The Summer Minefied


Blazer - tick but doesn't work for everyone and doesn't work for every outfit.   Over a vaguely feminine top, I struggle with this.  Not casual enough for a very dress down day or rugby. 

Biker - LOVE but too warm.  

Trench - LOVE but again way too warm.  Shelve for Autumn where you will be buying them in bulk (ok I will be buying them in bulk).

Denim jacket - again, ticks all the boxes but Canadian Tuxedo effect?  Double denim may work on Alexa Chung but I'm old enough to know my limits and I fear it crosses into the realms of "try hard" as opposed to effortlessly cool.  80s fancy dress disaster springs to mind as opposed to the pages of Vogue.  And if you don't feel comfortable in it (which you may have gathered I don't) - you need an alternative. 

Statement jacket - works with something plain.  Great to have in your wardrobe but doesn't work for all occasions at all.  We want something that can be ubiquitous in your wardrobe.  A Summer alternative to the biker, a more casual option than a blazer.

Soooo what the heck do you wear? 

Khaki.  I'm coming to get you.  I love the look on other people.  I fear there's a whiff of the Private Benjamins about them on me.  But I am not going to be deterred by this and am going to do the research online and then next week, I will look at the best ones and see what works.  Assuming there are best ones that is.   I may find nothing that works for me but hopefully someone else might find one they love.  

In my head I know what I want - it's just that my head hasn't been that forthcoming in communicating with the rest of me.  Does that make sense?  You know "sort of" what you want but can't quite pinpoint why everything you try on doesn't work and makes you look like Corporal Spongebob (have they ever done a Spongebob goes military?)?  I do look square (literally square - not as in frumpy).

The thing is - I'm almost looking for something you can wear over more feminine/floaty - dare I mention the word boho - tops and whenever you see a jacket styled, it's always with a plain outfit.  Which I find interesting.. are you not supposed to wear a jacket over something vaguely feminine??  Hmmm - answers on a postcard please. 

But I'm going to to give it a good go.  

And starting with one which does look lovely.  It looks lovely over a pared back androgynous outfit... over a frilly number?  Meh.  And there in lies the problem as I scroll down.  But we'll see.

Pocket Cotton Jacket from Mango £49

Lightweight shacket from Topshop £40

How about a bomber jacket shape?  Not for me but I know they look superb on some people. 

Free People Linen Bomber Jacket with ruched detailing £110

Gathered waist to your liking at Mint Velvet.  Love the washed out fabric - it just looks like it will hang fabulously. 

Mint Velvet Khaki Pocket Detail Jacket £119

You can't escape from the embellished and patches are a ubiquitous addition to the khaki jacket this season.  I'm torn between loving them and looking like I've escaped from Brownies.

Decorative patches cotton jacket from Mango £69.99

And we have just the random.  Randomly fabulous if it's your thing.  I feel it's one step too far out of my comfort zone.  To be fair, it's just the badge.  It's the way out shape with the very on trend patch that = too much going on for me.  But it's pretty darn cool...

Decorative Patches Cotton Jacket £69.99

But.. I have to say this one gets me giddy.  I love it.  Maybe it's because it looks like it's partly fitted so I could hopefully avoid The Fridge silhouette?  Do we know if it's actually fitted?  I think this one I could wear with a lacier number, over dresses and with jeans and a tee.  I don't know why it's any different from any of the others but it feels like it is? (have I just touched these too many times?!)

Embroidered Shacket from Topshop £45

Dare I mention a feather.  My inner Margarita Pracatan is obviously drawn to this but even I know longevity wise, there are probably better investments.  But as a fun statement - OMG FESTIVAL (I have festival garb coming up..) this is surely a winner?

Feather Trim Shacket from Topshop £59

Then there's always the camo.  And how good does this look with yellow?

Camouflage Shacket from Topshop £49

How about in for a penny, in for a festival pound.  Wear the kitchen sink.  I LOVE this.  Go big or go home and this is so much it's superb. 

ASOS Camo Shacket with embroidery and embellishment £65

Speaking of festival jackets.. (I fear I may have outstayed my welcome with this one.  But...??!  I know the answer is WTA??)

