Bring on the knits

It's jumper time.

And a blog I have been promising for ages.  The perfect top to wear with skirts.  So today I'm doing ones that go with midi skirts (although I have recently had a mini revelation so that's coming up too).  Also perfect for anything that you need a fairly fitted top for.

Best things about these jumpers is that they work for every occasion.  Versatility bar none.  Ideal for work, throw on at the weekend with your midis or culottes but as good with jeans.  And I also wear out in the evening.  You can't get more versatile (except maybe the perfect blouse or the myriad of dresses I seem to be collecting...oh and did I mention coats and how versatile they can be?).

Starting with a kind that I know others love but doesn't unfortunately work for me - a V neck.  However what does work for me is this fabric from Jigsaw.  I have the polo neck version which I got two years ago and honestly, it's my go to jumper for wearing with midis and culottes.  They do have it again this year but not even I can think of polo necks just yet.  Fear not, polo necks are on my agenda big time for Autumn.

But in the meantime, we're all about the V neck.

Silk Blend V-Neck Jumper from Jigsaw £79

And in Winter Plum £79 

As if by magic, M&S have demonstrated the perfect V neck over a midi.  

Pure Cashmere V Neck Jumper fromM&S £75 - in seven colours

Completely plain again but this time in a crew neck from John Lewis £55 in black

And again at Jigsaw. 

Rib Jumper with Back Pointelle £89

Also available in the pale sage.  This with navy would be a gorgeous colour combo, ditto grey.  And of course with black. 

Rib Jumper with Back Pointelle in merino wool in sage £89

If you've got a plain skirt these can add just that extra bit of interest.  Or if you're fancying a hint of the Granny's Attic, team your frills with pleats or an embroidered skirt.

Frill Neck and Cuff Jumpers from Warehouse £35  SIzewise, the Warehouse jumpers look very true to size.

Which they also have in a light grey. 

More ruffles at Miss Selfridge £32

Similar at M&S - I've had this on the blog before but it honestly is much much better in the flesh and the perfect fit for over skirts - not too tight and not too baggy. 

Ruffle Shoulder Jumper from M&S £35

Two sets of frills that I saw at Warehouse today and can confirm these would both be amazing with skirts.  The perfect length.  I didn't get to try them on as I was midst coat research on the hottest day of the year and the thought of also putting a jumper almost sent me over the edge.

Frill Yoke Jumper from Warehouse £42

And just a hint of frill which I have to say, I also love.  Maybe you could have one for a super frilly feeling and one for just a bit of a frill day?

Frill Sleeve Jumper from Warehouse £39

Striped at Oasis - adore. 

Striped Embellished Collar Jumper £38

And one that has my name all over it - I think this will be so so unbelievably useful.  Of course I do wish it was a polo neck but I can live with a crew neck. 

Animal Print Jumper from Warehouse £36

Or there's the dark grey option at £36.  I don't think it would be a hard push to justify both, do you?

And one more V neck - sporty this time at M&S. 

Pure Cotton Floral Logo Sporty Jumper £29.50

And in the red mix.

And more detail again at hush.  Which they've kindly demonstrated with a midi skirt.  Now I've got this and another hush midi skirt and when I tried mine on, I didn't have the jumper pulled down quite so far...

hush Love Jumper £79

So here is an example of where it does work.


Love Jumper - hush
Knitted Pleat Skirt - hush
Flame slip ons - Seven Boot Lane

And here is an example of where it doesn't and I need a new jumper.  Love this jumper but it's not fitted enough.  Especially as I love this skirt so so much.  Love the boots too although I do need to get some velvet ribbons for them instead of the laces.  

Black jumper - Tommy Hilfiger
Embroidered midi skirt - H&M
Khaki suede lace up boots - H&M

And whilst we're in heatwave mode... this is me having sporting clothes that have to look ok under a coat.  Thank heavens for air conditioning, is all I can say.

Frill sleeve chiffon top - ASOS
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Patent ankle strap shoes - Whistles
Necklaces - Chambers & Beau
Red Soho Disco Bag - Gucci

So it's super scorchio for the next two days down in the South at least (apologies to all those others who aren't having our Indian Summer) but secretly looking forward to the weekend.  When we will be back down to much more Autumnal temperatures.  I'm out for lunch on Friday in London and am planning on wearing a new skirt and am now definitely in need of one of these jumpers.  Which one would get your vote?  Skirt is a black leather midi - will definitely be wearing leopard print ankle boots but which jumper..?

