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So I have had message after message from people saying they can't stand the clothes that are around this Summer.  They don't do boho, they don't like dresses - they simply can't find anything to wear. 


Which is a hard one to tackle as everyone has different tastes and everyone who has messaged has a different request.  Clothes are too skimpy, clothes are too floaty, too much fabric in dresses, too much print, not enough print, all too long, all too "bare shouldered", not enough skirts, not enough trousers. 

Therefore where to begin?  Well.  From a wardrobe organisation point of view, I would suggest shopping your own clothes.  Think about what you like wearing, think about outfits as a whole as opposed to "a pair of trousers" and try and work out if you have any gaps.  Are there maybe clothes that you wear in the Autumn/Winter that you can find a Summer version of?

And for me, one example which fit this bill perfectly are wide leg cropped trousers.  Now whenever I wear mine, I get asked where they're from and can you still get them? 

Hence I'm looking at the best and most versatile that there are out there right now.  There will be people out there who loathe these so apologies in advance, but if you could let me know what your alternative is, I can have a look at them. 

In the meantime though, why do I love a wide leg cropped?  Versatility, ease of wear, a great alternative to jeans, perfect for all year round, to wear with boots into the Autumn but for now with sneakers and loafers or with sandals once the sun comes out and stays out. 

I also find them the ideal alternative to all things boho which to many are all things noho.  I know I'm not the only one who has an aversion to feminine tops (although not dresses - I know, I know, go figure) and prefers a more androgynous feel (dresses aside... we're talking tops and trousers today.  Fickle much, I appreciate).

These with a tee - or even a slightly more feminine blouse or silk shirt are perfect Summer wear for those who eschew the frilly.

Starting with my favourites and these are the actual ones I have.  They're not cheap but they're worth it (cold hand wash...).

Stitch Fluid Crop Trousers from Whistles £119

An alternative from M&S.

Cotton Rich Cropped Wide Leg Trousers £29.50

Or Topshop. 

Flat Front Crop Wide Leg Trousers from Topshop £29

These in navy from M&S could easily be from Whistles - oversized pockets, side zip but for less than £40 (click and zoom to see the detail).

Navy Cotton Rich Cropped Wide Leg Trousers £39.50

There's always a white pair as well - new in. 

Cotton Rich Cropped Wide Leg Trousers from M&S £29.50 (they're all called the same thing but they are all slightly different.  To a woman.  To most men, they will look the same.  They *might* notice they're different colours.  Some won't though.  Believe me - some won't.  And I'm not being sexist here, I talk from experience)

Then we come onto khaki.  I haven't done a khaki blog this season but my khaki juices are a flowing and this is a hint of what is to come next week.  

Frayed Hem Sailor Trousers from Topshop £36

These for me though are the most versatile.  The ones that look perfect with a blazer, with heels in the evening - these have my name all over them (so long as they're long enough...).  What you can't see is that they have a super cool jogger style waistband.  

Cropped Wide Leg Silk Joggers from Topshop Boutique £85

And then we have the jazz hands version.  These are a nod to the embellished.  A hint of embroidery, a difference in texture.  Team with a plain tee, blouse or vest.  They are also the perfect out out trousers if you don't want to do a dress or skirt but need something other than jeans.  And whilst we're here.. these will happily take you into the Autumn.  What's not to love?

Viola Metallic Lace Panel Culottes £85

Tassel Trim Trouser in Black from Whistles were £129 now £75

Fringed Awkward Wide Leg Trousers from Topshop £32

And here I am in my Whistles ones which I got at the beginning of last Autumn, have worn all Winter, through the Spring and into the Summer.  Side zip, fluid fabric, flattering and comfortable.  Work for casual, are ideal for making into a smarter outfit - I know they're not for everyone with regards to look or style but I personally can't recommend them highly enough.

Stitch Fluid Crop Trousers - Whistles 
Tee - Zoe Karssen
Blazer - Stella McCartney
Slider shoes - Anthropologie
Red earrings - H&M
Black Tools bag - Balenciaga

And hello lovely weekend.  I am super sorry for not having been around much this week - all will be remedied in the coming days, I have loads of great things coming up. Khaki, sandals, jackets, beauty and some other things I can't remember but they're all good.  Not forgetting the start of the sales...

Do remember also, if wide leg trousers are your idea of fashion hell, let me know what it is you can't find this season. Mind you, you probably haven't got this far if you're not into them!  DUH!

