It's discount-tastic time.

Yes, again I am making up words but it does what it says on the tin. 

This time at Coast - 25% off until midnight tomorrow. (use the code SPRING25)  Which means that it would be remiss of me not to have a look after being so impressed by their A/W goodies. 

I now have officially a First Holy Communion to go to - woohoo - and whilst I'm pretty positive that I'll be able to rustle something up from my wardrobe, I now at least have a genuine reason to salivate over new dresses.  Ok so it may be in June but we are already in March (how did THAT happen?!) and yesterday, it really did start to feel like Spring.

As I've mentioned before, I think dresses are really hard to find.  It looks as if it should be so easy - there are always so many to choose from but in reality, I think it's up there with jeans for being nightmareish to hunt down the right one.

So it would be foolish not to start early and it would be even more foolhardy not to look at Coast whilst they have such a great offer on.  For the record I have absolutely zero affiliation with Coast.  Not even sure they know I exist!

Now whilst we all know I am officially obsessed (with lots of things to be fair) with things that are multifunctional and this does include dresses, there are times when only an occasion dress will do. 

This from Coast is gorgeous - yes it's very stand out but I think you could really ring the changes by adding different colour and texture accessories.  I'm loving the idea of teaming it with leopard print.  Pretty much any other colour would go with this.

Ellie May Dress £150  Check out the pockets and the black exposed zip - little details which really make the difference.

I love navy all year round and actually this one whilst being supremely elegant for a dress occasion, due to its simplicity, it could work on a myriad occasions. 

Aluna Dress £125

Connie Dress in blue £115  This I completely adore and I don't think anyone would ever guess this was from Coast. 

I've made no secret of the fact that my colour of the season is definitely a cobalt so this lace dress more than appeals. 

Lianna Lace Dress £125 

The great thing about lace dresses is that actually you need very little else to improve it.  Less is more and extra accessories can be kept to a minimum.  

This one does look rather short and is probably better for a more petite person but I love the pale pistachio shade.  Super unusual and rather gamine. 

Floria Dress £145

Another great option which I've got a blog planned on, is wearing separates that look like a dress.  Seeing as I'm all about the cost per wear, this for me is a genius idea.  So many different options from one outfit but I'll witter on about that more on that blog and just bring you one of my favourites from Coast, just as there is the 25% off at the mo. 

Dolita Skirt £55

Slight fly in the ointment is that they don't seem to have the top in stock.  Actually if you're looking for it as a dress, it's more of a massive crow in the ointment, no?  However it's probably worth getting the skirt now and then the top once it comes into stock.  In the meantime, this black cami would work perfectly with it - an amazingly useful thing to have in your wardrobe anyway. 

Black Leelo Cami £30

I also couldn't resist putting this in as, with 25% off it's a fab buy.  I would live in this.

Cadiz Blouse £45

Whilst there is 25% off, I couldn't help noticing their new range of shoes.  Love these in yellow (although I have to say the higher Whistles pair in navy is still top of my lust list) 

Jasmine Shoe £55

And in silver 

Finishing with bags at Coast and I've always been a huge fan of their clutches.  

After the Reiss cobalt one not working, I'm very tempted to try this one. 

Peony Clutch £55

Staying with cobalt this is a classic snakeskin box clutch. 

Renee Clutch £40

Yellow is absolutely everywhere this Summer and this would be the perfect nod to the theme.  This with blue is beyond divine. 

Jess Clutch  £45

And I couldn't not put this dress on as it's one of my favourites.  The reason I've not put it on earlier is that it's longsleeved and therefore slightly more A/W, but let's be frank, this is the UK, there is diddly squat sign of summer and I reckon you'd be able to wear this well into June!  Certainly last year at the 9ry old's First Holy Communion, I wore short sleeves but it was nippy to say the least and this would have worked a treat. 

The Atlanta Dress £75

Moving on now to some others that have just come into stock elsewhere and will no doubt fly out just as quickly. 