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17 comentarios:

  1. Great post. I love the Hush "Love" jumper and it looks great on you with the pleated skirt. I've had my eye on the skirt since the new collection launched. Do you think it warrants the slightly higher price tag? I'm looking for a pleated midi to replace one from Zara that I wore to death last year so I'm sure it'll work out cheap cost per wear! Sounds like I'm already justifying a purchase doesn't it? ;)

    1. Yes I absolutely do. It's an amazing amazing skirt. And in fact, it's the perfect weight for Spring and Autumn too - you could easily wear with a t-shirt if you are one of those lucky people who have a waist and not a bouncy castle as a stomach... (mine is out of control!)

  2. The camel cashmere V-neck, black leather skirt and leopard boots would be wonderful...

    1. It would, wouldn't it - but alas, me and V necks don't work. BUT I do have another oatmeal jumper that would be amazing actually... Hmmm I think I might wear that!

  3. Have you seen the new Bella Freud 1970 gold sparkle jumper? Would be perfect with leather skirt and leopard boots. I'm trying to justify it myself so hoping you can help me along the way?!!!!

    1. STTTTTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP. I have. I wasn't goign to go there. But... but but but.... Oh god how many can you have? I'm going shopping on Friday with my best friend for lunch so maybe it will be a tipsy purchase!

  4. I'm all for jumpers, and like you I'm slightly fed up with the warm weather, it's the middle of September and I'm itching to get in to my wooly jumpers - yesterday was the warmest day of the September!!
    I've spotted a jumper in navy with cream stripes at the cuff and hem, it's got my name all over it! The fact that I already have two navy/ cream jumpers doesn't figure, they're so different (one cream with navy stripes breton, and the other with cream sides and cuffs and 3/4 sleeves). I'll have to wait until pay day though....
    Danish Pastry

    1. Oh they sound gorgeous! Really lovely. I picked one up from M&S in the sale like that which I was umming and ahhing about but it will be PERFECT with a green skirt and then a navy jacket and black shoes. Keeping it. Was only £15!

  5. M&S are incredible this season, it's so good to see after so many seasons of 20% amazing next to 80% meh. Am so happy!!
    Have you looked at JCrew Tippi jumpers? Husband bought me 3 back from US last month and they are super soft and easy to throw on...I love them so much I'm scared to wash them, though. Sad times!

    1. I put my tipis on the handwash setting and they survived! x

    2. Aren't M&S on fire?! YES forgot about JCrew tippis! Great options x

  6. You absolutely nailed the Hush outfit, their styling just didn't work on that occasion (a rare miss), it looks so much better with the jumper a touch higher up on the hip - amazing how such a tiny tweak can make such a difference. I'd written off that skirt but now...and I bought the 'Love' jumper last week...oh dear.

    1. Well thank you! I LOVE LOVE the skirt - all I'll say is size down. As even though it might be quite tight on the waist (and it's not tight tight), it's so heavy, it slips down if it's on the loose side! I will be wearing loads. As soon as it's not 32 degrees....!!

  7. Just bought a grey midi with tie waist from Laredoute, looking forward to wearing it with neater fitting jumpers which I don't seem to wear v.often as am often in skinnies and prefer a bigger jumper on top. 3 style questions for you if I may; what jacket ( length) to wear with a midi skirt or dress, what shoes / boots in terms of heel ( I can't sustain a high heel for long these days!) and the last one - will you do a blog on oversize jumpers / sweats to go with the slim leg / skinny jean. I feel I should really be booking in for a styling session with all those q's - sorry and thanks! X

    1. Right. I love ankle boots. It doesn't have to be a high heel - on Friday I'm planning on wearing my new Tabitha Simmons mid heel stiletto ankle boots with my midi skirt. But I've tried them on with flat patent chelsea style lace up boots and it looks gorgeous. Ditto my flat pointed suede boots. Or Toga Pullas....

      Secondly - yes I will be doing oversized jumpers - again fear not.

      Thirdly - jackets for skirts - I LOVE bikers but you wouldn't want to team with a leather skirt so how about a military style or cropped coat? OR the other option is a belted coat... Loose trench?

    2. You're fabulous - thank you! All those sound like great options and very do-able for me.

    3. You are more than welcome xx