My Fool Proof Sales Guide

That's fool proof with a pinch of salt.

This is something I do twice a year.  Pontificate about how to make the most of the sales whilst ignoring my own advice.  

Which is obviously incredibly foolish, as I know these tips work.  So why don't I crack on and can then go through my own personal purchases and see if I've managed not to be a Sales Shopping Disaster again.  Every year I try and cut them down so they're actually easy to remember, as opposed to having to try and recall War & Peace when considering making a purchase.  Before you've got to rule number 7, you've already put your credit card details in and you've had your order confirmation email.  Trust me.  You get bored after trying to remember 5 rules and therefore give up.  

This time we WILL be good..

  1. Do not buy anything that you will slim into.  You won't.  And even if you do, by then, you will be over it and want something new.  And you will deserve something new.
  2. Do not buy anything just because it's an amazing reduction - do the Zara test.  If you saw it on sale in Zara for that price, would you buy it? 
  3. You must be able to think of an occasion when you will wear said purchase.  Buy for your lifestyle that you have, not the lifestyle that you want (tulle maxi skirt - I'm looking at you).
  4. Make sure that your purchase goes with at least a couple of things you already have.  Those glitter heels may look amazing but will you need a new dress, jacket and bag to go with them? (or they would look amazing with jeans.. just saying...)
  5. Make a list.  Think about the sorts of things you wear regularly and invest in upgrades of them. 
And that's where I'm going to start.  The list.  This is a new addition to my rules I think and I have to say it's my favourite.  It also focusses you and helps cage the shopping magpie (only me who has one of them?) who is easily swayed off piste in a sea of bargains.

I'm going to share my list.  These are my wardrobe staples and they may not be yours but you will have your own favourites that you can add to your list.  

What I'm also going to do this week, is collate my favourites of these items from the sales, at all price points and some different styles in case mine aren't up your street.   But just as a starter today, here's what I have plundered this season.

Ankle Boots

I am obsessed with ankle boots.  It may seem bonkers to be buying boots in the Summer but frankly, it's not.  I wear mine all year round.  I adore an ankle boot - they work with trousers, skirts, dresses and jeans.  And as we've found out, *Summer* is a subjective term anyway.

These are the ones that I have bought this Summer in the sale to wear asap and definitely into the Autumn/Winter. 

Isabel Marant Danae Patent Boots were £555 now £388  I got mine from Harvey Nichols (where alas, they are now sold out).

Trench coats

So everyone has a favourite coat that they will be on the hunt for - mine is a trench.  An oversized trench.  Thin enough to layer under in the Autumn, light enough to wear now on cooler days. 

And I *bites fist* found my DREAM trench.  I have been waiting for this to be reduced since the beginning of the year.  The Acne Lucie Trench. 

Acne Studios Lucie Twill Trench was £700 now £420


Oh how I love a blazer.  I've been looking for an off white blazer all season and I'm not sure how I missed this one.  Perfection.

Flowing Oversized Jacket from Zara was £59.99 now £39.99

Babouches (or backless loafers but for me - it's the plainer, the better)  

These are on my wishlist.  Babouches with a twist.  I love these and have been in love with the plain Acne ones since last year.  These I have only just come across so I'm pondering but I think are the perfect combo between a shoe and a sneaker.  

Acne Studios Mika Leather Shoes were £340 now £204

But these are the ones I recently tracked down at Zara which are now in the sale - in limited sizes alas, hence I had to track them down instore as my size was sold out online.  Babouches tastic - definitely marmite.  I adore them even if I did pay full price.

V Cut leather slides were £39.99 now £29.99


Speaking of shoes, have done ankle boots so my other must have which I must mention is of course the white trainer.  A, if not The wardrobe staple to staple all other staples together.  The lynchpin of my outfits.  The time to fill your boots (or trainers - oh ha ha ha - forgive me, it's Sunday and my laundry pile is big enough to force Widow Twanky onto the gin) is in the sales. 

adidas Originals Stan Smith Bold Trainers were £80 now £56 - a slightly chunkier version of the classic.  Perfect coming into the Autumn.

And Golden Goose on sale.. 

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand were £310 now £217 (other styles availabe on Net A Porter through that link in a random array of sizes - although mine seems to be in stock.  Good or bad?!)

Wide leg cropped trousers  

My year round staple and of course perfect with your babouches and your trainers.  Stock up at Whistles.  They have pockets and are hand washable.  I already have these one from last year but I got the fringe pair this season (pretty much sold out, alas). 

Whistles Stitch Fluid Cropped Trousers was £119 now £65

And the fringed pair if you happen to be of the limited sizes still available. 

Whistles Tassel Trim Cropped Trousers were £129 now £75 

Investment handbag 

And finally when it comes to my favourite sales purchases - all hail the investment bag.  This is the one I got for my birthday way back in January and use all the time.  It's a modern designer bag, that I think stands up as a classic without screaming, in your face designer cliche.  Not that there's anything wrong with that but I know some people prefer more subtle and classic.  This for me, ticks every box.  I would say that though as I have it and love it.

Balenciaga Tool Satchel in Small was £1445 now £867

So these are my investment pieces which would work best for my wardrobe now and into the Autumn as well.  And speaking of how much I love the bag (and how well it works as a cross body as well as a clutch - I randomly use it as a clutch the whole time). 

Jumpsuit - Quattrorish
Tools bag - Balenciaga
Trainers - My Fashion Tribu

That's the weekend done and where did that go?  Busy week this week but I'm still going to be plundering the sales for bargains we should invest in now.  That's my list of favourite things to spot and always buy as I KNOW I get loads of use out of them - what would you add to it?  I'm sure I've left something really obvious off (she says needing no excuse to do some more research...).

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16 comentarios:

  1. Have managed a Joseph coat 60% reduction and ankle boots the same so far. Have definately followed these kind of rules.

    1. Ankle boots from..?? Doing an ankle boot blog now and trying not to buy any more...!!!

    2. Rick Owens. The low wedge sock boots. Only they've been reduced again today to 75% discount....gutted. Oos in my size, I got the last pair at 60% off.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Low wedge you say... from where may I ask *in the interests of research only*...!!!

    5. They're from SSense and Customer services have said they'll do a price adjustment, so fingers crossed they will. They are divine.

    6. OOOH exciting.. they're not the peep toe ones. just the wedge ones??

    7. Just the wedge!Peep toe too high, I think, as want for everyday wear.

    8. I am soooooooooooo tempted as I love the length of the boot so much. They say no returns though which I didn't think they could do on an online site?

    9. I didn't think they could do that either. You know your size though, so just go for it!! You argue your consumer rights if needed. They're like slippers!

    10. I'm sure I sized down in my peep toe ones... did you ?

    11. No took my true size.

  2. I've got my eye on a jacket, but it's got to come down to at least 40% off before I order! Now I'm looking through things I've pinned, but couldn't justify the price pre sale.
    Got a great clutch from Jigsaw at 50% off. It can be used as a flat-ish clutch with room for OH's keys, phone etc or turned into a spherical clutch with the help of a couple of pressstuds, lovely but not so practical.

    1. GOD I always forget to look at Jigsaw... on it!

  3. Absolutely LOVE the Balenciaga bag - soooo tempting now it's in the sale. Actually don't have a black handbag so I NEED it right?!

    1. Well, if you read regularly or look at Insta, you will see how much I use it. At least three times a week. For me, it's the perfect size, I love the leather, I love absolutely everything about it. Works for casual, works for smart - and honestly, I have looked at so many black bags and not many can do that, in my humble opinion. just saying...!!