Cheating the seasons

I would say we've been spoilt this Summer so far.  As in, the weather has been pretty amazing.  Which makes it all the more eeksville when we have a run of rain.  And recently we've had a lot of it and it looks like there's a lot more to come.  That will obviously coincide neatly with the start of the summer holidays (insert all the eye rolling...).

We could moan (ok so I will moan but I'll try and do it privately as, to be fair, my default mode is pretty much a lot of moaning be it rain or too much shine.  I can't do too much heat either) or we could just get clever and creative with our wardrobes. 

And what is the jacket that we all need in this country - that'll be a trench.  The one coat we can pretty much wear all year and in all weathers is a good old mac. 

I have come to totally fall in love with these - for me, the flowier and the longer the better.  But the best thing is that they come in all sorts of shapes, colours and fabrics.  The one element they all have in common is their versatility (their weather proofness is questionable, dependant on the material, that I will throw in.  But the style - oh how I love the style and that's what umbrellas are for, no?). 

They're usually quite lightweight so are ideal, even in the Summer and into the Autumn and Winter, I layer under with jumpers and over with scarves.  

In fact, my one huge sales splurge has been an Acne trench that I have had my eye on all Spring and Summer and managed to track down in the sale.

But that's sold out and was still the biggest treat to myself, however there's no need to spend that much. 

This from M&S is the best of the classic bunch for the money, if you ask me.

Cotton Blend Trench Coat with Stormwear from M&S £89

But them moving off piste as, like I said, these come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. 

So a slight twist on the classic with statement sleeves at ASOS. 

ASOS Mac with Statement Sleeves £75

Moving to shorter now and in navy.

Oversized Mac from Jigsaw was £198 now £138

Belted Trench Coat from M&S £39.50

And in the red.

Whilst we're on the subject of colour - how about green?  Although you know I mentioned the bit about weather proof?  Hmmm yeah, about that.... (forget forget forget).  But it's so gorgeous.  And can still be layered throughout the seasons, you'll just need a brolly.

ASOS Crepe Duster Mac in green £65

Navy at New Look £39.99

Classic shape (it does have a belt) but this time in cream. 

Monki Classic Mac was £70 now £42

20% off extra at Matches sale with the code EXTRA20 which makes this navy one slightly more palatable (slightly...) I will also say I'm not entirely convinced that this one is remotely weather proof.  But it is sublime...

Isadora Collarless Trench Coat from Khaite was £1350 now £405 pre discount

Check now in the sale at Finery. 

Faversham Check Buckle Trench was £185 now £92

Double breasted again in a check and on the oversized side at ASOS - £80

And then we have the single breasted. 

Shorter now at M&S in a print. 

Printed Trench Coat with Stormwear from M&S £45.00

Again single breasted and shorter but this time plain at M&S in a natural. 

Trench Coat with Stormwear £45 in pebble

The same in a black 

And in a pale pink

And the one that's the most similar to my new one (as I said, the Acne one is now sold out and this one is a LOT more cost effective.  Same Scandi styling though).  I've also got my eye on these boots.  That's my A/W look right there.

Cheap Monday Flavor (sp) Tie Sleeve Trench was £160 now £125

Here I am in all my trench glory today.  I will fess up that I was "slightly" warm by 3pm when the sun had come out and it was 23 degrees.  But in the morning, when we left the house and it was a meagre 13 degrees, I had the perfect outfit on.  


Tee - Quattrorish
Trench - Acne Studio
Wide leg faux leather crops - Topshop
Bag - Hill & Friends
Slip on shoes - Zara
Nightingale sunglasses - Walter & Herbert
Earrings - Aldo

The photo was taken at Westfield by one of my amazing children.   They're not always amazing but today - they were supremely epic.  Who takes their children to Westfield in the holidays?  Well I do when there's Zorbing there.  It is fantastic.   Zorbing on water (pictures on Instagram and on Instastories).  They LOVED it.  Perfect day out although I would suggest going early and leaving soon after as by 3pm it was rammed.  Zorbing opens at 12pm - I would go earlier for shopping (we only did Foyles, Tiger, Urban Outfitters and the Lego Shop), zorb and then have lunch and skidaddle before the crowds descend.  And no, I didn't do it!  It looked really difficult and after 10 mins they were exhausted.

Day two of the hols, we're all still winning, I'm off to work for the day tomorrow so, so far, so good.  Hope you're all faring as well!  Looks like tomorrow is a day for a trench if ever there was one.  Rain, rain and more rain... Not to mention the weekend.  Camping in the rain.  Is there enough gin to get me through this?!

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11 comentarios:

  1. Ooh I've just ordered a black and a cream version from the Next sale. They take 5 and 10 weeks to be delivered though which is a bit of a downer. Sarah x

  2. I had a fantastic trench in the 1980s
    Shoulders so padded I looked like an American footballer but I felt great in it.

    1. I think the shoulder pads are definitely on the way back!

  3. Trenches for me is that one irresistible item that I ne'er wear yet always hanker after. And the Isadoea trench really is sublime. I've ordered it (no extra 20% off though as it's an exempted item :sadface: ) and secretly hoping it will look crap on me so I can return it guilt-free. But at 70% off, I couldn't not order it, right??

  4. Off upstairs again to make sure not chucked out red trench Mac....

  5. Off upstairs again to make sure not chucked out red trench Mac....

  6. Yes! Plus ancient Boden dress, which am trying to reinvent.. sorry for posting twice...

  7. This round up is amazing! I'm such a sucker for a good trench. (I firmly believe that a good jacket paired with oversized sunglasses and lipgloss can magically salvage outfit laziness I have going under it.) The Marks & Spencer pieces are calling to me....