Throwing it out there at the beginning that this is not going to work for everyone.  I know sleeveless tops are not everyone's cup of tea. 

However I love them.  AND they double up as the perfect workwear for this - I am going to call it ridiculous - weather.  It's simply too hot to have arms covered up and I'm not a massive fan of strappy tops so these offer the perfect compromise. 

The other massive advantage is that you can wear a bra underneath them.  Not the most comfortable of garments in the heatwave but alas a necessary one for most of us, especially if you are having to go work.  I wear mine tucked into skirts (something I never thought I'd say but I do).  There is nothing cooler (as in heat wave wise) than a loose skirt in these temperatures.  But also they work incredibly well worn over jeans or again, tucked into culottes or wide leg trousers.  Cropped or full length, the choice is yours. 

You can also get a variety of necklines - me being me, I prefer high.  But there are also the v neck varieties for those who prefer.  A little ruffle on the sleeve makes it seem not quite so daunting a prospect but I also love a plain, pared back version. 

Speaking of which, I have one of these which I got from Zara about 7 year ago.  And I wear it so regularly, I now say a prayer when I wash it, that it won't disintegrate in the machine.  It is THE most perfect top - in the classic Zara "crepe" that I don't even think they do any more.  

And I would now like a cream one.

This is what I am after.  This I love.  I do NOT love the price and I definitely, definitely do not like the lack of washing machine action it appears to offer.  You can go swivel if you think I'm dry cleaning a cream tee every time I've worn it.  

Frill sleeve crepe jersey top from See by Chloe at Matches £140

So I must be able to do better.  However seeing as I am a scab picker, I couldn't stop looking at the Matches website and came across this... but to be honest, it's a tad too boho for me.  I'm looking for something a little less.. well boho?  I can't quite put my finger on it but I just know that I would look like less Danish chic and more Laura Ingalls Wilder in it.

Pintuck-yoke scarf jacquard cotton top by Cecile Copenhagen £148

I then found my top of dreams.  So it looks like it's not been finished but that edge appeals to me.  The Dry Cleaning Only tag doesn't.  I am a messy slob and this would need a wash after every wear.  Acetate.. don't think I like my chances of that coming out of the washer not Barbie size.  I can't wash it can I?  See, this is why I wear black....

Raw-edge sleeveless crepe top from Raey at Matches £150

So I gave up on the spenney cream blouses and reverted to the high street.  Striking gold first off at Monsoon where I found this blouse.  Washable, polyster which feels like silk (it genuinely does) for less than £30.  For me - only issue is that I wanted a higher neck.  Fussy much?  Fabulous blouse.

Larissa Blouse from Monsoon £29

And this one that I didn't see but I LOVE.  

Irina Shimmer Frill Top from Monsoon £45

Now black as they didn't have it in the off white which is what I wanted to try.  The black however.. this is perfect for work (with a cami), play and out out. 

Casey Victoriana Lace Frill Blouse £55 in black

Huge apologies about the appalling lights in the changing room.  I do look a tad (very) serial killer here.  Oops. 

This is it in the ivory though. 

Monsoon Casey Victoriana blouse £55

And another white option at Monsoon - this time with a v neck style opening. 

Lillian Frill Front Top £39

Higher neck again at ASOS but this time in cream and still rocking the Victoriana vibe. 

ASOS Sleeveless Blouse with Pintuck and Lace detail £30

Off white at New Look. 

New Look Crochet Trim Shell Top £9.99

I simply love the fabric of this one from Vero Moda.  Am tempted to order it in the large which they say is a 12... 

Vero Moda Woven Shell Top £16  This looks like my ideal summer fabric.  A linen style, casual fabric that I think I have loved forever.  It's my perfect laid back looking texture that has always just screamed classic French sophistication.  I know, I know, talking a whole load of whoopass.  Let's blame it on the sun.. (please someone else tell me you know what I mean?!)

Moving onto cotton now which to some other people epitomises pure class.  I see creases. This is way too high maintenance for someone as lazy as me who a) genuinely can't iron for toffee - I must be the only person who manages to iron in more creases than I iron out and b) one car journey and I would look like I'd slept in this.  The world can be divided between those people who stroll through life crease free and those who look like roadies.  I am the latter.

Pure Cotton Poplin Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse in white £25

Branching out into some other colours now... ta dah - everyone's favourite - navy (except me - mine is black).
And in the navy again £25

A lower neckline and an ability to adjust the waist in a pale yellow at FCUK. 

Nia Drape Fluted Front Top was £60 now £30 - also available at full price in a pale blue and a blush. 

Then there are the floral numbers.  Now randomly the one thing that I have never mastered is a print blouse.  I have tried.  I feel like a newsreader.  Give me a slogan tee or jumper and I'm sorted.  Or a full on print dress a la Ms Leadbetter and I'm laughing.  So why can't I do a little blouse?  Go figure.

These however I know will look amazing on and be popular with other people.  

Floral Print Plisse Cap Sleeve Blouse from M&S £35

Print again at FCUK and this is idea if you didn't want to tuck it in.  Perfect for over any sort of trousers, jeans or shorts. 

Eva Crepe Sleeveless Shirt from FCUK was £50 now £35 in the blue 

And to only £25 in the white. 

Striped at Vero Moda with a ruffle. 

Vero Moda Ruffle Top £18.00

And here I am in my beloved plain black version which is hanging on to itself by a thread. 

Black shell top - Zara
Cream skirt - & Other Stories 
Sandals - & Other Stories 
Bag - Balenciaga 
Earrings - H&M

Tomorrow - well, it would be rude not to skirts, wouldn't it?  Something to waft about in?  Try and minimise the rivulets of sweat attractively sliding down your legs?  Just me?  I'll get my coat (oh dear god that makes me feel faint just writing that.. COAT?  Can you imagine?!).

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14 comentarios:

  1. Just spotted another lovely version, bit see through but could be good with a little Cami or just a bra if you're more brazen?

    1. Oooh lovely! (and I would need a cami!!)

  2. Sadly the M&S ruffle one (in white and navy) is too cut away at the shoulders for a bra. I wear it with my trusty strapless bra and it's just the most perfect cool top to wear on a hot day. I also have the black lace monsoon one which is great with a vest under (with built in bust support). A bit too revealing for work otherwise. Another one I ADORE in this warmer weather x

    1. OOH which strapless bra works for you? And I am loving the idea of a vest with built in bust support - GENIUS!! Off to find one!

  3. I love the ruffles ..... not sure it would work for my larger chest though?!?

    1. Hmmm I do have a friend with a larger bust who wears them and looks amazing but I think it's a personal thing as I know some don't feel comfortable! Worth a try if you like the look! Embrace the boobage!

  4. Love all of your suggestions. Would this fit the bill? In white and black....

  5. Completely agree about sleeveless tops. Always feel good in them. I had a coral one from Oasis that was about 10 years old and I had to bin last summer. Tempted by this offering from Boden as a replacement

    PS: tried your preferred M&S swimsuit on yesterday. I am 5'9" but clearly much longer in the body. The cups began at low rib height. Comically depressing.

    1. No way?!! Oh gosh I'm so sorry - the navy one? That was good for me - the print one no.... such a shame. Back to a bikini? !

  6. Weren't you wearing a black one from Goat recently? Show us that...please! x

    1. Yes, that's my absolute favourite but it's OOS now. Boooo

  7. Hi Kat

    Love thise Casey Monsoon tops. What sort of fit would you say they have (please!)


    1. Alive so sorry for not getting back to you earlier - I was wearing a 10 in all the Monsoon tops. I do find them on the generous side. Hope that helps xx