Pleats please

Because you've all asked.. 

Whenever I wear my pink or khaki pleat skirts - which aren't new at all - I am always always asked where they're from and can I find any others that are the same.  Well I've found the best that I can. 

Why are these so useful?  For me, these are the easiest thing for every day dressing.  I would never have thought a couple of years ago that they could be so versatile but actually, just throw it on every day.  With a tee and blazer for warmer days, with a blouse for the evening and heels.  Sweatshirt and oversized jumpers work just as well too.  Trainers, ankle boots, even loafers (I'm going to give it a go anyway).

I have two that I have worn and worn and worn.  I honestly never get bored of them.  Mine are on the longer side but the majority here are shorter.  

Metallic Pleated Skirt from Mango £29.99

And then a green version.  Oh how I adore this.

ASOS Perforated Pleat Skirt £28

Now I have green and pink but the colour I'm finding elusive is, is a navy. 

Pleated Skirt in blue from & Other Stories £59

Velvet Pleated A-line Midi Skirt in blue from M&S £35

And in gold £35

More metallic in mustard at Mango £35.99

Stripes Pleated Skirt £49.99  Oversized knit HEAVEN.

Black maxi at The Outnet

Pleated Satin Maxi Skirt from By Malene Birger was £150 now £67.50

But for me - the one that wins hands down is this from Alice & Olivia in the sale.  Yes, it's obviously HEINOUSLY expensive.  Cost per wear?  Christmas day outfit?  Just simply too gorgeous not to *try*?!  I'm also going to throw it out there that it's the only one for me, being a giant, that would actually be a proper midi midi.

Pleated Metallic Silk Blend Midi Skirt was £650 now £325

Now I KNOW lots of people can't wear them.  I honestly honestly was the same.  But I persevered and personally have found that some work and some don't.  Which is about as much use as a chocolate teapot.  You will also notice that I NEVER wear anything tucked in..

A couple of pics of me wearing mine.

Untitled Untitled

And then from today.  A trip to Ikea with the children as it was what they chose to do on their last day of hols.  As you do.  After an amazing night on Monday at Kensington Palace with House of Fraser to celebrate the launch of Issa.  Amazing amazing evening (and no, I didn't get to pop in on Kate and throw her some advice about having three kids.  I did try...). 


T-shirt - & Other Stories
Khaki trousers - Current/Elliott from Quattrorish
Backless loafers - Anthropologie
Red Soho Disco - Gucci
Earrings - Mango

Tomorrow, the boys are back at school.  I won't say I'm excited (but I might be...)  To be honest, were it not for the juggling of work and the guilt at how much screen time they have (seriously - is there a mother who doesn't beat themselves up about this and is there a father who's actually bothered?  My husband really doesn't think there's anything wrong with it!), I wouldn't mind them being off (which is EASY to say when they're going back...!).

I'm off to London for a breakfast and then looking forward to spending some quality girl time with the 12yr old in the afternoon (which is code for "mum will you buy me all of Paperchase and Boots)...

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11 comentarios:

  1. I love my pleated skirts. I have a moss green satin one and a mid blue jersey one. I also have one that I am only say is made from a space blanket. But it works. I agree they are so easy to wear, with absolutely anything. I wore the green one dressed up for a Christmas do, but love it just as much with trainers and a tshirt. x

  2. I find midi skirts perfect in summer (tucked in t-shirt, trainers or brogues) but they don't work on me once we get into tights weather. Maybe I'm not tall enough at 5ft 6?

  3. Had to wear a Windsmoor or Planet or something one as a bridesmaid in the 90s and I'm still having flashbacks. I've succumbed far too much to middle age spread for it to do anything other than add a lot of extra bulk round my middle. Unless it was a proper old school flat at the top followed by pleats version. Hello grandmother ;-) And we know I'm don't like lots of excess fabric anyway. Noone that knows me would have considered me minimalist :D You look fab as ever! MY husband is obsessed with kids these days spending too much time in front of a screen etc etc but then he doesn't have to cook the supper/clean the toilet etc etc with three kids around and doesn't seem to understand I don't have all day every day to take them out on their bikes! School seems great til the homework starts :-( xx

  4. I can wear them with heels but they make my legs look stumpy with trainers but then I have short legs!

  5. I've yet to find the right one for me, maybe because I'm not so much a skirt person. But I will say, loving that you've added several images of how you style them! :-)

    1. I may have found my solution to a pleated skirt, namely these trousers!
      Love the trousers, not so keen on the price! Maybe I can find a less expensive option. One thing's for sure if I do order these, then they'll have to be something I know I'll wear to death!

  6. I previously wouldn't have touched these with a barge pole but I love the way you style them - right up my street and all things I love to wear already! However, my family haven't quite caught onto it and they tell me it looks 'wrong' when I wear with ankle boots or trainers. But as they know nothing I carry on regardless! ������

  7. Ps I LOVE LOVE LOVE the striped one!! Will be making that purchase!

  8. I do love how pleated skirts look on you....but I just can't get the hang of them. I have a dark grey metallic M&S one. Looks frumpsville with anything but trainers, and the waistline....argh! You seem to have done the old half-tuck with yours, but I can't seem to get any top to look good with it. I do not have a flat tummy.
    Also my entire family hates the skirt, and last time I tried to wear it for a day out, they sent me upstairs to change. What do they know?!

  9. Brings back memories of my old school uniform but I've tried them and I've found the best look for a size 14 and not a flat stomach is to wear a long top over the skirt.... keep trying!