Whilst we're on the grown up thing...

...the other must have that I live in and can never get enough of is the blazer. 

It's my concession to wearing clothes that "normal" grown ups are supposed to wear.  But as a suit.  With sensible shoes - maybe some natty courts.  And obviously a silk blouse... Well that's certainly what retailers thought that women of a certain age would like to wear when I started this blog five years ago. 

I will say though that I think that ship has long sailed.  There are still shops that cater to those tastes but there are others that have realised the 40plus woman still want to and can wear clothes that aren't mutton but modern.

And there in lies the transformation of the blazer.  It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it.  And what you wear it with.  For me - the answer is anything and everything.  If you find the right shape, if you find the right fabric, if you find the right colour, it will be the saviour of your wardrobe.

In fact, I have more than one.  I have a lot more than one.  In all colours, fits and styles.

I'm not even sure I could tell you what my favourite is as I tend to favour one style for a period and then fall back in love with another style. 

This week, I have been wearing mostly, the Baukjen leather edged blazer.  Now from the picture, this looks longer and looser than mine is (and it is the same blazer..!) and I also had to size up.  

Ashcroft Leather Detail Blazer from Baukjen was £269 now £134

When it comes to looser black styles, my go to and has been for years is the hush black jacket. 

Black Jacket from hush £75

However I have to say, I am ridiculously tempted by this bargain from Mango - it looks to be on the oversized side which I am a massive fan of (to be fair, I don't think there is a blazer style I don't actually like though!).

Textured wool blazer from Mango was £89.99 now £29.99

Crepe blazer was £59.99 now £29.99

Structured is also a must in my book - perfect to balance out maxi skirts with a tee or over maxi dresses. 

Blazer from Mango in black was £69.99 now £29.99

On to navy now at Mango new season .

Structured Cotton Blazer £69.99

New Season at Boden PLUS 20% with free delivery and returns with the code A6E5.  You're welcome xxx

Nell Blazer from Boden £98 pre discount - also available in black and fuchsia.

Navy with a white stripe down the side (which I tried on in this Summer blog here - both the navy and the white - both of which are in the sale).

Limited Edition Open Front 2 Pocket Blazer was £49.50 now £30

And in the soft white - again £30 now.

Camel now and a colour I love.  Perfect also for into the Autumn.  I tend to wear mine with black, white and red and then leopard print accessories.

Westbury Blazer in Camel from Baukjen was £219 now £131

The last colour that I have and adore is cream.  'm not sure how I've lived without a cream jacket previously.  I think I was scared about it getting grubby and I'm not going to lie to you - it does look on the "not new" side for sure.  But I think that's the thing about clothes.  You can get them cleaned.  To not wear them "just in case" is madness - something I am ridiculously guilty of.  Life is too short.  Wear the clothes. 

Lexden Blazer from Baukjen (again size up) was £199 now £149

This is the one I got in the sale at Zara.

Zara Flowing Oversized Jacket was £59.99 now £29.99

If you're looking for more of a cream then there is a bargain version at M&S. 

Ruched Sleeve Blazer from Autograph at M&S was £69 now £34.50

And then off piste... I'm going to confess that I do like it keep it neutral with my blazers but that's not to say I couldn't be tempted one day by a coloured one. 

Elizabeth Ponte Blazer in yellow from Boden £98 so it becomes £78.40

Which they also do in a "party pink".

Here I am in a small snippet of my selection of blazers from the past week.  This is what I wore to the Jaguar party last night (perfect dancing shoes even though I was the only one dancing...!).


Blondie tee - Hollister 
Aschroft blazer - Baukjen (see above!)
Hot tropics maxi skirt - Free People
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Tools Bag - Balenciaga

And I think I've already posted this pic but I'm posting it again as it sums up how much I love a blazer with jeans (hold fire on the boots - they're coming up soon...)


Tee - Isabel Marant
Phoebe Jeans - MiH
Belt - Weekend
Blazer - Zara
Red boots - Topshop
Leopard Print Happy Satchel - Hill & Friends
Sunglasses - Chloe from Very Exclusive

And yesterday for a lovely day in London with the 12yr old.


Bon Vintage tee - FWP-by
White blazer - Zara
Khaki cargos - Current/Elliot from Quattrorish
Red ankle boots - Topshop
Leopard Print Happy Satchel - Hill & Friends
Nightingale sunglasses - Walter & Herbert

And there I am blazered up.  Do you find yours as useful as I do?  Any other suggestions of how to wear them?  And what's your favourite style?  I am loving the big shouldered ones.  I think the 80s are making a come back.. you have been warned...!!

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8 comentarios:

  1. I'm a recent convert to blazers (thanks Kat), being petite it's been difficult to find one that isn't too big on the shoulders and has sleeves of the correct length (or at least without buttons, so they can be turned up). I have two, both navy. One is the Boden one, and a perfect petite fit on my narrow shoulders and stubby arms. The other is Inwear and has grosgrain detailing and slightly tux styling, in Ponte (turned the sleeves up myself as there's no buttons).
    They are so great on a cool morning to throw on, on the way to work. And I'm looking forward to wearing into the autumn. Maybe the next one should be a cream one (and if it can go in the machine, who am I to argue!)

    Actually I say recent convert, but I've just remembered I had a double breasted thingy, with brass buttons sometime in the 90s, very Princess Diana...

  2. Yep love a good blazer. The yellow Boden one caught my eye last week too. Thanks for the tip off about sizing up at Boden. I've never bought a jacket from them and have always found everything else true to size. Love the Zara long line jacket on you Kat x

    1. I suppose it depends on how you want the blazer to look. I have three Boden jackets (not all blazers), all in my usual size 12. I don't go for oversize, as I'm petite, so mine are relatively fitted.

  3. Blazers are awesome! One of my favourites is a cotton sateen tux-style one in a stone colour that I bought from Gap in the sale years ago. I think I paid about £20 for it and it gets dragged out year on year and goes with everything - hardest working item of clothing I've eve bought.

  4. I love the leather detail on the Ashcroft, the satin (?) on the Mango, and the notches on the lapels on the Nell blazer. The pic at the train station just looks like a good time; hope you had fun. I usually keep a blazer or cardigan in my car as it often gets cool here in Maine no matter the season.

  5. I am so cross about those Topshop boots - I loved them and didn't buy them in Oxford Street - then the sale started and whoosh they sold out in a flash! I cannot buy the Marant ones - they are silly money - aren't they!!!???????

  6. I've had two blazers from Massimo Dutti for at least 3 years - I bought them when I was being all sensible and grown up and for the life of me couldn't figure out how to wear them. Now that I've started reading your blog(!) I've finally figured out what to do with them. But never, ever looking sensible. And it works - I look sort of put together but not old and dullsville. Thank you, Kat! (and how much do I like that little yellow blazer from Boden.......hmmmm)