Because every wardrobe should have one...

... something leopard. 

Ok so obviously that's a sweeping generalisation and leopard may not be your thing AT ALL.  It may bring you out in hives, it may leave a little bit of vomit in your mouth, it may be the most distasteful and cheap print in the world to you.  Which is fine, but we can't be friends.  

JOKE!!  Wouldn't it be an incredibly dull world if we all liked the same thing. 

However for those of who have a yearning for the big cat, I am bringing you today my current obsession. 

The leopard print skirt.  Never let it be said that I don't become overinvested in one very specific thing and it's currently a skirt of the leopard print variety. 

So *obviously* mine is going to be maxi/midi but I'm sure there will be others I come across along the way. 

To start off with, I should say that I don't hold out much hope for this as, in my head, I really want a leopard version of the La Double J skirt that I already have.  Which they don't do.  And yes, I do (before anyone mentions it..!) have a leopard maxi skirt that I got from Zara - it must be 8yrs ago now.  Which I do still love but it's very much a straight skirt and I'm looking for something with a bit of flounce - aka the moon on a stick.

First up, I've trawled Yoox.  I don't do if often as it's a total rabbit hole but every now and again you can come across a bargain.  Although thinking about it, I can't say I have (so should probably can this right now but I've started so I'll finish...).  DOH.  However if this floats your boat...

By Malene Birger Long Skirt was £190 now £177

One thing they do say on the description is whether or not there are pockets , which suddenly makes EVERYTHING ok with the world again.  However it does then sort of ruin this skirt for me as it doesn't have pockets and whilst it is reminiscent of the Double J versions (with the length and the tiers), it doesn't have the same volume which makes the others skirts for me.  And did I mention pockets... (I know I'm a total pocket bore but they do make all the difference.  Someone should start a website that only sells things with pockets.  I would be your biggest fan).

Marc Cain Long Skirt £144  

ALC Pleated Leopard print silk skirt from The Outnet was £335 now £190

Then there's this one which I love but it's rather too similar to the Zara one I have.  Dang it.  Or is it... the more I look at this one, the more I love it.  Were it a chuck in the machine aka a holiday skirt, I would probably invest.  Obvs it's not. Although it says it's polyester.  And I know - a ridiculous price for manmade but I promise you (ok - so it's only opinion) that there's polyester and polyester...

Bias godet leopard print skirt from Raey at Matches £225

However this one... this is a good 'un I reckon. 

Tilden Mesh Skirt from Ganni £140

However call off the dogs - I think I've found a really similar one for a lot less.   Ok so it's not exactly the same but it's definitely worth looking at, if the one above floats your boat.  Mine is literally out at sea, the more I think about it.

Y.A.S Long Leopard Print Skirt £48

Or there's a red version which may be of interest (for me - give me the classic please...).

ASOS DESIGN midi skirt with ruffle detail £32

But finishing with two which are PERFECT if you're not Gulliver.  These are ideal - go forth and scratch that leopard itch for me, please.  

Animal Print Midi Skirt from Zara £29.99

Or a pleated one from & Other Stories £59

AND THAT IS IT.  Rocking horse poo.  I seriously couldn't find any more that weren't pelmets. 

Which leaves me with a couple of options.  Forget about it.   Think about having one made... (I am looking into this...) or just *see* if the Ganni one is long enough.  She has it very high on the waist in the pic and I'm assuming she's not 5ft 4.... I can't wear things that high, I look like I'm living my best Simon Cowell life.  Meh.  So maybe it would be much longer on me... and it does look very good with the white boots (I have the Mango ones).  And think how good it would be with the brown ones.  Sandals in the Summer?  Little tee?  She says looking out at the pouring rain with not even Spring, let alone Summer, anywhere in sight.  GAH. 

Speaking of rain, it started off beautifully yesterday.  I even went for a run with the dog.  Before it started belting it down.  This is one of two photos that the 9yr old stroppily took as I was running him to a play date and he did NOT want to help me.  I did point out that, at his age, I was washing and drying up every day.  What no dishwasher??  NO!  The irony that he was confused at the lack of dishwasher in the equation, when all my children all apparently think we have a dishwasher fairy who loads ours.  By all accounts, if you put your dirty dishes ON TOP of the machine, they somehow "get clean".  Thus the reason for the resting bitch face.  The best of two bad ones!!  Soz.

Jumper - Zadig & Voltaire (ss17)
Jeans - Frame from Fenwicks Bond Street (sale aw17)
Boots - Ganni from Boutique One (ss18)
Coat - Helene Berman from Anthropologie (aw17)
Bag - Loewe from Matches (current)

I'm not even going to mention the weather today.  What a rubbish start to the long weekend.  However that meant a trip to the cinema was on the cards (Pacific Rim 2.  It's not AWFUL but it's not going to be up for an Oscar any time this century ie it's not great).  The husband is cooking dinner, there's a glass of wine with my name on it and I keep thinking it's Saturday.  I have to say, I love Easter almost as much as I love Christmas. 

I will be back tomorrow with something to cheer us all up seeing as we need something jolly to take our minds off the weather.  It will involve colour.  What's happened to me?!

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10 comentarios:

  1. I will take your 'Wouldn't it be dull if we all liked the same thing.....' and just say 'Absolutely, not for me!'.

  2. I love the idea of animal print....I gaze at it in shops and wonder if I could just about do it. But something stops me... I'm 47 yet the voice of my disapproving mother is still strong in my head. I have animal print slippers. That's my level of bravery. There's a coat in esprit that I spent ages gazing at wistfully....and I do love that last skirt.....but I just can't do it.

    1. I’m the same! I did buy a cowhide belt with leopard print from La Redoute last week in their 40% off sale and it fulfills my leopard needs at the moment! I think I could do some ankle boots...

  3. I can do animal long as it's blue!
    And I think I've become a bit of a snakeskin addict! I've finally found a pair of chunky heel boots in navy (snakeskin, subtle stud detail around the sole, from Gestuz - way better than the ones that got away last year!). And without actually realising it my socks and belt are blue snakeskin too. Leopard is also present in my've guessed it, in blue!

    As for getting a skirt made up, sounds like a great plan to me, at least then you'll be able to get one that's right for you, at a price that's hopefully a lot less than the more expensive ones.

  4. Funnily enough I spent ages last week trawling for a Leopard Maxi dress. Actually a lookey-likey Gianni dress but cheaper. It’s really hard, they’re either mega bucks or cheap as chips and look it...
    I feel your pain with the leopard maxi search. Rocking horse with a leopard print saddle poo indeed.

    1. Have you seen this one? Quite Ganni-esque (I think)

    2. I LOVE Zalando! There were 4 skirts on there when I looked on Friday

  5. Ive been searching too,for ages. It seems all the ladies whose blogs I follow have had a gorgeous for for years and therefore they are no longer available. I love your ancient Zara one!
    I have so far ordered and returned 3.
    The current Zara one is lovely fabric but a really strange cut with pleats in weird places.
    There was one in the Topshop sale which turned out to be a foot too long for me and the largest size they did came up like a 10 when Im a 12-14!
    Argh!Why didnt I realise I needed one back when everybody else got theirs? ��

  6. I love anything leopard - you name it and I bet I've got a leopard version of it in my wardrobe. I bought this Just Female skirt a month or so ago and wore it out immediately for husband's birthday dinner - it is a dream and will look just as good with a T-shirt and sandals as it did with a cashmere polo neck and long black suede boots.

  7. SheIn has one that looks quite good for less than £15. I’ve never ordered from them but I know @voguishandcalamity has had good results with them. x