You won't be doing the school run in these

So there comes a time when you need a dress that is completely and utterly impractical.  A dress that is simply gorgeous.  A dress that calls for a party.  Not just any party but a PARTAAAAAAAAAAY.   I would love to tell you I go to loads of these. I don't.  However, I feel I need to as I am now the proud owner of two dresses that call for such an occasion.  I may even have to just host my own partay (the husband will LOVE one of these.. not) so I can wear them.  

What do they both have in common?  They're both gorgeous and they're both green.  And I will not be doing the school run or any form of supermarket shop in either of them. 

It does seem though that lots of people do have occasions for these (clearly you lead way more glamorous lives than me) as I am getting loads of requests for them.  Can you please invite me to one so I can wear mine? 

First up is this from Rixo that I bought.  I did order it for a 40th birthday (obvs not mine) but it didn't arrive in time.  However I AM taking it to Ibiza with me today.. even though we are going on a Body Camp.  It will be fabulous.  I am going to come back a new woman (which will be nothing short of a miracle in three days...). 

However I reckon this with pair of flat sandals for dinner (even if we never leave the villa?!)  Unlike me, it was a total impulse purchase, breaking every shopping rule ever.  But for a pretty dress?... 

Rose Dress from Rixo £315  I am liking the idea of wearing this with pointed ankle boots though.. maybe I could wear this into the Autumn (with lashings of fake tan..) - she says desperately trying to justify the purchase!  

Staying with the green, I've gone from the sublime to the more sublime.  I have been after this dress since I first saw it at the Press Day last year and then again at the launch of their High Summer range.  

This is sublime.  Chances of me wearing this to Lidl?  *Even* with a denim jacket and trainers, I might struggle (although you say that...).  BUT it's perfect for a Summer party.  It's perfect for drinks in the evening under twinkly fairy lights (again, anyone offering?!)

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson green maxi ruffle dress £120

And it makes a pretty good pic for swanning in the woods.  This was the 12 yr old's idea as standing in front of the kitchen cupboards wasn't quite doing it justice.  I *will* find an occasion to wear these...

Another maxi to waft in the woods in... or a beach.  This would look amazing if you're off to somewhere fabulously glamourous for a beach wedding or celebration. 

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson palm leaf print maxi dress £120

Maxi madness again.  But if you're looking for something statement and stunning, look no further.

Ada Print Maxi Dress from Monsoon £119

And there are more.  For all those who were looking for a party party dress, look no further.  Sensible purchase head firmly in the cupboard please.  Strapless bras at the ready...

Floral Lace Skater Midi Dress £79

More navy at Monsoon.  

Olivia Ruffle Wrap Dress was £99 now £79.20  Now I reckon you could try a bra with this... Perfect style (finding a bra to work not withstanding) for those blessed with cleavage.

Staying with navy and definitely bra proof.

Eyelash Frill Dress in Navy from Warehouse £76

More navy - definitely the black of the season. 

One Shoulder Dress £49 from Warehouse

Shorter but with sleeves.  This is gorgeous (and actually could also be worn for occasion without looking like you're doing the walk of shame). 

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson £199

This isn't the easiest to wear but like I said - we are throwing caution to the wind.  Spanx me up. 

Star by Julien Macdonald Red Knitted Bardot Dress £79

Red again at Warehouse. 

Lace Tiered Midi Dress £89

Again, this one is only to be worn with a full, "suck me in, don't eat anything and try not to breath" body suit but it's so so gorgeous. 

Rani maxi dress from Monsoon £179 in pink

With THE most stunning back detail. 

And the maxis with sleeves... love love love these.  Le sigh.

Monsoon Lolo Floral Maxi Dress £249

But the one which I look at and swoon over... I would happily wear this into the Autumn. 

Lace Tiered Midi Dress from Needle & Thread £250

Sleeveless for that summer occasion... (and there's also a Need and Thread maxi for half price on my Very Exclusive Blog from yesterday...)

Needle and Thread Posy Embroidered Gown £350

And finishing with one that is slightly more wearable - Mrs Practical is rearing her ugly head BUT, well, it's lovely to get more use out a dress isn't it?  You're obviously not all Catholic so aren't crippled with the guilt we have ingrained in us but there is still that slight *eek* at looking at a dress you can't wear loads.  These will salve your conscience. 

