How to survive a festival....

...when it's raining.  As this is the UK and despite the fact it's Summer - or actually, even because it's Summer -  the chances of it raining are on the high side.  

And this weekend at Port Eliot was a total rain-fest.  Whichever festival floats your boat - or even if it's just camping, I have put together a tried and tested guide to surviving without having to resort to plastic bags on your feet or fashioning a binbag into a poncho.

First up  - gin.  Ok so not really gin but oh my lord it helps.  Plus I can testify to it not giving you a hangover.  I promise. 

But now, onto the practical which will guarantee you the best camping experience ever, whatever the weather (although we are talking wet here - specifically wet).

First up, the three things that totally saved my bacon this weekend. 

Hat, jacket and boots. 

I'm going to start with the jacket as that's probably the most surprising revelation of the weekend.  What did I end up wearing non stop which was both waterproof, warm and stylish?  A leather jacket. 

Ok yes that sounds insane.  But as someone pointed out to me over the weekend, this is what bikers wear come hell or high water.  Leather is waterproof, warm and yes, practical.  All makes sense now, doesn't it?   And I can confirm that mine well and truly stood up to the deluge of rain that we had (constantly!  Not on Sunday actually - Sunday was glorious but Friday and Saturday were slightly more than "mildly damp"...).

And then of course there are the boots.  I went for short Hunters.  In black.  The classic and the best.  I can confirm that they are the ultimate in waterproof and mud proof having been well and truly put through their paces this weekend.

And the hat... 

So.  This isn't necessarily what one would consider to be a waterproof hat but it is.  It was pure perfection all weekend and I couldn't have done without it.  Even when it wasn't raining, my hair was car crash, so this was utterly invaluable.

Ladies Luxury Grey Fedora in Elephant Grey £319 (10% off when you sign up to the website).

And speaking of random things that proved to be the most useful things ever - oh hello leather leggings.  Ditto with regards to the leather jacket - it's the perfect weather proof item.  Thomasina Miers, who did a foodie demo, said exactly the same thing - I am in supremely awesome company (she is amazing and my 12yr old was her helper on the day.  Plucked from the audience and she could not have been more pleased!).  Alas, the hush ones I have are sold out (this is what happens when you end up having to wear A/W stock in July!) BUT they are back in stock on the 15th of August (or the 16th.... I'm sure it's the 15th when all their new stock comes in and oh my lord, there are some amazing amazing things).

But on the first day, I wore waxed trousers which were also superb and are now back in stock at Boden for the new season. 

Other trousers I took with me which I wore were a pair of camo joggers.  For the day when it stopped raining and needed something ridiculously comfortable.  These have sold out but I am back into all things comfy so will be on the hunt for similar to blog about.

Speaking of comfortable - at night, this is what I took to sleep in.  These are THE perfect festival trousers.  I wore them to bed and then had no qualms at all about bombing out (ok so with the volume of mud it was more squelching and sloshing) to the loo and for coffee in the morning.  I will also let you into a secret, in that I often wear these to bed and then go and walk the dog and do the school run in them.  MINGER I know, but I do then wash them.  I have had mine for four years now and wear them every week.  Wash and tumble dry and they are still in pristine condition.

Not to mention the sweatshirt.  The perfect off duty, loungewear sweatshirt.  When I'm on holiday (and I include festival in this..) I take these with me.  BUT the ones I have are sold out... Duh.  So, I'm going to go on a loungewear hunt and do a separate blog on it as for me - when I'm on away (Suffolk next week for example), this is what I live in every evening and for dog walks on the beach in the morning.  So hold fire on this one, I will be back.

Then we come onto the tees.  I lived in tees.  Perfect for layering under jumpers and wearing on their own. 

This was my favourite - I know, I've worn it loads and I've featured it before but it is simply the best t-shirt I've found this summer.  The perfect low scoop (but not too low) neckline, not clingy but fitted enough to sit over skinny jeans without being a nothing shape. 

And bag wise - oh did I have the most perfect festival bag.  Cross body, supremely easy to get access to (and believe me, when you have an autistic 10yr old with mud where he doesn't want mud to be, you need to be able to get hold of those wet wipes QUICKLY!) small but randomly like the tardis.  

