Shopping your wardrobe

Which means what exactly?  Good point.  Essentially, wearing stuff you already own.  Well what a novel concept that is. 

Except with giving it a bit more thought... how to create new looks from things that you had for ages. 

And if you don't own a component to make the perfect outfit, it's the ideal excuse to invest in something that you will get oodles of versatility out of (I tried for the sum total of 2 seconds to think of a less Enid Blighton-esque word than "oodles" and failed.  What can I say?  The Magic Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair were the best thumbed books on my shelf).

And what has made me come up with this not remotely novel concept?  Outfit from last night.  I was lamenting the fact that, whilst all I seem to do is buy dresses, the one thing I didn't have that would work for a summer dinner was a dress.  Ok so that's obviously not entirely true.  The dress that I could wear on repeat is my Rixo Penelope Dress or to be fair, the green palm print Rose Dress would also have made a superb dinner party outfit.   

But apart from that - oh actually I could have worn the Preen Line dress I bought for Ascot... yeah I forgot about that one (what was I saying about shopping my wardrobe?  Big fat fail on that score for me then). 

But apart from the Rixo dresses and the Preen Line dress (I'm ignoring the other Preen Line dresses I have too... this is going swimmingly, isn't it?!), I don't have a plethora of dresses that work for a smarter Summer night out (if I have others that people can remember - for the purposes of this blog, let's just pretend I don't).

What I do have though are my new found love of skirts.  But what to wear with them to make them out out worthy? 

Oh hello silk shirt.  Sitting there, looking all forlorn having not been worn for ages.  And why on earth not?  

You know you sometimes try something on and wonder why you haven't been wearing this every day?  It's a perfect slightly more polished look than a tee.  It's the perfect Spring/Summer alternative to a cashmere jumper.  It works with skirts, it would look amazing half tucked in with jeans, killer belt (next on my hit list), longline loose blazer (or any jacket of your choice). 

Mine says dry clean but I have hand washed it (not going to lie - ironing it is a bitch but then I am beyond competent when it comes to ironing.  I must be the only person who manages to iron in more creases than I iron out) and it's good as new.  

I have a feeling that I will be relying on this a lot come the Autumn.  For me - it just lends that "grown up" feel to a slightly more on trend outfit - an instant hit of chic.  In my head anyway - but there's a lot of random stuff that goes on in there so I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. 

I'm convinced these are the answer to many outfit dilemmas and these are the ones I've found...

Cecilia Silk Shirt from hush £99 in black 

And cream 

Love the idea of a nude one. 

Silk shirt with pockets from Atelier R at La Redoute with 40% off, was £75 now £45

Or the midnight blue version which is still £75

Blue again in a different shade at & Other Stories £69

"Golden Palm" shade now (I'd go for mustard or ochre or a version of yellow) in the sale at ASOS. 

Gestuz Vega Silk Blouse was £109 now £85

Changing up the style slightly but staying with the same colour. 

Warehouse Silk Pleat Back Batwing Shirt was £79 now £48

Staying with collarless now at Uniqlo. 

Easy Care Silk Touch Blouse £24.90

In the olive again £24.90

Moving onto some shorter sleeved versions. 

Khaki oversized in the sale at & Other Stories was £49 now £25

Same top in a petrol shade of blue £49 (just tucked in although yes, it does look like a completely different blouse.  And there in lies the joy of them!).

And the same in black for £49 again from & Other Stories

Dover Silk Tee from hush £59

And an antique white silk tee which is now in the sale - was £65 now £40

I do think though that the outfit works.  For something that I threw on with very little thought, I am really quite pleased and it's definitely opened my eyes to outfit opportunities with a silk shirt.  I think any of the above would go with a plain skirt perfectly.  Or a print skirt.   Culottes, jeans, wide leg trousers and a biker jacket.  OMG have I actually just grown up?!


Silk Blouse - hush
Cream skirt - M&S
Shoe boots - Balenciaga
Earrings - Mango
Leopard Clutch - Tory Burch

So talk to me about silk shirts.. are you already a convert or have I managed to persuade you of their versatility?  And yes, the shoe boots.  I will confess.  Bicester treat last week.  At 75% off from Balenciaga, it would have been rude to leave them there.  When I know how comfy and how well Balenciaga shoes fit me.  Oh and I have had so so many people on Insta ask where they're from, ditto compliments last night, I will do a peep toe shoe boot blog soon.  

I have spent the loveliest day in London with the 12yr old - trip to the opticians (which I will tell you about soon as it really is a special experience) and then Topshop.  On a Saturday.  On Oxford Street.  All the mummy points right there.  (not forgetting the art shop - how I love my 12yr old!  The biggest treat ever for her after a trip to Waterstones.  Although I did have some rather fabulous Real Techniques brushes delivered today, two of which she's already pilfered!).

Hope you're having a great weekend.

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10 comentarios:

  1. Love your outfit ..... especially the shoe boots!

    1. They're rather fabulous aren't they? Thank you!! x

  2. You look amazing. I love a silk shirt, I have a few (lot) ��

    1. They're ridiculously easy to justify though, aren't they?!

  3. I do a bit of shopping my wardrobe! Sometimes I earmark things I haven't worn for ages, an if I haven't worn them a couple of months then they'll probably go. There are items I fall back in love with, others that I wear and realise why I haven't worn them for ages, and some that I don't want to wear, so they are removed from my wardrobe.
    Silk shirts are great, I have three, but am on the look out for that perfect navy silk shirt.

  4. I bought a lovely &otherstories one from TKMaxx a couple of years ago for ...... £5 😆

  5. I can't keep them clean :-( Every single one ends up with greasy spots on them. I can remove them but it's such a faff I've just given up on them. Except a navy Esprit v-neck collarless one that seems to last but I never feel like me in it! xx

    1. Ooh that's interesting - I've not had a problem with mine. Which is a surprise as I usually the messiest person ever!