The Riviera effect

So hands up who's watching?  And if you haven't seen it - what rock have you been hiding under?  The story is amazing but the first thing that we need to talk about is the fashion.  Dress.  Porn.  So the main character is played by Julia Stiles who is a pretty young thing who lives on... the Riviera (yes, the clue is in the title).

The husband maintains that she's a "woman's woman"... in other words he doesn't fancy her.  I, however, think she is divine looking.  What I love most about her in this programme is that she looks totally and utterly sublime, without looking polished within an inch of her life.  She looks, dare I say it, normal.  

Except... she rocks a shirt dress.  And she rocks a pair of heels.  Instant chic.  Instant polish.  Instant Riviera. 

Without further ado, I am ALL over the shirt dresses (I have a couple which I shall be donning towards the end of the week with French aplomb.  I'm still toying with heels but it depends what I'm up to). 

Here Julia is, in character...                                          

And here are the ones I have found. 

The first - and I think possibly the most expensive, but a great reduction, is my favourite (obviously).
Raquel Allegra Crepe Midi Dress was £550 now £165 

Going short now which will work for possibly more people and whilst we're here - these are PERFECT for work.

Monki Tunic Shirt Dress from ASOS £30

Weekday Cupro Peachey Feel Shirt Dress in yellow £50

Monki Sleeveless White Shirt Dress £30

White again at La Redoute, where is sales tastic at the moment.   This is a Riviera moment if ever I saw one.  Possibly no coincidence that it's a French company?

Plain Shirt Dress from Atelier R was £55 now £27.50

And the same in navy blue was £55 now £33

Longer sleeved now, ideal to take you into Autumn.

Pure Cotton Belted Long Sleeve Shirt Dress from Autograph at M&S £65

And the ink version. 

Or the white.

And long sleeve maxi style in the sale at Wallis. 

Wallis Leaf Print Maxi Shirt Dress was £55 now £35

Another print dress from La Redoute.

Printed button-through dress from Atelier R was £69 now £34.50

Drop waist printed shirt from La Redoute was £59 now £23.60

Deliciously stripy at Hobbs. 

Joyce Shirt Dress £139

Leopard at La Redoute was £65 now £32.50

Longer in check - checked shirt dress from La Redoute was £69 now £34.50

And one I would happily wear, from Unique 21, a printed shirt maxi dress was £45 now £32

I will be sporting mine towards the end of the week - but for the moment, I am actually all over the maxi floral skirt.  To be explored in more detail tomorrow.  And shall I do sandals again?  Heeled or flat?  I still have the navy blog up my sleeve, so fear not, all black haters.

Look away now though as this was me in a black jacket the other day.  BOILING hot, I will point out.

Tee - Isabel Marant
Phoebe jeans - MiH
Red boots - Topshop
Blazer - Zara
Happy Satchel - Hill & Friends

Tonight, I am away with the husband at one of my favourite hotels - The Slaughters Manor House in the Cotswolds, for his birthday.  We obviously went via Bicester.. all will be revealed v shortly. 

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12 comentarios:

  1. Love a shirt dress! Practically the only type of dress I feel comfortable in (also bonus points for being able to breastfeed easily) but have never tried a maxi version... is this a bad idea at 5ft nothing I wonder?? Might have to investigate. Love the shorter black one - a total wear anywhere option.

    1. I don't think it matters what height you are so long as the length is right for you - ie not too long but a good maxi. The proportions are important and of course - it depends on whether you feel comfortable in them!!!

  2. Ha ha I've been driving the husband mad with my cooings over her wardrobe. It really is lovely isn't it? And I guess we're not the only ones frantically googling shirt dresses. Kicking myself for getting rid of two perfectly nice ones earlier this year. Why does that always happen?? x

    1. Oh god ALWAYS the way. Still pining after the perfect velvet blazer I hadn't worn for 8 years and then binned. Of course, can I now find one that is as good? NO!!!!

  3. Oh, thank you! Got a code (SAVE30) text to me today from La Redoute for 30% off everything (even sale),so just bought the white shirt dress for £19.25 and FREE DELIVERY! I'm going to need another suitcase to fit all my holiday clothes in at this rate.

  4. Love the classic shirt dress! Also enjoying the show, thank you for the recommendation!

  5. Back in time to the Eighties!

  6. Love that black one but thinking that come the autumn when I'm donning thick black tights (it's Scotland, you know ;-)) it might be a bit much blackness!

    1. There can never be too much blackness...!!!!