With or without..

.. a hood.  We're talking sweatshirts and we're talking hooded ones (I had warned you this was coming...). 

But I'll be frank - it's a thornier subject than I had anticipated.  I've seen a couple of ones I thought, oh yeah baby (ok so it was more "that's nice",  I'm not a complete bell end.  Well, not all the time anyway), this is something I can definitely get on board with. 

Start the research.  Gosh.  This is going to be trickier than I thought. 

First off - how do I plan on wearing it?  Good point.  Oversized or snugger fit?  Errr, haven't really thought this through.  But a quick trip to Pinterest, designed to cement my vision, just goes to prove I haven't a clue.  This is never a good basis on which to purchase a new item to add into your wardrobe.

Obviously it can be worn casually.  Not even I needed Pinterest to work that one out.  This is a Jenner.  

However I was more interested in seeing how people mixed it up.  Without looking like they've raided the fancy dress closet.

I probably wouldn't be donning this but I'm liking the top and the coat (seeing as I have a plethora of leopard in my wardrobe...)

Definitely more wearable.  Even though no, I haven't mastered the hovering coat yet.  Must try harder.

But now we're talking....(assuming this is a skirt - just use your imagination and not your dad's jama bottoms.  It would rock with a maxi in my book).

And THIS... THIS THIS THIS.  Albeit with shoes.

I'm thinking this could be the ultimate in "whose wardrobe have you raided?"  Principally as I could well be stepping on a teenager's toes here, and whilst she doesn't mind having the same make up as me, I think she would draw the line at twinning in a sweatshirt.  

Not that I was planning on donning a Hollister or Jack Wills hoodie but it does highlight that it's not as easy to choose a hoodie as it is choosing a tee or jumper. 

Interestingly, the one thing they do seem to have in common is the fabulously long sleeves.  Which, as I have the arms of an orangutan, just adds to the challenge for me.

I'm starting, therefore, with one that I KNOW will work.  As it's from one of my favourite shops that I could pretty much have my entire wardrobe from - even though this is a slight departure from their usual style...

Atlanta Tunic from hush £55

Oversized again and perfect for leggings and skinnies - actually I would wear over boyfriend jeans too but for me, the jury is out with regards to maxi and midi skirts, ditto over dresses.  It works if you're swanning around at London Fashion Week but for mere mortals - well - I'm going with "not just yet".  Tis a theory I will be exploring more but at the moment, this is a must have for trews....

Oversized Sweatshirt from & Other Stories £49.  Apparently this is petrol blue.. I'm going with bottle green.  Not even sure if I could swing a teal?

Now here's an option to wear over wide leg trousers and skirts.  This is definitely food for thought. 

House of Sunny Hoodie in Rib with Tie Waist £55

Another that would work as it doesn't look like you could camp for a night in it - loving the less voluminous versions, they work perfectly with midi and maxi skirts, ideal for teaming over dresses and are a match made in heaven for wide leg trousers be them full leg or cropped.

Oversized Sweatshirt in yellow from & Other Stories £59

Or one with shoulder pads - oh HELLO.  I am a child of the 80s and my inner Joan Collins is screaming that this is epic.

Shoulder Pad Sweatshirt in Blue from & Other Stories £59

Shorter again and for all those who are loving the pinks and reds this season.. VOILA!

Cropped Heroes Hoodie from & Other Stories £59

Black with a grey lining at Topshop.  Super useful.  Seriously seriously wearable and perfect for bringing your monochrome, minimal outfits (which I go through stages of being obsessed with - they're definitely due for a revival) a real new season feel.

Raglan Hoodie from Topshop £26

But THIS gets my vote.  The perfect cross between casual and bling me up.  With a leather midi skirt, this would be sublime.  

Gemstone Lace Hoodie from & Other Stories £55

Now I think that one above would look amazing with this skirt... yes I am obsessed with this skirt. 


Premier Cru Sweatshirt - FWP-by
Skirt - La Double J
Superstar sneakers - Golden Goose Deluxe Brand
Cream blazer - Baukjen
Black bag - Gucci
Nightingale Sunglasses - Walter & Herbert

I had a lovely lady today, meetings (over breakfast - as the husband says, does no one in fashion work in an office?  Errr suck it up - it's avo on toast all the way pal.  HA!) and then a lovely trying on session with the lovely Olivia Rubin and some of her new stock.  I have one of her dresses to wear tomorrow for another day in London.  It could not be more me.

