It's getting hot in here...

... so the obvious choice is black. 

What is it about the summer that brings us all out in black?  Yesterday I spent the morning in London but scuttled back home to work for the afternoon - it was just too warm (not sure what I was thinking of though - sat there looking at the thermo which says 30 degrees... !) and I realised that everyone was wearing black. 

Including me.  I do this every year - in fact, I've probably already done it this season (I did try and search but couldn't find it and am so hellbent on writing another blog on this, I didn't pay that much attention).  

Super warm weather brings out the black.  Why?  Well I'm sure that everyone else has their reasons but for me it's because I generally feel such a hideous sweaty mess (holding back there as you can see), I feel by wearing black, I claw back a teensy element of chic.  Hair tied back, big earrings, big sunnies and in my head, the sweaty crotch doesn't seem quite so heinous.

It's also a great option to have in your wardrobe - well, that is if you're a massive fan of black like I am.  To be fair - this could also work for navy.  Maybe I'll do a navy blog as well - what do we think?  But in the meantime, I'm extolling the virtues today of a lack of colour and an increase in versatility.  The other superb thing about black is that it never goes out of fashion.  The things that have lasted longest in my wardrobe are good old black numbers.  It's like a security blanket for me - my favourite question in a shop is usually "does it come in black?"

I'm looking for one pieces today as well, just to make everything super simple.  One piece which can be a jumpsuit or a dress.  Simply add shoes, a bag and jewellery and you're off.  And nothing too clingy.  No one wants to have their outfit sellotaped to their body in a total sweat fest.  

Starting with some perfect LBD's for the Summer (which will also take you into the Autumn.  Keep those brown legs out - just add ankle boots).

Hove Tie Detail Jersey Dress from Finery London was £45 now £18

Ruffle Detail Dress from Jigsaw was £120 now £90

Floral Linen Embroidered Dress from Jigsaw was £98 now £78

Cold Shoulder Dress from & Other Stories £69

Midi length now at & Other Stories - oversized shirt dress £69

Midi again in the sale at All Saints

Elie Dress was £148 now £74

Casey Draped Hem Dress from Jigsaw was £299 now £239

Moving onto longer again at All Saints.

Arla dress £198

ASOS Knitted Dress with V Neck and Hem Detail £28

And then some fun ones.  You wouldn't be wearing these to a meeting but they're the perfect dresses for your holiday wardrobe.

ASOS Cami Beach Dress with Dipped Hem £28

Selected Cross Back Detail Dress £85

ASOS Tall Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress £20

ASOS Halter Swing Maxi Dress £22

And then a jumpsuit from Jigsaw - I thought there would be a plethora of these but no.  I'm going to keep looking - I definitely need another summer jumpsuit thread.

Belted Jumpsuit from Jigsaw £170

And here I am in my jumpsuit yesterday.  This is my absolute go to "need to look chic" outfit for boiling weather.  

Jumpsuit - Finery
Shoes - & Other Stories
Happy Satchel - Hill & Friends (now half price)

So today I have been at Sports Day all day, helping out - doing my mother of the year bit.  Every year I moan like billio about it as it's always so hot but I have to say, I really don't mind that much (she says after it's finished).  The joy of flexible working.  Emails in between races and at lunch time, armed with a snifter of champagne.  And the sun has been shining... there are definitely worse ways to spend a Friday.  Off to a friend's for an Hugo (best cocktail ever) and then out for dinner in London.  Pictures tomorrow but outfits today have involved two dresses, none of which are black.  I'm having a colour moment (and I'm nothing if not the world's most fickle fashion magpie).

Are you a black or full on colour summer person?  Bit of both or do you stick to the neutral?

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16 comentarios:

  1. I do do colour in the summer, but I also do navy (so yes to the navy blog). I have just invested in a dress, that'll be good now, but will also be good in the autumn. It's my kind of dress, a sports lux style with a thigh high split, so I'll be layering it over shorts, cropped trousers, and later on full length trousers.

    1. GENIUS!! And yes to the navy - fabulous!

  2. I am so guilty of turning to black all too frequently, but I literally feel over dressed in colour, apart from the odd pop here and there, i'm a total fashion coward.

  3. I love Black too but I got the Purple jumpsuit from finery early in the year it's lovely and loose for now when it's sooo hot but now want that Blacj jumpsuit you have on but think it is sold out ☹️ LOVE Your Blog & live videos you make me smile Kat keep up the good work xxx

    1. Their clothes are such great quality, aren't they? And thank you xxx

  4. Yes to navy! I have a black maxi from Oasis which I bought about 4 years ago and it gets worn every summer - not only is it black, the arm holes are loose so no sweaty pit issues...can't stand anything tight under my arms in summer! Or tight anywhere, to be honest....

  5. My god I love à Hugo!!! Discovered in Germany.

    1. AHA!! Yes, we were introduced to it by our German friends in Italy who were convinced it was an Italian drink. errr no... you guys made it up. But it is awesome!

  6. I have definitely gone towards neutrals this summer, you can always add colourful accessories. I agree they just go with anything and feel chic in the heat. I replaced a few items this summer and one was a pair of thai fisherman's trousers from plumo, in, yes, black and the other was a navy jumpsuit from Selected in asos sale for £16 :). So, yes to a navy blog!

    1. OOH which ones?? Am eyeing some up at the moment..... from Plumo..

  7. And you look great in your jumpsuit, btw.

  8. Another vote for navy please! I find it works better for me personally as black washes me out, but I'm always envious of those who can just throw it on and look instantly groomed.

    1. Coming up later in the week. And navy can do that, just like black can!