A little bit of festival

Just a little, not a lot. 

So it seems you can't move these days without there being a festival.  Which is all well and good until it comes to deciding what to wear.  Seriously, if you thought it was difficult to dress for an occasion like a wedding or Ascot, may I present the nightmare that is "festival".

If ever there was a time when it's easy to get it wrong - this has to be it.  And chances are, you'll have spent a fortune on something new, turn up and think OH DEAR LORD ALIVE, WHAT AM I WEARING?

My plan is go with what works for you, with an extra hint of bling.  And for me, that is a sequin.  Or 234998.

Such an easy addition to your wardrobe.  Or handily you may have something knocking around from the festive season.  And whilst we're mentioning good old Christmas, think ahead and you can kill two party birds with one stone.  Buy now, where now, something in the bag come November.  Ta Dah!  If that isn't justification made easy, I don't know what is. 

And even if there isn't a festival on the horizon, who says sequins have to be purely party fodder.  Today I am donning the bling.  Jeans, tee, trainers - day with the family, mum's taxi and a BBQ and I'm sorted.

My sequin poison of choice is the jacket.  But that's not to say I couldn't be tempted by a skirt. 

And I know for some people, they prefer a top - especially if you're going somewhere warm. 

I'm starting with in for a penny in for a million sequin squid.  Why limit yourself to one colour when you can layer loads?

These are so easy to wear (yes that is boob and bra dependent) under a denim jacket, biker or blazer - whichever jacket tribe you are a member of (ok you can shoot me for saying that - it just slipped out whilst typing - SORRY).

River Island Multi Sequin Stripe Cami £35

ASOS Sequin Cami with V neck £26 in lilac (they'd say lilac, I'd say purple). 

Or a silver version, again £26

In gold... again £26

More on offer at Mango. 

Sequinned strap top was £29.99 now £15.99

Another one from Mango in green. 

Sequinned top in acqua green was £35.99 now £15.99

Floral cami at Warehouse and in the sale.  Just in time for your festival packing.  Was £45 now £20.

Other tops with a bit more coverage. 

Sequinned message t-shirt from Mango was £29.99 now £15.99

Now hold onto your horses for this one.  This is a thing of dreams.  Or it could be nightmares.  I blooming love this.  So chuffing wrong, it's right. 

Mad But Magic High Neck Top with Ruffles in Sequin was £40 now £12

Or looser also at Mango.  This with a pair of denim cut offs (or jeans if you'd prefer) would be perfect. 

Metal applique t-shirt from Mango £17.99

Looser again but this time with the most fabulous vintage vibe.  Team with distressed jeans for festival chic.  Come the party season - skinnies and heels and you're done. 

Sequinned batwing jumper from La Redoute was £95 now £66.50

Skirts now. 

River Island Midi Skirt was £45 now £18

Mini skirt at Topshop £45

However.. oh MAN.  This is the terrible thing about writing this blog.  I didn't even know I needed a sequin maxi skirt, yet the very words, if I read them out loud, send chills down my spine.  For me, this is the perfect skirt for so many occasions.  Ankle boots, jumper, biker - and I'd wear this to a work meeting.  Tee, trainers, denim jacket and it's festival worthy.  I'm going in folks.  This is a skirt that will pay for itself by September.  Dare I say Christmas Day outfit done?  (Not with this cropped top for me - I repeat - not with this cropped top....!) 

ASOS Sequin Maxi Skirt £60

For me, that's the safe option.  So from the sublime to the some might say ridiculous but for a festival, anything goes. 

MOTO Large Sequin Joni Jeans £59 

There is of course the dress option. 

Religion Sequin Shirt Dress £110

Slightly skimpier number at Warehouse.  Denim jacket, wellies and you're off. 

Printed Sequin Dress from Warehouse was £89 now £35

But possibly the easiest thing to wear is the sequin jacket.  These last forever.  Wear to parties, wear to the supermarket. 

Sequin Embroidered Jacket from Mango was £89.99 now £49.99

Here's a random one I'm throwing in.  Yes it's a man's one.  But in a small size?  Blooming genius.  If I didn't have a black one already, I would have bought this in a heartbeat. 

ASOS Super Skinny in black velvet with sequins £75

Full on kaftan now.  Subtle on the sequins but still big on statement. 

Sequinned embroidery kaftan from Mango was £119.99 now £49.99

And finally the most similar to mine that people are always always asking me about.  Mine is about six years old from Zara. 

Lily Boutique Sequin Tailored Blazer from Boohoo was £30 now £15

And here I am "rocking it" in mine.  An old Zara number - must be 7yrs old.  I am like Gretal walking round dropping sequins - no chance of losing me in this, just follow the little sparkly discs that are all over the floor.

Sequin jacket - Zara
Happy Satchel - Hill & Friends
Rose tee - FWP-BY 
Phoebe Jeans - MiH
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose 

We're off out this evening to a BBQ and I'm going as is.  The husband has already asked if I'm in fancy dress and at lunch, the entire family did a good job of studiously trying to pretend I wasn't with them.   Whadda they know?!  

I am all over the sequins for a big festival party I have coming up on Tuesday night (a TUESDAY!  AND I get to stay over for the night, in a hotel - can you imagine how ridiculously excited I am...). 

And then, off to Port Elliot at the end of the month, which is a complete sequin and glitter fest.  So this probably isn't the last you've heard of the subject.  Can I tempt you with a summer sequin?

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12 comentarios:

  1. Hallelujah! If there's one thing I'm not in need of, it's sequinned stuff. I have T-shirts, camis, bomber jacket, skirt, leggings (in both gold and black), even glittery espadrilles. I do love a sequin though, but it's so refreshing to read your blog and know I'm already covered! Refreshing and, of course, cheap - which is just as well, since you mentioned GREEN LEATHER at Hush this AW....

    1. Yup. Green. Honestly divine. And the green knitwear? Start saving. xxx

  2. I bought a sequinned silver skirt when we lived in Bangkok for about a fiver...and I wear it every year. Not sure about the sequinned trousers though...but given my first thought was about comfort, don't think I'm quite the target customer! Loving the man's jacket...if only because the photo cracked me up!

    1. I had trousers actually now that I remember from H&M but they were super scratchy and kept catching on everything so I took them back. The skirt though... OH the skirt...

  3. I'm not sure which size I've got - I'll check and get back to you. I LOVE the slightly lower round neck. It's a really really flattering fit x

  4. Hi Kat, I'd love to know which size you have too please, it looks fab!

    1. Small!! Which I would say is a 10. Hope that helps xxx

  5. It does, ordered! Thanks so much :) x

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