Who would have thought..

...that I'd be writing about jumpers in June.  

But I am.  

I go away for a couple of days and what do you guys do to the weather?  Thanks a bunch chaps - sideways rain and gale force winds.   So whilst I was going to regale you with stories of how wonderful Ibiza was, I fear that may be on the cruel side, so I'm going to benchmark that for a couple of days (am also waiting for some better photos to come through as well - just so you can how really "rubbish" it was...). 

I have also come home wanting to waft around in summery dresses and the temptation to start shopping for more of them is strong but seeing as for the next week it doesn't look like these are going to be remotely appropriate, I'm sparing you the Margo Leadbetters (it is coming.. you have been warned..) and am going in for the jumpers. 

I can't remember (as I am *actually* Dory) whether or not I have told you about the jumper I bought recently.  I take full responsibility therefore for the turn in the weather.  It does mean though that I have got to wear my jumper again (which I paid full blooming price for so am definitely wearing...)

And as I love it so much, I will probably wear it again this week, just because I can (and did I mention that I paid full price?  FOOL).  Maybe even tomorrow.  

These are my favourite jumpers ever  - oh yes, we're talking the statement jumper.  Sloganarama and I've upped the ante by going full on bubblegum pink.  Yes - that will be me, in colour.  If the weather is pants, this is guaranteed to make you smile.  And as cheesy as that is, well I don't care.

I'm starting off with one that isn't coloured (great start there then...oops) but after my Body Camp experience (which I will be filling you in on...) this seems appropriate.   Black leather leggings, done.  Throw on a coat in the Autumn, couldn't be a better investment.

Wood Wood Amy Slogan Jumper was £174 now £64

Monochrome again.  You all know what I'm going to say... and no it's not a Bella Freud jumper.  But it so could be...

Yumi black jumper was £28 now £25

No Problemo Frayed Hem Jumper from Wildfox £190 at Very Exclusive  50% off until Midnight tonight if you use the code LQDVD.

But I'm back in the game with a pink one.  Oh how I love pink jumpers.  And this is pale pink which means it's a total winner in every book as it looks amazing with black or blush (and what skirts do I have?  Oh that will be those colours) and how about a bit of layering over a stripe tee?  Genius.   And if the dog gets it - it won't matter as it's already distressed.  In my head it's very Zadig which makes up for the fact that I bought the other one at full price (can you tell this *really* pees me off?!).

Reclaimed Vintage Distressed Jumper with Dream on Dreamer Slogan was £45 now £27

Pink again at Selfridges with a Wildfox jumper. 

Wordz wool-blend Jumper from Wildfox £180

But the one I have.. which I LOVE and is now in the sale.  And I'm moving on and getting over it. Ha!

Delly Bis Cashmere Sweater from Zadig & Voltaire was £310 now £248 

Pale blue at Lost Ink. 

Lost Ink Slogan Jumper was £34 now £24.80

From blue to navy - and actually finishing with two sweatshirts.  Which are just as useful as a jumper.

Navy European Slogan Sweatshirt from Dorothy Perkins was £26 now £19

Or this one from Very Exclusive and on special offer with 50% off using the above code. 

Whistles Merci Sweatshirt £80 pre 50% off.

And here I am in my jumper - I bought the large.  

Amour jumper - Zadig & Voltaire
Skirt - Topshop
Onyx biker jacket - hush
Susanna boots - Chloe
Tools bag - Balenciaga

So I will be back with all the news from Ibiza, maybe tomorrow, maybe at the weekend. 

And I just wanted to finish with a little reminder of the Fine Print that's on my blog (which can obviously be viewed at any time by clicking on the link at the top of this page).  There have been changes in the ASA guidelines which are open for interpretation, but to cover all the bases, I wanted to reiterate that I am a member of an affiliate programme and as such, if you click on an affiliate link, I may make a very, very small commission from you having clicked on the link or purchased something through it.  Not all the links on my blog are affiliates as I use a wide spectrum of retailers - because I shop where I love the clothes, not because they offer an affiliate link.  So some are, some aren't, but in the future, to comply with the new guidelines, I will be putting a small disclaimer line at the end of each blog.  PHEW.  It won't be as long or laborious as this paragraph either, you will be pleased to hear.

I will be back tomorrow - am taking a rare day off to shop with friends for the most amazing weekend one of them has to go on but will also take the time to do a bit of research.  Before the sales start... do you have your eye on anything?  I have ONE thing on my wishlist (ok two but one of them is brand new in so it's not going in the sale).  Hawking it like a demented thing.  I fear it's sold out already so I've got two hopes of getting it and one of them's Bob.

And finally (this really is finally - and congrats if you've got this far... clearly not having written for four days has resulted in me having a keyboard love in) on Friday, I will be at Quattrorish - one of my favourite (and local - yes, lucky me) boutiques, helping them to celebrate their refurb, the launch of their online store and their 10th anniversary.  There will be fizz... so if it's not me you want to chat to, there's always that. 

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2 comentarios:

  1. Love the colour of the Zadig jumper but I'm afraid I have an aversion to writing and slogans on clothes. In fact,not only on clothes but I also shudder at 'life affirming' statements on bits of wood that people have on their walls next to their large letters of 'Home' and 'kitchen'. Sorry, off my soapbox now.

    1. And wouldn't it be a dull world if we all liked the same thing! (I don't have anything in the house with a slogan though... !!!!!)