It's the indulgent one.

Every year I do this blog.  Actually I do it twice a year.  Summer and Winter.  And it's one of my favourite blogs to do as it's pure virtual shopping in the mecca that is the designer end of the market.  Mostly PURE fantasy but every now and then a "bargain" in the very relative sense of the word.  And it's purely indulgent.  This is MY wish list - it's not going to work for everyone, I don't reinvent the wheel, there are no surprises but there are sometimes some great finds. 

As I said yesterday, I love the high street.  I took THE most pleasure in wearing my £25 Boohoo dress in Ibiza (and telling everyone that that's where it was from whilst everyone else wore significantly spennier brands), ditto my House of Fraser £79 Label Lab dress which could easily have been a designer number (these are all coming this weekend... just waiting for the photos as I was obviously too busy exercising to take any).

But there is something deliciously decadent about the sales at the top end.  Do I buy anything?  Sometimes.  Do I order?  Yes usually and most of the time I end up sending it all back but I've scratched the itch and got huge shopping fulfilment whilst having only spent £5 delivery.  And continue to love my high street and cheaper brands. 

It's also a great place for inspiration.  That's how I know my new M&S outfit is a complete ringer for a Marant number but for a fifth of the price (that is coming up tomorrow.. it's a good un).

Enough of the chat, let's get going.  My email box is pingtastic with notices of JOY (which is what I feel when I go and have a good mooch - I know, I know, I need to get out more) so I'm going in.  I say JOY now.  Come the middle of next week, they descend into pure irritation so let's strike while the sales are new and fresh. 

Jeans.  Bags.  Shoes.  Dresses.  Trenches.  In particular one trench I have my eye on but it's been selling out all season so I don't think I'm going to be able to get hold of it (buyer's remorse for the next five years that means.  GAH).

But shoes, boots, dresses and jeans (bags - hmm maybe - I may come back to that another day) are all a BIG yay. 

First up Net A Porter and NO SHOES.  Seriously I have trawled through pages and pages of shoe and right now I'm looking for good day shoes that will work into the evening (moon on a freaking stick is also what they're known as) and ZILCH.  *picks self up off floor*. I even went to the hilarious end of top top end.  Nah.  Nothing.  I clearly have had some sort of lobotomy. 

Onto dresses.  That's more like it.   Ganni bringing it home. 

Ganni Adrian flocked stripe dress was £180 now £108

I have Ascot next week and this would be perfect.  Does anyone else want an Ascot round up blog? 
Topshop Unique Evelyn Dress was £275 now £165

Now don't laugh but if you lead an infinitely more glamourous life than me and find yourself swanning around somewhere super sunny for the Summer, please buy this.  Don't say that it's too young for you - I appreciate if you're blessed with a bosom this isn't going to be the your frock - but if you're flat as a pancake and forty or fifty something - they why the hell not?  What would your 80yr old self say looking back.  WEAR THE DRESS.

Mara Hoffman Cut out cotton gauze midi dress was £255 now £179

And this which is slightly random but I love it. 

Theory Off the Shoulder Dress was £480 now £288

And the denim.. 

MiH Jeanne Cropped Fray Leg Jeans were £275 now £193  I'm often a 27 in jeans but in these, I take a 28.

And the ones I have.. which I LOVE.  I did in fact wear these just yesterday.

Jeanne cropped Jeans were £265 now £186

Bag wise - you have been warned.  I am still on the look out for a bag to match my ecru Isabel Marant heels - I thought I didn't need one but it turns out I do. 

This.  LOVE.  Not entirely sure how versatile it is but not sure I care.  Thinking about red boots though... oh I really love this actually. 

Clare V Supreme Printed Clutch was £225 now £135

Am also ridiculously drawn to this one... red shoes... green dress.  Oh hello. 

Sophie Anderson Alicia Pompom clutch was £140 now £84

From My Theresa - staying with the neutral bags - this one from Coach is gorgeous. 

Dinkier glovetanned leather shoulder bag was £295 now £206

And boots from My Theresa. 

I love these (probably as I already have them in the orange).

