Jean Genie

And in all honesty, this is what we all need when it comes to buying jeans. 

It is the ultimate in "how long is a piece of string"?  Possibly the most difficult thing to purchase and the most difficult thing to advise someone else on what to buy.  Everyone is a different shape - obviously - but somehow that makes a bigger difference with jeans.  They just look so different on different people.

First up though - before you even think of trying any on, is to decide what sort of look you're after.  Skinny, boyfriend, flared, straight... pretty much any shape goes these days.

For the last three or four years, I'm not sure I've worn skinnies for more than a couple of times (ok *slight*/massive exaggeration).  I have lived in straight legs.  Of the cropped variety.  As random as that sounds, they do work all year round.  Trainers, ballet pumps, loafers, heels and ankle boots.  I promise you they work.

So starting with my favourite pair.  I know I bang on about cost per wear but honestly, honestly, my advice, if you wear jeans often, would be to buy one pair that you love, as opposed to five cheaper pairs - all of which are just *ok*.  Buy one pair and wear one pair to death.  Change up the look with shoes - be it boots or heels, tees, jumpers, blouses - the rest of the outfit you can go to town with, depending on the mood.

These are the ones I have.  And honestly, these are the only ones I wear.  The exact ones i have.

Phoebe Low Slung Boyfriend Jeans £235

The most similar I've found with a more palatable price tag are at ASOS. 

ASOS Deep Turn Up Jeans £40 

Paler at Replay. 

Replay High Waist Jean Extended Hem Detail £145

Others that I loved and have tried but can't justify as i think they're too like the ones I already have.. are they?  Hmmm or aren't they?  (these have been around for ages and have never gone into the sale.  Just saying.  Pah).

Frame Le Original Cuffed High Rise Boyfriend Fit Jeans £310

Now moving onto similar shapes in different washes and with alternative detailing.

Relaxed Girlfriend Jeans from Mango £35.99

Similar at Topshop (note - fabulously versatile silk shirt comes into its own again)

MOTO Mid Blue Straight Leg Jeans with Raw Hem £40

Straight Fit Light Wash Jeans from & Other Stories £59

Then there are the black options.  Oh how I love these ones.   Out of all the options here, these are my favourite.  I may have to try them.  In the interests of research.

Waven Aki Boyfriend Jeans with Contrast Wash £58

Then these.  Again slightly off piste.  Love.  With a plain jumper or sweatshirt and oversized coat?  Perfect.

ASOS Authentic Straight Leg Jeans in Indigo £35

And not forgetting the Whistles ones I posted yesterday.  These in black will see you through the Winter and into Spring, no problems.  

How do I wear mine?  

A few examples - all from the past week or two.


Phoebe Jeans as above - MiH
Sweatshirt - Isabel Marant
Black Blazer - Zara
Red loafers - Gucci
Black Tools Bag - Balenciaga

And last Saturday for a super casual day - trainers, tee and a coat as it was a tad chilly.


Tee - & Other Stories
Belt - Weekday at ASOS
Red Superstar Sneakers - Golden Goose
Coat - M&S

However - throw on heels and a silk shirt.  Out out.


Silk shirt - Lily & Lionel
Leather belt - Primark
Earrings - Aldo
Clutch - Studio 120 at Atterley
Shoe boots - Balenciaga

Finally today.  When you can't think what to wear... the uniform of top, jeans, blazer and trainers.  On repeat.


Sweatshirt - Zara Men
Navy Blazer - Zara
Happy Satchel - Hill & Friends

Have I convinced you of how useful this shape is?  It also works perfectly with ankle boots too.  I appreciate they're not going to be for everyone but the fact I can't remember when I wore a different shaped pair of jeans, says it all.  

I may come back to the skinnies for Winter - with a huge jumper, they definitely work but in the meantime, I'm letting it all hang out in the looser style.  

