And yes it's my favourite topic

So as I did say the other day, it's definitely a toss up between these and ankle boots.  Yes I'm wanging on about the good old handbag. 

I love a handbag.  My 12yr old's first word was "bag" (of which I am inordinately proud. Ok so this is after the obligatory mama and dada - and yes obviously dada was first, little traitor) - I clearly ooze bag love.

Is there anything better (in the first world shallow sense) than a new bag - seeing it sat next to you on the car seat? (Normally on the lap of a small boy as he eats sweets and I hyperventilate at the thought of sticky fingers and a stray haribo getting stuck somewhere it shouldn't.)

I will hold my hands up and say I do spend a lot of money on bags.  As I apply the cost per wear theory which makes them a great investment.  It's horses for courses but these have always been my achilles heel when it comes to shopping.  

And currently I'm upping the ante size wise.  Last year, I couldn't get enough of a little cross body number - this year, it's back to nappy bag size.  And no I am NOT broody in any way shape or form.  Actually I'm definitely broody for a bag... you can keep the babies, I love a cuddle with a tiny one but I love to be able to hand them back.  

The bigger the better for me.  Although I did see someone the other day, double bagging it (I shouldn't say that, should I.. I'm pretty sure I did NOT want to type that, but I'm too scared to google it to find out.  I'm just going to move verrrrrrrry swiftly on). 

Using two bags - a little cross-body and a larger handheld tote.  Which also goes over the shoulder if needs be.  Genius or what?

And like I said the other day, with the sales on, now is a great time to bag a bargain (lordy I'm sorry) - definitely something for all budgets.

DKNY Hybrid Leather bag was £380 now £190

John Lewis Morgan Leather Tote bag was £79 now £39.50

Classic Black with plait detailing from Modern Rarity at & Other Stories. 

Modern Rarity Rowena large tote was £259 now £129.50

Smaller black tote at See by Chloe was £370 now £185

And the large Chloe version in a tan... (not sure exactly what the size difference is, as I swear I'm numerically dyslexic when it comes to to acurately predicting how big something will be from the sizing.  Am I the only one who still measures everything against an old fashioned school ruler which was 12inches/30cm?  Please say it's not just me....). 

Janis large textured leather tote from See by Chloe was £425 now £212.50

Tassel Leather Tote from & Other Stories £145 now £102 in cognac

Classic Leather Hobo Bag from & Other Stories was £145 now £102

Black with studs at 3.1 Phillip Lim from My Theresa.  There's also an extra 20% off all Sales for a limited time (although it is off order values of £600 plus which may be handy or could be as much use as a chocolate teapot).

3.1 Phillip Lim leather shopper was £885 now £531  

However this one is over £600 so go forth and get another 20% off. 

Balenciaga Papier Snap Tote bag from My Theresa was £1125 now £675

This one isn't in the sale but it's too good not to include at this price.

Leather Ruffle Tote Bag from Topshop £45

Ditto this one and moving onto suede, also from Topshop. 

Sienna Leather Slouch Hobo Bag from Topshop £38

Hobo again at All Saints and this time in navy suede.  The perfect alternative to a large bag in black if you find it too heavy. 

All Saints Kanda Large Suede Hobo Bag was £248 now £173

Or in the mustard, again £173

An alternative brown shade from All Saints in a slightly smaller size, but still large enough to cart most of the kitchen sink around in. 

Mori Nubuck Hobo Bag in £278 now £194 in chocolate brown.

Or in the cement grey again £194

And then the colourful options.  The ones that really bring a smile to your face. 

Henni Leather Tote Bag from Finery London was £129 now £77

Or in the grey and yellow was £129 now £64

Slightly different shape but colourtastic at Boden for 50% off. 

Luxe Leather Shopper was £160 now £80

Or full on green was £160 now £80

Bright yellow at Balenciaga 

Janis large textured-leather tote was £1125 now £562

Bright pink at Lanvin

Leather Shopper at Net a Porter was £750 now £450

Maje Printed Canvas Tote was £209 now £125.40

Verity Bag from Boden in leopard was £200 now £160

But I'm finishing with the creme de la creme.  The "my husband always forgets my birthday so I'm going to treat myself as I'm worth it" bag.  The ultimate Leopard Bag that will make you happy every single day, I can guarantee.  It also comes with a cross body strap.  It's like the school bag that you will use FOREVER.  And it's leopard so that is basically a neutral.. any other justification needed?

Hill & Friends Happy Satchel in Leopard was £1450 now £1015 

Life is short.  Buy the bag.  It's an easy justification (assuming you do actually use a handbag every day) and just depends on your budget.  Hopefully there is something there for you BUT if you're not a tote bag gal and prefer something more dainty, fear not, I can't look at bags and not consider all sizes.  