There were two things that I did feel though that I really hadn't mastered.  How to clean your face.  The wipes (and they were proper facial wipes) were horrendous.  Seriously awful and I don't believe that there are any wipes that are amazing (I am open to suggestions) but there is no way I was leaving my make up on (so I guess the wipes "were" better than nothing I guess).  There's no hot water so it's really hard to cleanse your face the traditional way.  What to do?!

And secondly - a decent bag for all your stuff (especially relevant when you have a LOT of stuff).  Because you need to carry it.   For a long way.  All suggestions gratefully received! 

Here are the outfit photos from the weekend.  Which was truly fabulous.  There weren't even any tears.  There may have been a couple of shouty moments but apart from that, it was a weekend of fun, frolics, fashion, films and gin.  Thank you Port Eliot, thank you to everyone who came to see my talk at the hush tent and then the Blogger panel that I was also on and thank you to my fabulous friends and family for making it, yet again, an epic weekend.

This was the journey down when I ambitiously thought it might not yet rain.  Ha ha ha.  The trainers were changed into wellies the minute we parked.  My hair stayed like for approximately 30 seconds after getting out of the car.


Rose tee - FWP-by
Mayfair wax jeans - Boden
Onyx leather jacket in grey - hush
Penshaw bag - Village England
Copeland sneakers in blue glitter - Air & Grace

Later on - in a minute when it wasn't raining.


As above but with..

Fedora - Penmayne London
Short Wellington boots - Hunter Boots
Jumper - as below.

For the next day.. delirium setting in.  This was at 9.30 in the evening.  You can't see that it is torrential rain. 


All the same as above apart from..

Tee - Rotten Roach
LOVE jumper - hush (new season - coming in two weeks)
Berry leather leggings - hush (mine are two years old but they are coming in for new season again in two weeks).

And on the Sunday when it did stop raining.  You can't get a good idea of the mud from here.  But you can get an idea of how stunningly gorgeous a venue it is.


Joggers - Topshop 
Que sera sera tee - hush (new season - hold your horses!).

So I hope that sums up pretty much what I found invaluable.  Any other questions, fire away.  I will be back tomorrow with some ideas that I've picked up over the weekend.  All other pics from the weekend over on Instagram if you'd like to have a look (@doesmybumlook40). 

Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend.  I have to unpack to go away again this weekend (which I am SO looking forward to) and it's more practical UK stuff... although I feel I need to do a full on last min Summer holiday blog too.  

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15 comentarios:

  1. You are my hero! You survived a rainy three-day festival, with two children, one with Autism (being I bit OCD about dirt myself, I feel empathy!), and you look THIS GOOD?! Wow! I LOVE the wellies and, while I can't afford a £300+ hat, I'm hoping I can find a substitute with LL Bean or Cabell's. Kudos!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I went for Clarins one step cleanser and an oilcloth rucksack for all the 'stuff'!

  3. I bought the black harem pants based on your suggestion and write up! Good going on the muddy, rainy weekend. You made it look fun!

  4. I remember going a few years ago and Jill Kennington was there taking portraits - I was so pleased to get one then realised when I got the photo in the post a while later I just had the worst unwashed uncleansed dirt bag festival look ever - well done on keeping stylish!!!!

  5. How's about Micellar water and cotton rounds? Bit more work than wipes but definitely won't dry your skin and takes it all off without crazy rubbing of skin

    1. That was what I was going to suggest, it's gentle but effective, and no need to rinse off. I've not tried it on waterproof mascara though.

    2. same here - thats what I was going to suggest.

  6. Fedora is essential Festival or camping wear ... whatever the weather! I head to TKMaxx for a browse.
    Wear tubing mascara rather than waterproof, and take a mini bottle of micellar with some cotton pads. Better than wipes, but I think wipe away with water soaked pads if you possibly can (micellar still leaves nasties on your skin).

  7. Do a wipe and then a micellar water or gel (micellar gels are also rinse free and great) and that is sort of the closest you can get to a camping double cleanse. I would actually do a sheet mask after that instead of layering product, and seal with a cream if you are still awake. Or fall asleep with the sheet mask on. Whatever.

    But my bestest festival tip is, seriously, stay at a hotel.

  8. Neutrogena make up wipes are great (especially the fragrance free ones), but they do leave a residue. I just wipe my face with a towel afterwards which removes it, and my skin never feels dry or tight.

  9. Much more stylish that the old cagoule I wore at the Cambridge folk festival... where I also managed to get sunburnt. But a fine time was had by all as with you. I barely washed my face...

  10. Kat, what size hat do you take in this brand?

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