We are now off out for dinner - we did *try* and go out last night but the husband got stuck at work with a crisis so we had prawn crackers and drinks in the restaurant and got a takeaway.  

Round two tonight - going Italian.  I have done TWO lots of exercise today (I KNOW) - pilates and a 22 min Kettlercise workout (which means I won't be able to walk by the weekend but I am going to continue...) so obviously I'm going straight in for a pizza.  Or should I be good and have the steamed sea bass....  

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13 comentarios:

  1. I've got an old pair of Gap real straight jeans that I wear with a big turn-up, which look a bit like your Phoebes. Probably the most useful jeans I have! Unfortunately the new real straight ones aren't the same at all, so when mine wear out I will have to go out hunting!

    1. I HAD THOSE JEANS!!! They were epic. I wore them for a couple of years and actually still do every now and again rolled up (although mine are a tad more distressed than I like now...) I got them in the sale for about £15. I then tried to rebuy. errrr totally different shape. Spray on. They were completely spray on! (like the Topshop Baxters.....)

  2. Seabass all the way. I had it at lunch with poached egg and smoked hollandaise sauce. Delicious! I'm living in my Paige straight leg cropped jeans at the moment. So comfy after putting a few pounds on over summer!!

    1. I did have the seabass... and deep fried polenta with truffle oil and parmesan. I thought it was a vague compromise.... I DO feel better for it this morning though. And yes. Summer carbs and skinnies are not a match made in heaven!

  3. Must admit I've fallen out of love with some of my straight leg jeans, I feel like thunder thighs in a way I don't in my skinnies. We are coming to the time of year when I wear long line cards over my jeans, then my thighs are forgotten!
    My favourite brands (at the moment) are Boden, love their Soho skinnies, and Esprit, with then it's their mid rise straight leg, and mid rise slim. Although I always have to turn Esprit jeans up as their 30" are just that bit too long (unless it's summer, then they do a cropped version that is spot on).
    Why are jeans such a nightmare! I had a period of about five years when I didn't wear jeans, couldn't face buying them, especially as they were never short enough, and bootleg aren't the type you can take up!

    1. This could be why I now just wear one pair....!!!

  4. Do you always wear your straight leg jeans with a turn up?
    What happens when it gets chilly?! X

    1. Great question - i too have straight leg jeans which are SOOOO comfy but what if I'm not wearing trainers, shoes or sock boots? I feel like they look a bit weird with my Jalouse ankle boots and they look a bit 'square' if they're not turned up!

    2. Me - yes I always wear mine turned up. I wouldn't wear them in the snow and it gets super super cold then I'll wear skinnies or leather leggings and chunky boots. But I do always wear them cropped!

  5. I have the Mih Phoebes too and wear them all the time, so versatile. I have just invested in Mih again with their "Cult" style which I have already worn loads, but had to size up from the Phoebes as they are more high waisted. They are straight leg and cropped (on me, I'm 5ft 7") and a bit more "mum" style jeans, which I have previously found tricky but these are just right…you are so right though, finding the right jeans can be a nightmare! You see the perfect look on someone else, track them down and they look totally different when you put them on….Am in love with your Marant sweatshirt btw, that'll be on my Christmas wishlist xx

    1. THIS!! There's nothing worse than finding a style that's perfect on someone else but looks like a bag of spanners on you! Right - I'm on it with the Cult style thank you. I also love their Jeanne jeans too... Adore MiH. It's also about finding a brand that fits you!

  6. Got a few of the phoebes and they all vary in size each year - so confusing. What size did you get Kat?

  7. This might be the year that I splash out and buy ONE decent pair of jeans. The only thing is, so many of them have the rips, and are very faded in colour. I don't mind a mid-shade of blue (like the ones you're wearing) but I need them to be a bit smarter than super faded, and I'm so over the rips. I can't wander around with my wrinkly old knees hanging out of my jeans. I just can't. Are the Phoebes a proper mid-shade like in the picture, or are they a faded colour really?