Are there new trainers on the block?


This is in the interests of research.  I am going to hold my hands up and say, I'm not sure.  

I am wedded to trainers of the white variety.  It took me so long to come around to them, yet they're now surgically attached to my feet.  

I have tried to venture slightly off piste in the last couple of years.  Put my toe in the water with a leopard pair (useful on occasions but not the "must haves" I thought they would be), ditto the red pair although I do have bouts of loving them (the 12yr old has her eye on these.  She has two hopes of getting her hands on them and one of them is Bob).

I am still obsessed with white trainers.  I cannot get enough of them.  But then I keep seeing black pairs. 

Which I immediately dismissed.  However they've become a total brain worm.  You know when something gets into your head and you can't quite unsee how awesome it might be.

Pinterest is always THE best place to get inspo  - as opposed to ordering a shed load of stuff and trying them on at home, to see if that look that works in your head, *actually* works in real life (or if you end up looking like a potato which frequently happens).  Although I will say aren't that as many amazing outfits as I thought there would be.

These two though, are enough on their own to convert me.

So starting with the stars theme.

Stars R US at M&S.

Lace up Star Trainers £29.50

And again at Ash.  Stars and leopard print - surely sneaker porn?

Ash Majestic Bis Star Cosmic Trainers £174 from My Fashion Tribu

My ultimate favourite but can I be swayed?  Seeing as I'm not totally convinced by the colour, I'm not sure I'd go big before I'm sure I will live in them.

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Superstar Sneaker £310

Studded at My Fashion Tribu.

Lola Cruz Somerton Studded Trainers £180

If you can't decide, then how about a mix of both.

Kenzo Colour Block Trainers £165

70s inspo at & Other Stories with their Converse.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars '70 low £65

Staying with the classics and Stan Smiths in black.

adidas Stan Smith£110

Off piste from my usual trainer style with a more active looking style. 

Inspired by these.  I love these.  Would I pay nearly £500 for them.  That'll be no.  

Balenciaga Race Runner £445 

Pearl Trainers by Puma from Topshop £84.99

Lucky Star Mesh Trainers from Ash £170

Lace up Active Trainers from M&S £29.50

Classic Nike Air Max Thea £95

And then I'm just throwing in some hi tops. 

If these count as high tops.. or have I just lost the plot?  I'm going to confess that I quite like them.  I KNOW.  So wrong they're right?  Ok so in the cold light of day I figure they're probably just wrong.  But....

Sole Sock Sneakers from Mango £35.99

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Trainers £50 

And finishing with ones that I obviously love (although I will say, it's the Superstar sneakers that my heart belongs to).

Francy High-top Canvas Trainers from Golden Goose £290

So I am torn between the Golden Goose (quelle surprise) and.. drum roll.. the M&S ones!  Not the star ones though, the other ones that look like I could *actually* go for a run in the.  The fact that I only run in extreme emergencies obviously means there will be no actual running done in them but I *could* if I find myself in an emergency.  All the justification you will ever need. 

And here I am today in.... white trainers.  Duh. 


Jumper - Zadig & Voltaire
Skirt - Free People 
Copeland Sneakers - Air & Grace
Leather Biker Jacket - Jigsaw
Tools bag - Balenciaga
Iconic Square Sunglasses - Victoria Beckham 

I am off to finish the roast and then it's Sunday movie night.  Then a new week begins.  Seriously - how already?  WHERE did last week go?  Busy week, lots of work and a little bit of play - our wedding anniversary on Wedneday and a big birthday lunch out (not mine!) on Friday.  

I'll be back this week with lots of new season lusciousness.  But in the meantime - can I persuade you to ditch the white trainers for a black pair?  The jury is still out here but those Golden Goose ones are calling...

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43 comentarios:

  1. I am a big fan of black trainers - I have Stan Smiths and glittery Gazelles, and wear them almost like brogues with opaque tights and dresses/skirts at this time of year. On me I actually prefer them to my white ones with black wide trousers too.

  2. The Golden Goose are my favourites too, closely followed by the Ash starry/leopard ones.

    Aside from my black converse, I also have some Nike Air Max in a black/khaki Liberty print and, best buy ever, a pair of £45 black leather baseball boots from Next which have been worn over and over for years. They are so versatile - love 'em.

