I reckon it's totally legit..

..to do a blog a couple of times a season on your absolute favourite thing. 

Hold onto your horses guys - today I'm all about the dress, the print and the whole maxiness of it. 

It is the one thing that I wear that people comment on.  And not as in "you look lovely", but as in "where's that from, I need it".

I could write again about how useful they are, with regards to one thought wonders - you can just put them on and not even have to think about putting an outfit together.  Throw on shoes - I favour sandals, trainers or even ankle boots (oh how I LOVE an ankle boot) and you're good to go.  Depending on the fabric and the style (and there are definitely ones for all occasions).

Now I know there will be people out there saying - oh dear lord, she's banging on again about those blooming dresses that I can't stand.  Fair enough.  I apologise and I will be back tomorrow with trousers (at this point anyway) but it would be a very dull world if we all loved the same thing.  Therefore, no blogs will be all things to all men. 

But for those who say that they can't wear them as they're too short, I'm starting off with a petite version to prove you don't have to be tall to wear these. 

White Cove Petite Off Shoulder Floral Printed Maxi Dress with Tiered Hem £110

Which they also do in tall..

Whilst I'm on the off the shoulder theme which isn't for everyone but personally, I'm a big fan.  Especially at this price.  These are perfect holiday and lunch in the sun dresses as you don't get shoulder marks.  And before anyone states the obvious - I'm not sure how, but I've never ever got tan marks on the top of my arms.. go figure.

Boohoo Floral Printed Maxi Dress £25

And again at ASOS. 

ASOS Floral Bardot Dress £52

Now going large and this is new season.  

Kyoto Gardens Maxi Dress from Ted Baker £249 but it's hand wash.  That to me is priceless.  It means you can wear it anywhere.  Work (with a navy blazer - how fabulous?), school run, bbq, dress down any time with a denim jacket and trainers.  Throw on ankle boots and a biker for a dressier affair.

Another higher neck at Religion - I am loving this brand at the moment. 

Religion Maxi Dress £115

Moving onto lower bust lines now.

Reiss Eli Frilled Dress was £225 now £70

V neck now from Boohoo at ASOS. 

Boohoo Plunge Neck Maxi Dress £18

V neck again and I can tell you now, I know this one is shorter.  

Aeryne Maxi Dress with all over lemon print £75. I love this.  I am completely and utterly in love with this print.  V D&G.

Faux wrap at Anthropologie.

Sunlit Floral Maxi Dress £178

And then onto the full wrap in the sale at Matches.

DVF Multi-print capped sleeve dress was £578 now £173

Another wrap style dress which I think definitely has a look of DVF about it. 

ASOS Premium Wrap Satin Dress in chine blue £75

Cross over again at Vero Moda Floral Print Maxi Dress £42

V neck again at Peacocks - womens floral maxi dress £25

Boohoo Floral Printed Tiered Maxi Dress £28

And then moving onto some long sleeves for days like today when you could be forgiven for thinking it's October. 

Shirt dresses again.  These are a bargain.  Some lovely lady messaged me on Instagram to tell me about this and it's only fair that I share it (I've also snuck in another Peacocks one above which looks amazing). 

Womens Black Button Through Shirt Dress from Peacocks was £25

Monki Floral Print High Neck Dress £40

Again at Vero Moda - it's unusual to get a pastel dress these days but I love how ethereal and dreamy this is.  

Vero Moda Maxi Floral Ruffle Dress £52

But finishing with my favourite.  I love this SO so so much.  But it's see through.  

DVF Bi-Colour silk crepe de chine dress was £418 now £209

I'm not sure if I care how see through it is (well obvs I do - duh.. although I say that...) as I simply adore it and can think of a gazillion occasions when I will wear it.  And hand wash it as it's silk (that will be fine won't it?  Someone tell me it will be fine.. whenever I send silk to the dry cleaners, it always comes back feeling "coated" if that makes sense?  I've always handwashed my silk shirts with no averse effects whatsoever.  Someone back me on this?!)

However the see through aspect... ideas?  The husband says it's lovely and to wear big pants.  WTF??  Big pants?  Or is he right?  As in boy short style he says and I begrudgingly admit he may have a point... or do I go super high waisted thong so you can't see it at all (that would be my favoured option).  Commando ISN'T an option at all, funnily enough. 

If you look closely, you can see this is a print - it's a navy and green houndstooth.  And again, I'm sorry, as this dress isn't available anymore.  It's an American Vintage dress from Quattrorish last year which I love as it's so unusual.  The main thing I love about it though, is the fling on and go aspect.  Which can be applied to pretty much all of the above dresses.  And now you see why I love them.


Green & navy houndstooth dress - American Vintage from Quattrorish
Navy Newbury boots - Rag & Bone
Happy Slouchy Bag - Hill & Friends 

So I am off this evening for cocktails with girls.  To celebrate the end of term.  Or to commiserate the start of the holidays?  Nooo, of course it's to celebrate the end of an era for some (some are from Yr 6 and leaving school) and just because it's Thursday night.  Oh and before people start going away and we're not in the same place for the next weeks.   And did I mention, just because it's Thursday?!  Obviously I will be donning a frock for the occasion...

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12 comentarios:

  1. You look so lovely in this sort of dress. I would look like I'd strolled through the botanic gardens via a circus tent. Slip for the see-through issue?

    1. I think that might work... I've got one to try!

  2. Ahh you mentioned me ('lovely lady' reference)....thanks Kat xx

  3. This Kat http://www.marksandspencer.com/lace-neckline-full-slip-with-cool-comfort-technology/p/p22125744?prevPage=plp I've got the shortest one. You can wear it either way (it's v-neck and round neck with adjustable straps). Your dress looks quite low though so it might not work. I've altered the straps to the lowest they'll go so that it doesn't show.

    1. I have this, tis fab!!!

    2. AHA! I've got that in the nude! Good point - I'll try it, thanks lovely x

  4. Oohhhh that't Ted Baker number, red and navy mmmmmm

    1. Isn't it gorgeous! Haven't looked in there in forever - some amazing things!

  5. I start off thinking, this isn't for me and then... that grey Religion dress. Gorgeous. I've seen quite a few people wearing their clothes and they look great. I will have to check them out.

  6. Can I ask what size your American Vintage dress is? I've found it online here in the US, but have no idea what the sizing it's like. Would a M/L fit me at UK size 14?

  7. Definitely big pants - Primark do THE BEST stretchy boy shorts - totally OBSESSED with them xx