So the 80s are still on the phone...

...but this time they want their belts back.  

Things I never thought I'd wear again - the waist belt.  Seeing as I don't have a waist.  I always felt that if I drew my attention to my non existent middle it would emphasise it.  Now I haven't developed a waist in the intervening years, that is for sure.  

I reckon I just don't care any more.  I have resurrected a waist belt that I bought sixteen years ago from Whistles.  I'm not sure I've ever actually worn it.  But today, I threw it on with a black dress that I would wear to the beach usually and hey to the ho, I blooming loved it. 

Funnily enough, I have been looking at belts generally.  On Saturday in London, I was salivating over the belts in Topshop and have been wearing and loving a large eyelet leather one I got earlier in the year from Weekend at ASOS. 

I am all over belts at the moment.  And they are something of which I basically own NONE.  It's also something that I don't think you have to spend loads of money on.  You can buy designer branded belts and I looked at these earlier in the year but for me, it's not something that I would be blowing my budget on. 

Starting with Topshop where I had wanted to look more but too many people... plus there are loads more online than they had in store.

First up, star studs.  All the love for this.  Over maxi dresses, how fabulous would this be?  It would transform a plain black dress.  

Star Stud Cinch Waist Belt £40 from Topshop

Slightly more simple now.

Retro Luxe London Studded Ring Pull Belt was £50 now £30

Black round buckle elasticated waist band from River Island £18

And this one, well I do love.  I have a slight concern that I may have muffin leakage through the middle of the belt... so there may be a reason why it's now essentially a fiver.  But if you don't have excess love around the middle, this could so work. 

ASOS studded horse shoe buckle waist belt was £14 now £5.50

Moving on now to belts to wear with jeans, although I'm not sure there is any reason why you couldn't wear this over a dress?  This is the most similar to the belt I have although slightly larger which I have to say I am loving.  The problem I have is that mine doesn't have a belt loopy thing so the end flaps about.  All the technical terminology right there.

Reclaimed Vintage Oversized Eyelet Belt £26

Also loving this one although it's not leather but I'm not sure that matters if it's amazing?  If it works for Stella McCartney...

PU Dome Stud Wide Belt from Topshop £24

Studs and rings, again at Topshop £22

Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Ring Buckle Belt £30

If black is too harsh for you but you'd rather not go down the tan/brown route.

Steel Studded Jeans Belt at Mint Velvet £49

All the colour now.  This is awesome.  I saw it in Topshop on Saturday (Topshop on Oxford Street that was and as we were shopping with the rest of London and every single student tourist currently residing in the UK, I wasn't queuing up for anything.  Think disaster movie with backpacks).

Studded Leather Belt from Topshop £26

Black, navy, red and gold at Topshop - £24

Navy waist belt from ASOS and leopard... 

ASOS leopard multi keeper waist and hip belt £12

But if you are looking for a tan waist belt, then thanking you kindly M&S.  They only have a medium left in stock but at least that should hopefully fit more than just a small or a large.

Leather Weave Waist Belt from M&S was £32.50 now £19

And here I am today.  So I felt ever so slightly like an extra from Gyspy but all in all I think it works.  Lovely day in London, having my hair done (colour by Mads and a blow dry by Sophie and I can't recommend them highly enough - thank you Josh Wood!), a trip to Scoop to have a look at some S/S brands for next year (leather joggers, blazers and t-shirts to die for - that's my wardrobe sorted) and then lunch with some lovely friends who I have known for years online but met for the first time today.  So strange when you meet people you feel like you've *known* forever but have never met in the flesh.  Four hours later with only one glass of wine each (I KNOW RIGHT?!) we left!


Dress - & Other Stories 
Sandals - What Frankie Did Next
Jodie bag - Chloe 
Belt - Whistles

Tomorrow - back to London for meetings - trying to cram it all in before the end of term.  How amazing was the weather today?  And for the first in forever - I got the wardrobe weather appropriate.  Now how will I manage tomorrow..?! 

Oh and can I just apologise now, as I fear I may be slightly addicted to the belt so you may be seeing it over dress I own for a while... 

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18 comentarios:

  1. All of them. I'll have all of them (even though I'm not short on belts, some of which are quite similar to those above). Yup - take them all. Thank you.

    1. It's the one thing I literally have in ridiculously short supply!

  2. Must admit I've become a tiny bit obsessed by Elliot Rhodes belts, they're good quality but most importantly you can swap the buckles over, and they have an amazing selection. I may have bought three already!
    As for the eighties, wide, waist cinching belts were worn over a black tight skirt and black body, in the days when I could fit into a size 8. Does bring the Robert Palmer video to mind, and a slight cringe to my face!

    1. oh LORDY don't say that. I can never unsee that!

  3. Still dying for your skincare post!

  4. Just had a MASSive clear out (and a massive buy in, all bargains) but have I saved my 80s belts? just ran upstairs to check... Yes still there, thanks for that!

    1. YAY! This is what I normally do all the time. It's a miracle I've kept this belt - a MIRACLE!

  5. Fabulous Sandals - Well Wear... really gorgeous. Audrey x

    1. They're gorgeous, aren't they? Boho without being in your face embroidery

  6. No 'belt loopy thing'? Try a same coloured elastic hair tie. Job done!

    1. OMG this is genius. LOVE it. (maybe only on black...!)

  7. Not for me - I have no waist at all, so putting a belt around it just draws attention to the fact that I'm thick through the middle. Like belting a sack of spuds!

    1. That's what I thought - but I have to say I think if it balances out with something more voluminous above, it does work!

  8. Do you remember the studded belt that Carrie wore in the first Sex and the City film. Apparently Sarah Jessica wouldn't take it off!

    1. No but I now need to google it and will no doubt waste hours of my life trying to track it down!

  9. For those of us with massive stomachs that look slightly pregnant but haven't been for a long while (thank you wine, cheese and middle age/willpower fails...) these definitely don't work. What are your thoughts on wide hip belts (similiar styles to these but sitting low on the hip with maxi dresses? I had a Jocasi Moon belt years (and three dress sizes) ago - should they stay in the past or could they be a similar solution for those of us with a slightly different waist issue!?

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