And the colour of the season for me is... 

Red is definitely a contender for second place and I am going to be looking at a red selection shortly, but first up, I'm all about the green.

All of the shades, all at the same time.

But I'm not starting with clothes - today I'm all about the accessories.  Those little extras that can make all the difference to an outfit.  They're also great for introducing a new colour - so starting with something small to see if it works for you.  You can then layer on more of the same colour with clothes, if you feel like it.  

I aim to be essentially tree.  I am doing all the green.

First up though, my still must have and the easiest to wear - earrings.  The bigger, the greener, the better.  

Green Split Disc and Tassel Earrings from Topshop £12.50

The originals and still the best?

Green Bead and Tassel Earrings £14 from Topshop

Teal at Aldo £12

And these gems from Very Exclusive.

Ottoman Hands Stone & Tassel Earrings in Green

Then a scarf... I love love LOVE the colour of this.  And who doesn't love a little bit of McQueen? 

Skill print silk chiffon scarf from Alexander McQueen £165

Or how about a belt?  Indulging in my current love of waist belts.  

Polly Waist Belt from Boden £30

With a matching pair of shoes?  Polly Mid Heel Court Shoes from Boden £98

And them moving onto boots.  Green boots.  Oh hello. 

Matcha Pointed Boots from Topshop £62

Higher at Kurt Geiger.

Raine Green Mid heel (they say mid, I say HIGH!) Ankle Boot £189

Teal... so not theoretically green but not blue either.  I love these.  Absolutely LOVE. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Velvet Trainers £60

And then onto bags.

Starting with a cracker.

Soho Grained Leather Cross Body Bag £640

More reasonable and larger at M&S.

Faux Leather Tassel Shopper £39.50

Leather Tote at & Other Stories £115 

Faux leather in bottle green at M&S £39.50

And the newest addition to my bag family.  To be honest, is there any need to wear any other green when you have something as fabulous as this?

Happy Bag in Jelly Bean Green Leopard £595

Here I am today with said bag.


Que Sera Sera tee - hush
Black leather skirt - M&S
Blazer - Zara
Trainers - My Fashion Tribu
Happy Bag - Hill & Friends 

So I am off to get changed - Friday night drinks and dinner with the husband and friends.  And then tomorrow - a big packing day as my 10yr old goes off on his week long activity holiday with school.  I don't think I'll sleep for a whole week worrying!  I have the most ridiculously busy week, so hopefully won't have a chance to think about it too much...

Green - yay or nay?  I think it looks amazing with black, I love it with tan, superb with red and just ideal with shades of blue.  Not to mention pink.. trust me - that one really works.  What colour are you going to be mainly doing this season or is your wardrobe a riot of colour all the time?

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18 comentarios:

  1. I've always loved green. Anything from a bright pea green to a muted khaki. Anytime I design a space I always add a touch of green - plants, accent pieces or just a small candle. It gives depth to a room. Or an outfit. Love the earrings. I have a v old pair of Stella & Dot green chandelier earrings that I'll be re purposing this season. Plus a small purchase of one of your great tassel earring suggestions. Love the blog Kat.

    1. It's definitely timeless, isn't it?!! Love the idea of putting more of it in your home. Genius x

  2. Loving all of those earrings!
    I'm not a full on green person, but I do have a few things that I absolutely love in green, one is a silk blouse with a botanical meets Malene Birger style print, the other is a skinny scarf from Boden where the bottle green print also has blush in it (the scarf really sets off a blush top paired with a green cardigan - randomly it works!).
    But really, bring on the Red! Not sure about head to toe, but never a season goes by without me being in red at some point!

  3. Love the vibrant emerald colours. Off topic but do you think the McQueen scarves still work? I have one somewhere.

    1. It's a personal thing but I definitely still love all things McQueen!

  4. Haven't dared venture into the world of green yet, still a scared khaki girl!

  5. Yes, yes, yes, love, love, love green - any shade. Green and navy my preferred combo. I’m totally convinced now by the gucci bag!

  6. I didn't know I NEEDED green boots until now, off to buy them 😎

  7. I've got the kind of complexion and green eyes that are made for green but I feel I just turn into some kind of autumnal woodland creature so I rarely venture there. Plus, the colours of greens I like never exist in clothes I would want to buy :D By chance I do have on an emerald green jumper top thing today and have had a lot of compliments. But really anything that brings out the green in my eyes is a no for me ;-) xx

  8. Nope sorry hate green give me blue anyway , where was the blue polo neck sweater from you tried on in Instagram stories the other day ?

  9. Recently fallen back in love with green and dug out my longchamp bag. In the market for a pair of shoes and maybe some trousers. And a top. Love the colour of those boden shoes but too high. Waiting eagerly for your next green blog

  10. I love green! especially olive (I know you say khaki in the UK) and the deeper tones like bottle green. The first Topshop tassel earrings with the gold disc are my favorite, and the Gucci crossbody in that shade... to die for! That M&S shopper is really nice too, you'd never guess it was so cheap from the looks of it.