Monsoon Sandy Tropical Halter Midi Dress £99

And outfit from yesterday...

Tee - Isbael Marant
Jacket - Hush
Jeans - Me+Em
Shoes - Air & Grace 
Bag - Anya Hindmarch

So that's our holiday done and I am now off to the airport.  All the news will be on my Insta stories.. if anyone fancies a laugh.... I will be back shortly!

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16 comentarios:

  1. You look great in that dress, hope a party turns up soon!

  2. I don't mean to be horrible but the maxi green one you bought does not flatter your chest area. One of the ones with a higher filled in neckline would suit you better.Sorry but it's an old rule of Trinny's who is also flare chested.There will be lots of sychoplants who will despise me and say you look great but that won't help you. Think what you would say to a client you were advising. Going anonymous as I'm a coward.

    1. Hmm, does Kat need 'help' anon??? I don't think so. I actually know what you're saying here but I honestly think if the straps were a little more hooked up all would be fine. In a world of Barbie boobs I find this natural look rather refreshing actually. This picture just hit me as stunning, the genius location and, as ever, Kats personality shining through. I'm anonymous because I'm a cretin with regards to technology.xx

  3. Sycophants was the correct word. Predictive text slip up.

    1. Hmm, a bitter troll eh!? A 'decent human being slip up' rather than predictive text slip up I think as predictive text wouldn't explain your entirely unnecessary post would it?

      I imagine you're perhaps jealous of Kat or just a bit unhappy yourself? Either way probably time to have a little word with yourself.

      Lastly, a top tip for the future would be that using the phrase 'I don't mean to be horrible but'...which then precedes a horrible comment does not excuse you in any way or make it less horrible.

  4. Have to agree that the green dress doesnt flatter your chest area, I love you with a higher neckline. Certain necklines are just a no no and this is one of them. The lower the neckline the younger you have to be - I have realised that myself sadly (big sob!) Love you in your dresses usually, all of which are higher on the neck. Sorry Kat, and I know I will probably be boo'd!

  5. ❤️❤️❤️ The Rani maxi dress from Monsoon


  6. Boo hoo hoo so many gorgeous dresses but none will work with boobs (natural not barbie can I just say) sadly. Think the green on that dress looks great on you and suspect that what people are moaning about is more to do with shoulder angle in that pic only! totally do not agree with comments on age!

  7. Never been a fan of green but I love your two dresses. Think the photo in the woods looks great and fun!

  8. Interesting lot of comments here today! I don't think I agree that you have to be younger to have a low neckline, nor do you necessarily need to have a bigger chest - on the contrary, large amounts of side boob showing on your green dress would not be helping how the dress looks. I think it is as someone has already said - hoik up the straps a bit more so it fits better, and maybe a light summer tan (courtesy of St Tropez probably) and all will be well.

  9. I don't normally comment but the green looks SEXY and FAB on Kat. Why the fuck do we all have to be hoiked up like some sort of throw back to push em up bra days (I think THAT does look tacky). I love the look. Fabulous and tons of va va voom. Keep on, Kat!

  10. I love, LOVE the Rixo dress and have been lusting after it for ages...I'm so glad you have it - you'll find somewhere to wear it. I, on the other hand, can't think of an occasion...a trip to Havana maybe, but it's an expensive way to justify a dress and I don't think it's suitable for my son's bar mitzvah!! It didn't stop me from 'fantasy accesorizing' check out the mad palm leaf shoes in zara that would complete the outfit XXX

  11. I think Kat going on a press holiday has tipped people over into the jealousy zone. No longer 'one of us' but someone with a fantasy lifestyle, free holidays, products, a job most ofvus would kill for and a seemingly unlimited clothes budget.

    Kat, i think you look great and good on you for being successful. It is envy inducing.

  12. I love that Rico dress with every fibre of my being. But not only do I not have an occasion to wear it, I can't even think what I would wear it to which would make it a very expensive wardrobe decoration :D I am pretty sure the angle of the green dress picture is the issue and when Kat finds the occasion to don it she will look spectacular. However, I don't think that saying it's not her best look when someone genuinely believes that makes them a crazed,
    jealous internet troll either.

  13. Trust Me, Kat will not giving a flying F**k about the negative comments. I think the photo is genius. Good one little H. What a great little photographer. x

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