest way to add a frill - from Me+Em. 

The layering shirt.  This is now in stock and is completely gorgeous.  I've got mine on order (I ordered the 10) in the black.  I will wear mine now as a top but come the cooler months, it will work perfect as the layering top it's designed to be, giving a ruffle collar and cuffs.  Perfection.

Pleated Collar Layering Shirt in Black £99 from Me+Em

Or in the Ivory again £99

However the sun is still shining for today at least and I'm making the most of it whilst still away on holidays.  A fabulous fabulous day (anyone with an ASD child will know how completely special a "normal" day is and today we had one of those from start to finish with not one meltdown.  Days like this make me feel truly blessed!).   A long dog walk (on my own - so off to a good start and yes that was bliss dare I say it!).  Met the family for breakfast at one of our favourite cafes, followed by a good couple of hours rowing on the Meare and a trip to Snape Maltings for shopping and lunch.  Finishing with a few hours on the beach and supper out on the deck overlooking the beach.  Seriously, it's days like this we never thought a couple of years ago we could do without all the wheels falling off ten times (and most days they do). 

And so I'm happy.   Yes I did go rowing in this.  No I didn't fall in.  One son and a husband did though.  Laugh?  Oh yes. (you can stand up in this Meare - it comes up to your knees!).

Cream embroidered swing top - hush
Cream fray edge jacket - hush
Denim shorts - Warehouse
Lace up sandals - Forever 21
Hat - Zara Men
Silver bag - Anya Hindmarch from Collen & Clare

So we're now off to watch Eddie the Eagle.  Whilst I ponder my ruffleupagus situation and wonder do I go in at the plain entry level or throw caution to the wind and go full on stripe or lace?  Have you ruffled yet?  Planning to?!

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12 comentarios:

  1. Sorry, I just couldn't do any of these. With a large chest and broad shoulders, they'd draw attention in a way I really don't want! That's not to say I can't do a ruffle though - I recently bought a Denim&Supply peasant blouse which has a ruffle/peplum around the bottom hem. I'm smaller on bottom than top (painting a lovely picture here!), so that balances me out, and looks great with faded denim. It's just a case of finding the right thing for you!

    1. It is indeed! And fear not, this is not the end of my ruffle love. There were merely so many jumper styles I loved (which are great for skirts) that this was first up. I have dresses on the go next...!!

  2. I've got my eye on a blue and white striped shirt with a small ruffled collar in Next - quite subtle and I love a stripe.

    1. Now Next is one of those places I always forget about! I have a directory at home I haven't looked at yet, I should give that some attention!

  3. I love the me+em shirt in white, not too many ruffles attracting attention to the wrong places!
    I do have a jacket from about 8 years ago that has a peplum hem, and 3/4 sleeves that are with a peplum ish ruffle. It's in black with a subtle metallic thread, and doesn't get worn anywhere near enough!
    Danish Pastry

    1. Well you should! It sounds rather like a Marant midi dress I have my eye on...!

  4. I have just been reviewing the autumn high street styles and keep coming across knitted ruffles, which have been catching my eye! H&M have some nice versions - particularly an oversized jumper from the Trend collection. Having a smaller bust - I know ruffles are great to give the impression of a more 'ample' one. I shall look forward to your ruffle dress post x

    1. Dresses on their way.. (a couple over on the blog that I've just put up. I've already ordered!)

  5. Just ordered a bracelet from silk philosophy- thanks for the discount code! It's the blue camouflage 'mia', and looks like it'll add that extra something to my beloved blues and greys.
    Danish Pastry

  6. Lol at Snuffleupagus! I googled too. I'm not too sure sure with ruffles, I think I will have to go gently on this trend. I do like the Me & Em blouses, though, chic and understated.

    How was Snape Maltings? It's somewhere we are thinking of going soon, I keep reading good things about it.

  7. I ordered and love that TS leopard dress you featured on the blog last week (or the week before) and it has ruffles on it, so that's a bonus! Ordered it because of my love of leopard and didn't even notice it had ruffles til it arrived. They run vertically down the dress rather than horizontally across and are quite subtle... Dress is a complete winner!