Isabel Marant Etoile Robby boots in beige were £375 now £187

And then these... which I don't have.  And I LOVE my others so much that I think maybe a mid boot might be worth a try.  

Isabel Marant Etoile Dyna boots were £355 now £215

And just in case you think they're too similar to mine - these are the ones I have in the taller Robby style.  But this colour.  Very very different.  The only reason I'm buying the ones above is that they are so comfortable and will go with a plethora of skirts and culottes that I have.  Well.  We'll see...

Isabel Marant Etoile Dyna boots were £355 now £248

And finishing with this from My Theresa - I have loved my tees so so much, this will be ideal for the Autumn.  Plus I have a new orange leather skirt (I KNOW) which this will be ideal with.

Isabel Marant Etoile Klowia Linen Sweater was £155 now £105

And whilst we're talking about the tees - they're on offer as well and I can't recommend them highly enough.  These are the snugger version - I would say a Medium is a 10.  Hope that helps. 

Isabel Marant Etoile Kendriwa Tee was £135 now £94

And in the white - again £94

So I am on a pair of boots and a top. I am hawking a trench.  Which I have two hopes of getting hold of and one of them is Bob. 

And just to prove it's not a totally foolish idea buying boots in the Summer... and that you can never have too many dresses.

Embroidered dress - Warehouse
Susanna boots - Chloe
Earrings - Alice's Wonders 
Soho Disco bag - Gucci

So I am off to London today for meetings in the sunshine.  Obviously I'm head to toe in black.  Am I the only one who is ridiculously drawn to black as soon as the sun comes out?  And please do share your sales purchases....

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14 comentarios:

  1. Nothing much in the sale attracting me, sadly, although stalking Rick Owens boots hoping they reduce them again. Did you get the M&S skirt? I'm hoping to see it today in Manchester. How does it fit?

    1. I would say true to size.. it's definitely more orange than red. And yes the Marant jumper would be perfect with it 😂😂 Look at Harvey Nichols for the boots. Honestly I think I got them for 80% off!!!!!

  2. Oh that Mara Hoffman dress. Swoon, swoon, swoon.
    Nice earrings btw!

  3. I have the Theory dress (bought with a discount) to wear to a wedding in a couple of weeks. Wearing it with D & G (actually Topshop) statement black tasselled earrings and Isabel Marant Jaeryn sandals. Very happy with the whole outfit (which makes a change) and to see you mention the dress here!

    1. That sounds GORGEOUS!!! I might have to order it *just to see*....

  4. You had me at 'Ganni' - there's not much I would shrug off from Ganni. I have two of their bodysuits and they are THE most flattering things in my wardrobe.
    Enjoy Ascot - I'm swerving this year as I'm finding it a bit tedious lately. I'm in the business of horse racing and I'm sure my experience of the meeting is quite different to yours (and I simply don't have the stamina for what is required of me - it's hardcore!)

    1. oooh *off to find a bodysuit*... I found a dress for Ascot at Selfridges. Total smash and grab. Usually I deliberate for hours. I find Ascot depends on who you go with.. this year, I'm going with THE best group ever so ridiculously looking forward to it!!!

  5. I'm just off to reception to collect my £800+ order of jeans and feeling slightly faint but excited at getting a net-a-porter order. I hasten to add I will only keep one pair but if they look fabulous then maybe..... Also ordered from My Theresa a Isabel Marant t-shirt and sweat shirt for my daughter. My husband always groans when he sees me reading one of your blogs, I wonder why. Keep up the good work!

    1. YOU GO GIRL!!! Hope some of them work! xxxx

  6. Always love that black Gucci bag you have on insta today. Is it current and does it have a particular style name do you know? Thank you

    1. I got it last year from Bicester and I think it was probably a *Bicester special*... I haven't actually seen it since as I would have got the same in a different colour. That's why I got the Anya but this is probably even more versatile (sorry - that's not helping is it??!)

  7. Can you do quick Ascot/wedding dress suggestions?

    1. I'll do one this weekend. I'm SORTED! (smash and grab in Selfridges sale....!!)