Something old, something new...

... or something's that both.  Old as in, a revival of something very traditional but new as in reinvented for A/W17. 

I am late to the party with this one and I'm going to hold my hands up and say, for me, the jury is out. 

Check.  Not big check - I randomly love a big check (not a gingham, that was definitely one trend I couldn't get on bored with).  Pretty much a Prince of Wales check.

Is it wrong that I am actively pleased when I come across a trend I think - nope, not for me?   One less thing to try and shoehorn into my style.  That sounds all sorts of bonkers but I know what I mean...

So, I think it is a style that I need to try on but I think that I'm going to go all out suit.  Tops and bottoms.  Matchy matchy, in for a penny in for a pound.   

I will go and do some trying on but in the meantime, am starting with some research as to see what's out there. 

First off - taking inspiration from Topshop.  And immediately all my resolve to not love this trend goes flying out of the window.  The picture on the left (you can keep the pic on the right..)  Blooming marvellous.  But this is blooming marvellous.  (and of course it also means that there is a hooded sweatshirt blog imminent).

POW Bonded Check Coat from Topshop £79

Staying with coats, I've found another version at La Redoute.

Checked boyfriend coat £75 with 25% off 25OFF

But my favourite is Prince of Wales check blazer £89 also from La Redoute.

Another option in grey with a ruched sleeve at Miss Sefridge.

Check Print Ruched Sleeve Blazer £42

Jackets now and a slimmer fit one from M&S £65 

Check Tapered Leg Suit Trousers from Topshop £50  The jacket appears to have sold out.  All the eye rolling.  I'M SORRY!!  I told you - so WAY behind the curve on this. 

More trouser action at Tophsop.  Adore the green in these.

Heritage Check Mensy Trousers £42

Check Slim Trousers from M&S £29.50 (with the all important pockets).

Checked Wide Leg Cropped Trousers from M&S £35

Checked Slim Leg Trousers from M&S again £29.50

Then there's oversized and we're into full on Suits now, at Mango.  This I love but I don't know if I'd be better suited (pah!) in something more structured.

Check Structured Blazer £99.99

And the matching trousers.  

Check Cargo Trousers from Mango £69.99

This is the one I think I'm going to go for.  I have ideas for everything (well - all two items) on their own separately as well.  A blog in the making and possibly the first in my new series (my web developer is just putting the new pages together) "How to wear....".   I'm more excited than I should be.  

Wool Blend Checked Jacket from Autograph £99

Wool Blend Tapered Trousers £59

So I am definitely going to give the M&S suit a go - I'm thinking logo tee, loafers for a start... fine knit polo neck and trainers.  I think it might be more versatile than I had thought. 

Here I am from Thursday actually in another blazer.  For me - and the sorts of tees I have, I'm not sure how much I would get out of an oversized check one.  She says.  HA HA HA.  As I type, I'm thinking black leather joggers, black tee with white writing (thank you hush), black and white trainers..... lordy, I have the backbone of a mussel.


Tee - Isabel Marant
Blazer - Zara
Belt - Weekday from ASOS
Phoebe Jeans - MiH
Sunglasses - Victoria Beckham from Bicester Village
Loafers - Gucci
Tools bag - Balenciaga 

I am supposed to be at London Fashion Week today and tomorrow but the husband is in France and various other "whoops cards" (ie last minute disasters) have meant, I've decided I'm more needed at home.  Making the most of it with lots of walks (the kids are OVERJOYED - not) and tomorrow, planning on starting to get the most out of our new National Trust membership.  Knole House here we come.  

Interestingly, LFW is all about S/S18 so the relevance for what we're buying right now is zilch.  However I am inspo'd out from various sources and have loads to come in the next week or so.  Focussing on colour, on texture, on accessories and back to basics with good old jeans.  Hope everyone else has a fabulous weekend.  The X Factor and red wine.  BLISS.

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14 comentarios:

  1. Really looking forward to your new pages! Don't suppose you've heard anything about a whistles coming out any time soon have you?

    1. Whistles discount? Hmmm no I haven't but I'm sure there must be one shortly!

    2. Whistles 20% off starts tomorrow online.

    3. Ya a a a thanks folks one red jacket coming up .

  2. The trousers I can manage, in fact they would look great with your gucci loafers and black blazer above. I have yet to be convinced by the checked jacket but I have just bought a lovely hounds tooth jacket from H & M which I'm going to experiment with. Does that count as checked? Anyway. A bit meh on the whole thing. Look forward to seeing you choices.

    1. SEE??!!! Although I do honestly think I prefer the trousers with the matching jacket. Go figure!! I think this will be something you either completely fall in love with and live in or let other people wear. Watch this space...

  3. Yup, I'm definitely not going down this road either as I did it with the gingham thing. I also could see the trousers working on their own but not buying the jacket trend!! I may be wrong and I will give in if they are still a thing next year! Ha

    1. You see I didn't really do gingham although I've just remembered I've already got a prince of wales check coat from last year so winning already! But I do love the tan M&S one!

  4. I have the feeling that if (big if)I get on board with this trend, I'll be months everybody else!
    I seem to remember I had some sort of black and white check jacket in the late eighties, for some strange reason I'm having problems picturing it! I do remember buying a brownish tweed jacket from Debenhams, it had sold out in my size in our local store in Chester, and my lovely parents drove me all the way to Manchester to pick up their last remaining one! Luckily I don't think there is any photographic evidence...
    Can't wait for your new pages! And even though we're totally different heights and builds etc, I know there will be plenty of inspiration! Hope you enjoy NT (probably one of the things I really miss about living in the UK).

    1. That should have read 'months behind everybody else'!

    2. That's what I read it as!! hopefully the new pages will be here by the end of the week xxx

  5. I'm not much of a hanger onto stuff and although once or twice I have regretted enthusiastic wardrobe culls on the whole it suits my minimalist needs (and general lack of space ;-)) but somehow I have hung onto a checked pair of trousers and a checked suit from the 90s both of which are looking the part. Although whether I actually wear them or not is another matter. I'll watch your space :D xx

    1. OOH why don't you try with a logo tee and trainers....