Short short short

Dresses not shorts.  

Ok I'm going to say it.  It's too hot.  This weather is amazing.  If you're on holiday by a beach.  When you're changing the sheets, it's a sweat inducing nightmare. (although I did manage to dry them outside and now have fresh, sun dried sheets on my bed which is the equivalent of Christmas to an adult).

Which coincides really nicely with the start of the Mango sale.  VIP sale apparently (which everyone can shop so hardly VVIP!) and 30% off with the code VIP17.  Sometimes the discounts are better when the sale starts - sometimes they're not.  You also risk things selling out.

What better time to bag a couple of dresses that you can fling on in this weather.  The best thing is, they last for years.  And they double up as holiday dresses too.  Plus it looks like this weather is going to be around for the foreseeable future (that's according to the iphone weather app which is as reliable as asking a toddler what they had for lunch at nursery).

They don't necessarily have to be strappy - for me, the key is loose.  For me - it's either exposing the bottom or the top.  I don't feel particularly comfortable wandering around in something really skimpy - especially if I'm in London.  And today I'm going short.  I KNOW I say I never get my knees out.  But when it heads towards 30 degrees in this country, all bets are off.  Les Dawson one and two get an airing.

So starting with some gems from the Mango sale.  All prices are pre 30% off.

Then we've got the cold shoulder with a strap.  This is what I've got on today (not this exact dress as on someone tall, I fear this one may be snatch flashing) and it really is the best of all worlds when it comes to staying cool.  Plus you can wear a bra.  

Openwork panel dress from Mango £49.99

Ok so no bra now (unless you're happy with a strapless which I know lots of people are.  I'm happy with my fried eggs flying loose but I can appreciate that's not possible for everyone).  And short again.  V short by the looks of thing so perfect if you're not an Avatar like me.

Printed Ruffle Dress from Mango £35.99

Or in the black again £35.99

A slightly longer version... 

Ruffled Dress from Mango £49.99 and I think this would look just as good with flat sandals or a mid heel.

V neck now and there are so few Summer dresses that are actually v neck, it's worth buying them whilst you can.  This also looks on the shorter side so ideal for the more petite amongst us. 

Ruffled Floral Dress from Mango £35.99

And a couple more.  These are simply the easiest things to wear in this weather and are ideal to dress up as well.  Wear with any flats, sandals, trainers and heels.  Also ideal to roll up into a bag for holiday.

Print Wrap Dress £49.99 from Mango 

Floral Print Dress from Mango £49.99

Apparently this is midi... it looks on the knee to me but I guess that completely depends on how tall you are. 

Print Wrap Dress from Mango £35.99

Slightly longer again at Finery in the sale.

Avalon Asymmetric hem jersey dress from Finery was £49 now £34

Navy again at Warehouse. 

Zip Pull Dress from Warehouse was £45 now £20

Warehouse new season but perfect for Summer and holiday. 

Graphic Palm Print Dress from Warehouse £36

Floral again at La Redoute and there is 30% off all their Summer stock with the code SUMMER.

Short floral print low cut dress £55

Tropical Print Linen Dress £35 La Redoute pre discount

Knee length smocked dress from La Redoute £39 pre discount in blue grey - also available in white.

And burgundy.

Burgundy again with ivory but with slightly longer sleeves - lovely and loose and ideal for this super warm weather.  £39 pre discount

Also in a navy and ivory. 

It's actually quite hard to find ones that aren't print so these two in bright colours are a real find. 

Knee length dress with ruffle sleeves in blue £35 pre discount

Also in a green. £35 pre 30% off.

And finishing with the style that I love for this weather.  I would just push the sleeves up in the super warm heat. 

Freegrove Dress in Mixed Print from Finery London were £99 now £59

My version from last year.  Slightly over dressed for a four hour cricket match today.  Very late night last night so today has been very, very long.  And very very hot! 

I also wore my matching earrings which frankly made me look like a total knobjockey for cricket but well - they matched so well.  There is also of course one tiny patch on the 8yr old's neck I managed to miss with suncream so he's glowing and I have all the guilt.  

Dress - H&M
Earrings - H&M
The Rosie Panama - Penmayne of London
Cara sandals in cognac - Apiedi
Bag - Gucci
Glasses - Walter & Herbert

Sleeping tonight should be interesting - I'm going for on top of the covers in cropped harems and a vest as I'm too much of a wuss to have a fan on all night.   Tomorrow I will be back with some other options to keep us all from wilting in the heat.  Any top outfit tips?

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11 comentarios:

  1. Hello love these dresses and your blog.

    I spotted a dress on Gillian Anderson on the sidebar of shame:

    Any idea where it comes from? I LOVE this dress!

    1. I can't BELIEVE you made me go and have a look at that!!! What a gorgeous dress. No I don't know (did you mean the white and blue striped one?) but there is a fairly similar one I have literally just put on the blog today from Warehouse (will be up later today.. hope that helps!)

      And how is G Anderson now only 4yrs older than me. I swear I used to watch the X Files when I was at school....

  2. Yes, the blue and white striped one. It's perfect isn't it? Especially if you look like her but still ... I know, I seem to be catching up with her age-wise too, but judging from these pictures I think I'm a bit ahead of her on the cellulite. Will look out for the Warehouse dress!

    1. There's also a Mango one too..... Will post it later. I actually spend too long on Wiki and apparently I was 20 when The X Files came out. FML. ha ha ha

  3. Oh, now LOVE that GA dress (But to be fair, I fangirl all over her at the best of times). Gasped a bit as I read the headline as 'With her boyfriend Piers Morgan' - I thought SURELY NOT! Phew - so glad I read it wrong. Look forward to today's blog...

    1. She is one person who has SO SO improved with age don't you think? Really not all that at all in The X Files but a goddess now. And Piers Morgan. OMG as if!!!!

    2. Absolutely. Same with Geri Halliwell (or whatever her name is now) saw her on Sat kitchen this week and she looks amazing!

    3. 40 plus is SO the new 20 plus isn't it??!

  4. I'm so sorry, I know you have posted this before but where do you get your layering necklaces from?

    1. The bean is from Tiffany but all the others are from Chambers & Beau. Speak to the lovely Amy!