It appears that...

... there is a new perennial must have in the house.  Which clearly doesn't make much sense as were it a perennial, it would be recurring forever and not "new" so let's just say, every year "from now on".  And has been for the last couple of years. 

So now we've cleared that up (ish), what am I yabbing on about today?

That will be the leopard coat. 

And why am I writing about it?  This morning I did an Instastory in a leopard coat.  And promptly had about 50 messages asking where it was from and please, please was it new season?  

Oops.  Huge apologies and no, it was from last year.  Which led me to think that there is a huge demand, yet again, for a coat of the leopard variety.  And I know it's criminal to be even thinking about coats when it's only the beginning of September but.. well, bite me.  I LOVE COATS.  The leaves are falling and there's a definite nip in the air, isn't there?  

Plus, these are also rather useful on early morning school runs, weekend walks, jaunts to football and rugby over a tee, jeans and trainers.  Although I may have dragged out two year old cashmere this morning as, whilst it was sunny (thank you lord), it was cold.  

They really do work with everything and there is a style for everyone.  I have to say, my favourite is the long crombie style - so more of a heavy weight blazer.  I did buy a biker jacket that hasn't proven to be as useful as I thought it might (in the sale for a song at Zara and to be fair, I may have worn it more were it actually in my size.  Hmmm nothing like breaking all your own sales rules, is there?).

So whilst mine was from last year at M&S, they do have a very similar version this year.

M&S 2 Pocket Animal Print Coat £69

Another lighter weight version which will last you for years and years and years from Ganni. 

Ganni Leopard Print Cotton Twill Coat £235

Pretty Little Thing Leopard Coat £50

Leopard Print Notch Neck Coat £55 from Dorothy Perkins

Collarless at Boden. 

Imelda Coat £198 15% off with the code NF86.

Belted version at Biba. 

Biba Abstract Leopard Belted Coat £129

If you fancy a furrier number, look no further. 

JCrew Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat £328

Faux Fur Leopard Jacket at Monki £65

PURE leopard love for this one..  Now I know this isn't cheap but it's so vintage looking that it will last you forever.

Baum Und Pferdgarten Leo Fur Devan Coat £444.99 from Jules B

Shorter faux fur jacket. 

Vila Leopard Print Fur Jacket £75

Then there are variations on the theme with a grey tone.

Glamorous Coat in Monochrome £72

Following on from yesterday - grey bomber jacket in the sale at Jules B.

Velvet by Graham and Spencer Sunni Leopard Bomber Jacket was £198.99 now £79.60

And finally a navy leopard... don't say I never give you anything. 

InWear Leopard Print Coat in Navy £180

Here I am in mine from last year.  Can I add this is one from my collection that I seem to have amassed.  I have three (by all accounts) which have been bought over the past five years.  One from Fenn Wright Manson and another furry number from M&S.


Cream cashmere jumper - hush
Jeanne jeans - MiH
Trainers - My Fashion Tribu
Coat - M&S
Tools bag - Balenciaga
Iconic Square Sunglasses - Victoria Beckham

So I am off to get the gladrags on and out for a big 50th birthday party this evening.  Yes folks, it's that time when the 50th's are becoming more prevalent than the 40th's.  Not sure what to wear - obviously it will be a dress - yellow DVF or green Rixo or.. I have a new skirt that I might wear with a silk shirt.  Decisions...

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11 comentarios:

  1. OMG, you do make my life difficult. I've never really been an animal print kind of girl, well not unless it's not in the natural colour, and then I apparently am! Go figure!
    So that Inwear one in navy has got me thinking that maybe I do 'need' another winter coat!

    1. How amazing is it in the navy??!! Navy leopard is just amazing and there should be LOADS more of it!

  2. I bought the M&S coat today. They have so many great items in this season! Thank you for your blog. I'm new to instagram & finding people like you has been invaluable (without sounding like a stalker!). Julia Pride recommended your blog. I can't place any details below (comes up red text) so selected anonymous! Thanks Claire Young

  3. I have one almost identical to the first M&S one, except it has a detachable cream faux fur collar. It came from River Island last Christmas, but I think it's the identical fabric. Warmer than you think, can't wait to get it out again!

  4. Remembering the leopard coat article from last year, I've got the Indigo range grey leopard coat for £5 on eBay, now on the hunt for the Per una leopard print hooded bomber from last year x

  5. It will last you for years and years and years. And honestly so versatile!

  6. Just ordered a cute faux fur one from ASOS! #KatMadeMeDoIt