Disclaimer - I am a member of an affiliate programme and as such, if you click on an affiliate link, I may make a very, very small commission from you having clicked on the link or purchased something through it.  Not all the links on my blog are affiliates as I use a wide spectrum of retailers - because I shop where I love the clothes, not because they offer an affiliate link.

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  1. I have really come round to these this year - I now have two pairs of black Topshop ones, black Warehouse crepe culotte type ones, red from Miss Selfridge, and navy plisse Topshop too. Before the weather got warmer (ha) I wore crocheted tights under the black pairs. I am a big fan of a midi dress/trainers combo, but it rarely gets warm enough for it here in Scotland so these are a good alternative.

    1. I blooming love them BUT they are a fairly androgynous look which isn't going to work for everyone. Crocheted tights though... hmmm interesting! Haven't thought about that one!

    2. And I know I shouldn't say it BUT in the Spring I used to wear nude tights under my dresses with trainers.. sounds naff as you like but keeps you warm, gives you a hint of tan and airbrushing to the legs and stops the need for socks in your trainers!!!!

  2. Cropped wide trousers are something I don't have many of as, due to being 5'2", most just look wrong on me.

    However, just jumping on to say how I adore the styling of the Toppers 'Fringed Awkward' ones in that pic. Could almost tempt me...

    1. And you can always try a petite pair... Another good tip which I've seen work on other shorter gals is to wear a wedge or a flatform with them to give you some height.

  3. Love wide legged pants! Tried the Whistles one last year but they didn't work so well on me. But I have a crepe-cotton pair from Kate Spade that I love and I recently got a khaki cotton-twill pair from Rag and Bone. Obsessed with khaki everything right now and love the Topshop pair but sadly they don't stock the Boutique line in my town.

    1. I'm on the khaki bandwagon today....

  4. For me it's either full length and wide, or cropped and more fitted, I'm definitely into ankle graders of the fitted variety this year. And while I love cropped and wide on you tall/skinnier people I feel stunted and dwarf-like in them. Doesn't stop me ordering a pair each summer, then remembering why I don't own a pair!
    I've also discovered while I can go bright and printed on top, my bottoms are more neutral and predominately blue. Anything else ends up staying firmly on the hanger.Go figure.

    1. Interesting.... I have struggled with white bottoms (bar my beloved Me+Em jeans!) but love the style!

  5. That should have read ankle grazers! Duh!

  6. I'm not wild about this trend (5'3 with curves) however my main gripe these days is man made fabrics. So when I do find a pair I think would work (Jigsaw crocus drape) I find out they're 100% polyester and am put off... Maybe I'm overly fussy but I don't like the feel of non natural fibres. Good for the bank balance/marital harmony though 😂

    1. Totally know where you're coming from - personally it doesn't bother me. I have to say, some manmade fibres I find better than a cheaper cotton or scratchy wool. I also find that it doesn't crease and needs less ironing - which is a massive bugbear I have with lots of cottons and silks... I can live with the manmadeness because it still looks amazing after wearing it for hours!!!

    2. Although I totally agree that cheap polyester that you wouldn't want to stand anywhere near naked flame wearing is VILE!

    3. Haha don't talk to me about cheap cotton and itchy wool! I have come to terms with viscose so maybe decent polyester is not too far off?!

    4. While generally I would agree about polyester being no go, these days there are definitely good and bad polyester. I have a blouse that looks like silk crepe but is polyester, and is great to wear, doesn't crease and washes with everything else.

    5. Absolutely. There is polyester and polyester. Like two different fabrics!

  7. I love culottes!! And now I've seen those khaki TS ones I may as well relent and buy now as I won't be able to resist for long!
    My fam are still a little unsure of the whole look, especially the teenage daughter but at least it's something that she won't pinch out of my wardrobe! Xx

    1. I think it's such an elegant look (god I sound 90). Maybe it is an old bod's look. Bothered!

  8. Love this trouser style and have a few pairs. I think M&S are rocking it this season which is great cause the prices are good. It's shoes I'm struggling to find. Haven't bought any-although the weather means last season's sliders will do me if the sun ever does comes out up North!! I've been living in my GG with everything.
    Kat, I've just seen the M&S red leather skirt, i remember you mentioned ages and ages ago, is in stock. I would love to see how you style it.

    1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!! I've been hawking that skirt! Off to look now...

      And sorry- I'll get back to you on shoes.!!