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I simply cannot get enough of them.  And testament to how useful they are - I even managed to wear them to a party yesterday.  Festival theme - maxi dress, trainers, tick tick.

Were I to write a list of must have items, the trainers would definitely definitely be on them.  I am going to throw it out there that with just my ankle boots and trainers - I would be sorted.  I do love sandals in the Summer but I don't find they send my heart racing like sneakers and boots.

The rules now say that they go with everything.  And are the perfect all year round shoe solution.  Which means it's ridiculously easy to justify a new pair - seeing as they also work as slippers, dog walking shoes, work shoes and even party shoes.  

I do have a penchant for an expensive pair (I'm not going to bang on about cost per wear again but if you need an explanation...) so the sales are the perfect time to go trainer hunting. 

Something for everyone here - so long as you're a mostly white trainer fan.  This is definitely my poison of choice.  Yes I have others but what do I always come back to?  That'll be the white ones.  Although I am tempted to ring the changes with some hi-tops.  Something I've flirted with for a while and never quite made the leap of faith.  I make it sound like I'm getting a tattoo or something equally as life changing.  But who knows, maybe they will be.  Interestingly, I will say that I do know for lots of people - the purchase of their first trainers IS life changing (in the first world sense of life changing that is.....)

First up, I'm going big.   Could I love these any more?  A hint of leopard, a metallic lace.  And Saint Laurent....

Saint Laurent Court Classic Distressed Leather Trainers were £425 now £297

adidas Originals Samba suede trimmed leather originals were £80 now £48

And gold Stan Smiths were £70 now £42

Punch hole trainers £19.50 from M&S

Variation on the theme now with pale pink. 

Court Classic star-applique canvas trainers was £410 now £246

And staying with the pink... 

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Superstar sneakers were £310 now £217

Then I'm just going to throw in the option of hi tops.  I'm definitely going to try some.

Comme des Garcons High Tops £95

And then of course there is the obvious choice - yes, my favourite, the Golden Goose.  Although I've never gone down the Francy route - maybe this year will be the year. 

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Francy Sneakers from Net a Porter was £310 now £186

Or these which I obviously prefer but they're not in the sale... DOH.  £325 from Net a Porter.

Iro Vacla leather high top sneakers were £270 now £135

Ostrich effect leather sneakers from Iris & Ink were £110 now £66

But bargain of the day has to be from Net a Porter - not something that you get to say very often, but when it comes to trainers and the Net a Porter sale, there's always a bargain. 

Nike Blazer Mid Suede and Shearling Hi Top Sneakers were £85 now £34

Here I am yesterday for the big Gleam party in my all my sneaker glory.  The theme was Festival.  Loved the dress, loved the trainers - THE most amazing party ever.  A total honour to be part of such an awesome company - the entire team at Gleam are simply superb. Met the tranche of young (ridiculously famous) You Tubers and honestly - what an amazing bunch they are.  Imagine having to peel the 12yr old of the ceiling as she gets a video message dedicated to her from Zoella!  She is going to be dining out on that for the next five years.

Dress - Saloni
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose
Jodie bag - Chloe

And not feeling so awesome this morning....

MTV tee - Hollister
Sequin jacket - Zadig & Voltaire
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose 
Jodie Bag - Chloe

London tomorrow for a breakfast with Skinceuticals who are one of my favourite skincare brands and then meetings before school run dash, the battle to do homework but with the carrot of going swimming afterwards, it hopefully shouldn't be too painful.  Seeing as it's going to be glorious again tomorrow.  

I'm going to see if I can try some hi tops on in London tomorrow and will report back.  Does anyone actually prefer their hi tops to low tops (are they even called that?  Low versions?  Normal sneakers?  Too much brain expenditure for one evening - I'm off to catch up on Say Yes to the Dress.  Have just discovered the Atlanta version on some obscure Sky channel.

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10 comentarios:

  1. Love the first Saint Laurent trainers but I have to say, I still adore my GG!I have one pair of hi-tops, which are Converse in white and pink leather and must be at least 15 years old. They mainly come out for festivals with maxi skirts or dresses but think I prefer low cut trainers!
    I'm with you on being happiest in trainers and ankle boots. Your party looked so much fun. Dancing is so much easier in the comfy footwear (something I hoped I'd never hear myself say!!)

    1. Oh dancing in trainers was SO SO SO amazing!!

  2. Low cut all the way for the GG ones but I seem to trash trainers so quickly not sure if spending more would be worth it. Party looks fab btw and love the dress

    1. That's one of the reasons I love them - the more bashed up they get the better they look!! And thank you - was really pleased with the dress!

  3. Love my trainers. I've two pairs of Stan Smiths although one is fit for the bin.
    Recently got these in navy suede (love) and the white leather pair is waiting to be collected in store.

    Wouldn't be a huge fan of hi tops. I tried a pair by Ash last year and just didn't feel it. Probably as low styles suit my wardrobe better.

    1. Ah now that's interesting as I used to wear Ash hi tops... hmmm good point and I did used to love them! Didn't get round to trying any on today. Just. Too. Hot. !

  4. I love hi tops, am wearing white leather Zara ones right now.

  5. I wear both, but I'm more likely to wear hi tops in cooler weather. I have a burgundy, suede pair of converse. But then the colour might make them seem less summery? I definitely choose paler, low trainers for summer.

    1. Yup, see what you're saying. Just thinking how much I do like wearing ankle boots. hmmm don't know!!!