Today - as some of you may have seen from my Instastories - I put my toe into the knitwear water and definitely have jumpers on the horizon.  But I haven't forgotten boots - fear not - they are a MUST at the minute!  And whilst I may have drawn a blank on the oversized sleeves with the hoodies, I am on a sleeve knitwear mission.

SO the hoodie... are we a yay or a nay??  Oversized coat (I may have a few on my wishlist), jeans and either ankle boots or trainers?   Or for the shorter ones - under a biker with a midi or maxi, even layering over a dress?  I am definitely going in.

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14 comentarios:

  1. I have just bought the Zara knit navy hoodie with gem stone ties and I love it. Looks like the other stories one above . Did get a few snide comments from the teenage daughter and 'humorous' comments from other half. Which I ignored as usual. Very wearable with a maxi and cropped wide legged trousers. Good under a jacket too. I love that La Double J skirt but no good for me as I am a laughable 4' 11", I know, how is that even possible for a fully grown adult? And I'm sure I'm already shrinking as I age 😧

  2. No, nope, nada, never ever going there again. Did the whole hoodie and denim jacket thing in the past and I won’t be revisiting. Although... I do like the Jenner look so maybe..... NO lol!

  3. I fell in love with a cream embroidered hooded sweatshirt, wonderful design with a tiger at its centre, sadly the fabric was a bit thin in the flesh. I like the vintage sports kit in Top Shop the designs are clean and sharp, the perfect antidote to ruffles overload. I ended up with a star sweatshirt in grey from La Redoute and the quality is great and there was 25% off, very pleased with it. x

  4. I'm on the fence, I remember toying with the idea at the end of last winter, can't remember how I'd planned to wear it, leather jacket or blazer probably. This is my choice:
    I have one of their cardigans, and the quality is okay for the price.

  5. Where was the blue sweater from you tried on in Instagram stories yesterday ? Hoodies for me are only for lounging around of an evening/weekend sorry 😐

  6. I hate hoodies under jackets - they always end up in a guddle. And I think I can only do them as super casual out for an autumn walk with the kids kind of a way. Although I like the styling on that black/grey Topshop one and I'm finding there's something fascinating about that House of Sunny one. I don't even think I own a hoodie - I just nick one of the husbands or the childrens depending on whether I want loose or fitted :D xx

  7. Absolutely love the Kendal Jenner pic. The whole look is rocking my world. Now, I just have to find her boots too.

  8. I've tried this before but no matter what I do, hoodies on me just scream 'lazy bitch isn't wearing a bra'...? I feel max levels of scruffy. Alas, because they look so cozy and warm and inviting 😫

    1. Oh Yes, I sooooo know what you mean :) ...commando boobs and hoodies!

  9. Love the Jenner style. I have had this pinned on my pinterest wall for ages!! I just need to loose about 5 stone to look like her ha ha

  10. I will wear a hoodie under a coat when going to a rugby match or something similar (every layer on my head/neck is a good one).
    I like the first inspo pic there but I am about 20 years too old to pull it off.

    Regular, hood-less sweatshirts are another thing, i have them a-plenty. Mostly for casual weekend/sloppy wear though :)

    Can I ask about the Premier Cru sweatshirt sizing? Is it regular? Would a 12/14 be a Large? I really like it.

    1. A small is a 10... so yes a 12/14 would be a large or if you're petite, I think you could get away with a medium...

  11. Hoodies - only for wearing on way to the gym or a bike ride (if its really cold). Definitely not daywear. Even my daughter cringes at them. But sweatshirts....well that's different - love them. Although have to say, I've found the Hush one's rather skimpy this season - definitely no sleeve-over-hang. Just about wearable and praying they don't shrink in the wash.

  12. Looks like I'm in the minority - I love hoodies! Wear them all the time, especially in winter (although that may be because they're essential here in Massachusetts, if you don't want to freeze to death!). I usually wear under a denim or leather jacket, or just as a top layer in itself. I find they work well over dresses to dress them down, or just over jeans casually.