Boohoo Embroidered Festival Jacket £35

Ok so I'm on a "she's lost it" roll but I'm thinking Festival (we're off to Port Eliot again - WHOOP!) and so just go with it.  I think I like this as she's effortlessly cool.  And it's not "that" way out there, is it?

Milk It Vintage Embellished Military Shirt Jacket £45 

So this may have been a totally useless exercise.  But as my old boss used to say to me "no meeting is ever a waste of time".  I appreciate that has zero relevance to trying to find a jacket and not succeeding, but maybe what we have learnt is that we're looking for the moon on a stick here and should just give up.  What do you think?  

I'm bored of thinking about them - another reason why I DO NOT WEAR FLOATY TOPS.  I'm going to go back to looking for black bags.  Back in my comfort zone... 

And speaking of comfort zone - here I am yesterday and today.  My Summer uniform right there (ok so not for hot hot days but for the majority of the UK Summer.  Although it's supposed to get warmer next week so expect a dress blogarama).

Jumpsuit - Quattrorish
Sunglasses - Chloe from Very Exclusive
Boots - Tabitha Simmons
Earrings - H&M
Tools Bag - Balenciaga

And for today - this is actually the jumper from the blog the other day. No I won't be rubbing against anyone in it - it has the feel of a well loved teddy bear at a jumble sale but I have to say I love it.  It's not Zadig & Voltaire cashmere that's for sure, but it's definitely cool and I'll get loads of wear out of it with my massive collection of black bottoms. 

Jumper - ASOS
Black faux leather trousers - Topshop
Earrings - H&M
Sliders - Zara
Black Tools Bag - Balenciaga 
Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert

I'm actually off to a party this afternoon and shall be jacket less.  In a dress.  And maybe that's it... you're not supposed to wear a jacket over a floaty top?  By jove I think that may be it?

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10 comentarios:

  1. I bought a J Crew one similar to the Topshop light jacket, and it has really come in handy with jeans, or any other trousers, giving an instantly cool vibe to the outfit. But over feminine tops and dresses, I would say denim jackets are probably a better choice, although I'm not a huge fan either. What about white denim jackets? Tough choice.

    1. Hmmm I don't know what it is about a denim jacket that doesn't work on me. I look at other people and have total jacket envy - put one on and meh... I must try again!

  2. I have had my khaki jacket for about ten years, it gets worn every single year (once I got over being in the TA and having to wear unflattering khaki, camoflague is still a bit of a no go, unless it's not in khaki then I love it!). I do wear my jacket over feminine tops, but I'd say it's the colour (blush and pink) more than the fabric that makes them feminine. Other than that I wear mine over a grey tee and jeans, but it's also great at dressing down a more formal pair of trousers.
    I will probably be wearing for a 60th birthday do that's coming up where speedway is involved (the birthday boy in question still hasn't grown up), so dressy is not really going to be on the cards.

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about them. I suspect similarly to how I feel about parkas - I like them on other people, on me I look like I haven't changed my jacket since I stopped studenting. Might try some. Off into town later in the week to try on some wide leg crops - I'm warming to them. I do feel curiously drawn to the jeans in that first Topshop picture... And yes, there has been a military Spongebob :D xx

    1. HAS THERE?!! That's too funny. Ok so I look like him in the boxy versions of these jackets. Ha ha ha. Hope the trousers work for you!

  4. My big problem with these jackets is the collar. Some of them are just not good! However having purchased 2 (H&M camo and White Stuff plain) I'm now very tempted by this one from Hush which pretty much solves the dodgy collar problem! I must say in defence of the White Stuff one, it can be drawn-in at the waist, so giving slightly more definition to one's silhouette!

    1. I LOVE that hush one but it's too long for me... being tall, it's just the wrong length *sobs*

  5. I looked for a camo one for ages. Nothing had the right "battered" look I was after, until I randomly walked through the men's section of Gap and saw this:
    Size medium, job done!

  6. I just ordered one from ASOS - embroidered bees on it.....