    Happy anniversary too - it's ours next week, 24 freakin years (I married VERY young)

    1. I can't get past the GGs...or even the hi tops. ARRGHH!!

  3. I'm a very recent convert to trainers (other than for exercise). I have been covering a Jimmy Choo black glittery pair so this could just give me the push my bank balance probably doesn't want - Thanks!!! Loving the Balenciaga ones but there are lots of much cheaper look alike out there and I think they are still too sporty for everyday for me anyway.

    1. I do not need to look at the Jimmy Choos.. repeat.. I do not need to look at the Jimmy Choos...

  4. I quite fancy some blacks ones but have it in mind that I want black edging not white. Can't find any so far though

    1. Converse do black-on-black, but they do look a bit like the "daps" we used to wear for PE!

    2. Nike definitely do them!! I'm sure I saw them on ASOS...

  5. I much prefer black or coloured trainers to white ones - the white always looks a bit to stark to me, and jars against what I'm wearing. I have some burgundy suede ones that have been surprisingly useful, and can't resist Vans or Converse!

  6. Buy them and I promise you will wonder how you managed without them!

  7. I went black this summer but in a different prestos, the most comfortable shoes I own AND make my size 8 clown feet look like a size 6 ��

  8. I love my black polka dot jimmy choo miami trainers and still love my black ash wedge trainers, go for it!

  9. Black ones are def the way forward, my youngest, hippest friend wears a pair constantly and I always think how cool she looks. I am going to invest and then save them for when I am no longer pregnant and can reach laces again!!

  10. I got a pair of black Golden Goose Superstars some weeks ago (to be honest, I got two pairs - could not decide and kept them both, as there was an additional 20% of at that time)- in the men's department:

    and those:

    I am usually a 38.5, and the 39 fit perfectly! I compared them to a woman's superstar size 39 and could not find any difference.

    I think they are perfect for autumn/winter with black leather leggings and an oversized sweater.

  11. My grey stans didn't survive their last encounter with a football pitch and then a washing machine and they went with everything! Having failed to find a suitable replacement on a whim I bought some black ones thinking I might regret it as I have black converse that I NEVER wear but I've barely had them off my feet. I think the fact they look a bit "smarter" than my converse and are comfy like an old pair of slippers could have something to do with it! xx

  12. I love a trainer. I have both Black converse and Vans. I actually find the Vans much more wearable than the Converse.
    Wear vans with balck skinny jeans and a blazer and there you have smart casual! :)

    Leanne |

    1. Now I love Vans on other people but can't quite get them to work on me!!!

  13. Hi Kat, am a big fan of trainers of all colours. Just wondering what your opinion of the golden goose trainers in a greyish (kind of sparkly) leopard print with the gold star on the side? Can't decide but thinking they might not be good for matching with a day to day (quite boring) wardrobe? And advice most welcome. As for the trainers, I love the adidas gazelle's in black, I know they didn't make the cut��!!

    1. Oh they sound GORGEOUS. In fact - the perfect compromise between black and white...!

  14. I prefer the dark ones. Always think they make your feet look smaller! I have a pair of new, unworn Golden midstar navy suede mid top in Size 41. I bought them from Matches last year. Similar pair on their website now, but in black. Would like to sell them if anyone is interested. Hope that's ok Kat.

  15. I'm rather coveting these black patent ones from Woden

    Went for navy to start with though as a gentle ease in...!

    1. Oh I tried them and they didn't work for me!! Hmm maybe black isn't for me after all.. hmmmmmmmm

  16. I have trouble with white. Black is definitely my thing, thanks!

  17. Golden Goose, not Golden....

  18. I've just bought the black Golden Goose and lurvvv them as a big fan of black trainers. I thought the star and laces were white, but they're silver and look even better 👍🏻. Great fir winter with a Leopard Fur Coat x

  19. I agree with some others, I'm rather partial to black and coloured trainers. I just can't really do white trainers, maybe because they stand out more? I don't know. Just got a pair of all black leather and suede Vans that I'm loving.

  20. I've just discovered Superga and LOVE them. Have pairs in silver, teal and black and am coveting the rose gold comfy and wearable and go with everything!

  21. you look 25 tops. Scandinavian taste of fashion coupled with sneakers is a shure shot. Always has been,

  22. Pretty stylish dress. You are looking so beautiful

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