It's the nearest I'm ever going to get.

Oh high street, boucle button jacket how I love you.  

As you are the nearest I am ever going to get to a Chanel jacket.  Interestingly, I did decide that THIS was going to be my 40th birthday present - the ultimate for me - an iconic Chanel blazer.  Off we trotted to the, I will say rather formidable, Bond Street store (I did feel like Pretty Woman if I'm honest, albeit without the extensive funds) where we found NOTHING.  Nada, zilch with regards to the classic, boucle button jacket.  They make about 3 of these a year (I slightly under exaggerate) but it appears you need to "know" someone to get your hands on one of these. 

There was an abundance of, if I'm honest, tat.  Chanel on speed.  Massive flowers, random colours, bonkers detailing, very "on trend" Chanel.  Which you can keep.  I was after just a little classic jacket and the answer was "computer says no". 

I got an oven instead.

It is definitely still on my wishlist but to say I was exceptionally disappointed with my experience is an understatement.  But handily, the good old high street has taken over the reigns when it comes to classic little boucle jackets.  There are also some whacky counterparts out there which I will consider for around the £50 mark.  There was just no freaking way I was spending £3k on one (I seriously kid you not.  The husband's face was a picture.  Public Service Announcement - if your husband has a dicky heart - do NOT take them into a Chanel store on a buying mission.  They may come out in a box).

However I have some gems that I've found on the high street that will keep him perky for years to come.  So that sounds wrong on every level but I'm typing under time constraints so perky he will have to be.  (not *that* sort of perky - just the basically breathing, still alive, sort of perky.  Unless he has a thing for Jackie O - it takes all sorts).

Starting with some not so classic colours but perfect for the Summer with a pair of jeans and a tee.

Sloane Jacket from Darling at Flannels was £89 now £45 in Tender Yellow (looks blue to me...)

Or in the morning mist (which does look yellow to me).  Again now £49

Two more Darling Jackets available from Yoox.  One black, one green. 

Darling Blazer from Yoox £104

And in the green... yes GREEN!

Buttons again but upping the financial ante - although you would have these forever - at LK Bennett. 

Charl Cream Jacket from LK Bennett £295

Or in the black.. again £295

Navy tweed again at LK Bennett. 

Halyna Navy Tweed Jacket £295

Bargain yellow at Zara in the sale. 

Textured Twill Jacket with Pearls was £69.99 now £39.99

And then there are the ones without the buttons.  If we go back to basics, we are talking about a tweed jacket but the word "boucle" sounds so much more French (it being a French word and me being such a luddite, I can't find the accent on my keyboard.  *all the embarrassed and falls on sword*).

Tweed Jacket in grey from Mango was £69.99 now £49.99  Personally I wouldn't be teaming with the matching skirt but that's just me.

Red at Mango.  Love a ruffle.  Actually I don't really love a ruffle now that I think about it - I like some ruffles and this is a ruffle of my liking.  Just the one.  To team with no other ruffle if you're a non ruffley person like me. 

Ruffle Tweed Jacket was £69.99 now £49.99

Similar but with check at Zara. 

Short Cardigan with Frills was £79.99 now £49.99

Cream with flared sleeves, again at Mango was £69.99 now £49.99

When it comes to ridiculously easy to wear - this one gets my vote (cropped top aside...).

Tweed Jacket from Mango was £79.99 now £49.99

Zip version at Next in red.  

Red Boucle Jacket from Next £24

All the bling at River Island.  With jeans and a plain tee (or go slogan - you know me - I would happily wear my Blondie tee under this).

Beige metallic embellished jacket from River Island £65

One thing that always gets mentioned when we talk about these sorts of coats is that they are a) too short b) too round necked. 

Call off the dogs.  This is superb.  The photos do not do it justice at all.

Cotton Rich Textured Fringe Coat from M&S £65

And finishing with another which is not as long but another not round neck. (I can't call it v neck as it's not *really*... let's go with "not round neck").

Navy Tweed Edge To Edge Jacket £30

So here I am yesterday - not in a boucle jacket but in my other summer must have - a good old biker. 

Penelope Dress - Rixo London
Suede biker - hush 
Red boots - Topshop
Happy Satchel - Hill & Friends

This was from, as I said, from yesterday - a day off with girl friends, lunch at The Ivy and drinks at Radio Bar.  These were boots that I bought a while ago that got a massive thumbs down on Insta Stories BUT I kept them and I am so so pleased I did.  They are going to be so incredibly useful. 

However I digress.  Tomorrow it's back to Summer time and then on Sunday, I am tackling that thorny issue.. festivals.  Oh yes, festival dressing *everyone weep*. 

Hope everyone had a great Friday night.  I am going in for Nashville (OMG does anyone else watch??!!) whilst the 12yr old is at her school disco and will kill me for watching it without her but I can't not! (if you watch it, you'll know why...).

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8 comentarios:

  1. Love Nashville - first series was the best tho!
    Have actually got the fade into you track on my playlist...
    Love the idea of Boucle jackets but fear they add to much bulk to a silhouette. Whereas a too small denim jacket is incredibly slimming - in my view obvs.
    Can I ask again about the alternative negroli scent to rival the Tom Ford but longer lasting?
    Nicky in Edenbridge

    1. YES - it's by Priddy Essentials and is called Neroli and Verbena Anywhere spray. Hope that helps! xxx

  2. Omg, Nashville! I've loved it since the beginning.......I'm still reeling from last week! X

    1. Just got up super early this morning to watch it (12yr old still asleep and will be spitting chips again!) SOBBED.

  3. Fab selection. Really love the red ruffle one. Heading over to Mango now.

    I have got to say that I have come late to the blogging world, only really getting into it after finding you and Erica Davies and a few others on Instagram. It's kind of life changing really in terms of real, wearable fashion, I now buy stuff I wouldn't have necessarily bought previously. Also you are utterly hilarious!

    1. Aww thank you! What a lovely thing to wake up to on Sat morning xxxx

  4. That cream mango one may have my name on it, depends on whether the navy embroidered one I've got my eye on comes down in price, in which case cream will have to wait....
    I have two tweed jackets, and wear them almost exclusively dressed down, as I don't want to get too twinset and pearls. The one jacket has a sporty vibe with contrast piping and has actually been to the top of a mountain (albeit only a smallish Welsh one)!

    1. Oh gosh I think they definitely need to be worn dressed down - it depends on your style but otherwise there is a bit too much of a whiff of politician's wife about it...