Speaking of all sizes - here I am with another of my sales purchase.  This is a slightly random one - it really isn't going to be for everyone but I was ridiculously drawn to it and don't regret it for a minute. 

For last night in the pelting rain.  Seriously it was build an ark time.  I got ridiculously damp just running from the car to the station and then proceeded to smell of damp dog all evening.  Which was nice... 

Tee - Isabel Marant
Belt - Weekday at ASOS
Phoebe jeans - Mih
Blazer - Zara
Boots - Tabitha Simmons
Bag - Clare Vivier

And I had forgotten to post this from Saturday night.  This dress has been burning a hole in my wardrobe and I thought there was a party that I wanted to wear it for but couldn't for the life of me remember.  Then I did - it's a big dinner out next Friday night.  GAH!  Will still definitely wear it I think.  Pretend you haven't seen it...

Dress - Rixo London 
Sandals - Burberry 
Clutch bag - Tory Burch

So tomorrow - inspired by my blazer purchase the other day, I am on it like a rocket.  THE best investment coat wise.  I have had two nights out on the trot and the husband has been on Daddy Day Care duty and he is HARSH with them.  They do as they're told.  I have the backbone of a mussel and go from wimp mum straight to Cruella de Vil.  There is no inbetween.  Bedtime is going to be a challenge... wish me luck.

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22 comentarios:

  1. Oh, what madness have you started.......? I have just spent the last 5 minutes on the Hill & Friends website - their bags are gorgeous! How did I not know this? Their Happy Satchels would make me very happy. And with such good discounts, are you not saving money when you buy one?

    1. This is logic that I can definitely agree with...!

  2. OK so the extra 20% off at My Theresa *MIGHT* have encouraged me to click 'buy now' on the Balenziaga Tool satchel. I mean it's now less than half price...would thus be rude not to.

    1. Well I have used mine extensively so can absolutely vouch for their use!!!

  3. Audreylombard on insta has a gorgeous leopard bag on her shop page, have you seen it. I'm very tempted!!
    Your writing really cracks me up. Definitely don't Google double bagging! It's the kind of conversation I have with my teenage boys and doesn't involve Mulberry or Balenciaga!!!

    1. And I lost an hour of my life last night.. I'm consoling myself that I was practising my French...

  4. Ooh, if you're doing blazers, can you have a look for Chanel-type tweed/boucle ones? I'd really like one in black, to recreate a Chanel advert I saw with Kristen Stewart wearing one with a black hoodie, jeans and bovver boots. Looked absolutely fab, just my style. Thanks!

    1. Funnily enough, I've gone boucle... SPOOKY!

  5. I love a tote, only problem is that I accumulate too much junk they end up weighing a ton! Then when I do a clear out I find magazines that are months old and stuff I don't remember owning/ buying!
    The last few years I've been going for medium sized cross body bags, or smaller ones with no room for all that rubbish I seem to accumulate!
    Blazers yes, and I love the idea of a chanel style with an edgy look (don't want to end up looking like my grandmother now, do I?)

  6. Ooooh! Yes ''Chanel' Boucle in black good. I bought the Zara Chanel dupe this season in cream white with large pearl buttons. It is fab, as for once longer length and I am tall and hate jackets looking cropped.

    1. The longer one is amazing!! There are some fab LK Bennett ones which are also longer - blazer length, not cropped which look fabulous.

  7. Didn't you buy a bag in Jan at Bicester on the strengt of your husband
    Forgetting your birthday. Just saying.....

    1. AHA! Good memory - no, in Jan I bought boots! But they were definitely with my hard earned money!!

  8. I have just lost my heart to the new burgundy Mansur Gavrial bucket. But. Must Not! But burgundy bags please Kat, I can't justify another black one. Or tan one, Or navy one, Or leopard one ...... xd

    1. I have to say I love Mansur Gavriel but it's the leather that I struggle with - it's the sort that scratches really easily. I have the APC one which is the same - I LOVE Them but I'm too rough with my bags!!! Burgundy though.. now you're talking....

  9. My husband maybe citing you in divorce papers. I'm the lady who was asking a few days ago about your Gucci tote. On the strength of this post, I am now awaiting delivery of the Balenciaga Papier Snap tote from My Theresa (with extra 20% off of course). Hoping it's a suitable alternative to the Gucci ...!

  10. Hi Kat. I meant to ask on yesterday's post - the autumn hush stuff. Now I know you prob can't give too much away but the green leather pieces - does that include a biker jacket per chance?? And if yes is the green a khaki green?? I desperately want a khaki biker and I'd wait if I knew hush we're planning to bring one out. Thanks so much! As ever, loving your blog although my bank doesn't!

    1. Soooooooooooo I can't give too much away but it's definitely not khaki green. Think forest green. And I haven't actually seen the jacket but I have it on good authority that it's on the oversized side....


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