More yellow at Warehouse 

Full Midi Dress £70

In the spirit of all things citrus, this orange one may work if you don't fancy yellow. 

Fenn Wright Manson Crepe Daisy Dress in Firecracker £160

Now I know it's not particularly summery but it's so easy to add and change accessories to suit the occasion.  And I just adore the shape.  Suits hourglass figures, making the most of natural curves the and gives shape to the more planklike (not the most flattering description for sure) amongst us. 

Ted Baker Ibbie Flared Skirt Dress £169

Whilst we're talking dark colours, I had to include this navy dress from Reiss.  Simply stunning.  Whether or not it does suck everything in or whether or not one would need spanx scaffolding, it remains to be seen.  I may have to try it on in the interests of research. 

Fluxy Navy Cosmos Knit Bodycon dress £195

Clashing prints at John Lewis - this dress is stunning.  Again, like with lace, minimal embellishment needed, let the dress do the talking. 

John Lewis Collection Brienne Hawaii Print Dress in Navy £79

More Black and white at Oasis £58

Yellow yet again (I told you it's rather ubiquitous) and I simply cannot order this as I have two from last year - in yellow (check me out, ahead of the curve) and in leopard print.   This time, they've combined the too - could I love this dress any more?  I can't rave highly enough about this - the best dress I've ever bought.  Doesn't crease, washes like a dream and is super comfy and flattering.  Perfect for during the day, night time, shopping or for a wedding.   These sell out super fast and if not, they move the stock on so if you want it, buy it now! 

Whistles Haillee Brushed Fur Dress in yellow £115 (not sure why on earth it's called that as it's a crepe fabric...) 

Other dresses which I do keep coming across and need a blog on is definitely the casual Spring/Summer dress.  Fingers crossed it gets warmer soon and we can all be jetting around in them. 

So here are my outfits from the last couple of days.  Friday - fab fab fab day, breakfast at a friend's house for her birthday (the bike ride was unfortunately cancelled - quelle domage) quick trip to the fabulous Daniel Jordan for a blowdry and down to a country pub for a birthday lunch.  Can highly recommend the Castle Inn at Chiddingstone if you're ever in the area.   

Untitled Untitled

White fake collar - Cos
Textured navy top - Cos
Raw edge jeans turned up - Rock and Republic
Check coat - Zara
Wool hat - M&S
Chester navy loafers - Russell & Bromley
Whisky Marcie Medium satchel - Chloe

Out in the evening on Friday night to a new pub in town and then for a curry with some friends. 


Black Crepe top - Zara

Indigo Baxters - Topshop
Leopard print courts - H&M
Sierra necklace - Stella & Dot
Leopard print clutch - Tory Burch

Saturday up bright (ish...) and early to spend a day in London with some blogger friends, old and new.  When I say "day in London", I actually mean ten hours sat in a restaurant, chat chat chatting (the odd drink thrown in here and there).  Absolutely fantastic day and I managed to take absolutely NO photos which is totally and utterly appalling.  Hopefully they will have done and I can link you to their blogs so you can see how the day descended into not quite but almost debauchery.  And I did not go into one shop.  A veritable miracle.  

Absolutely appalling photos - blame The Husband....  And yes I did wear the exact same outfit that I wore the night before.  Was a total last minute decision the night before, but I liked it so much, I wore it to London as well.  

Untitled Untitled

Black Crepe top - Zara
Indigo Baxters - Topshop
Leopard print courts - H&M
Tan leather belt - Primark
Emerald green boiled wool coat - Zara
Sierra necklace - Stella & Dot
Whisky Medium Marcie satchel - Chloe
Dune Monogram scarf - Louis Vuitton

I'm resorting to a glass of wine whilst I crack on with the blog for tomorrow.  One of my favourite things so I can't wait to do the research.

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22 comentarios:

  1. Oooh that cobalt lace lianna is stunning - I have a wedding in July - must investigate! The Connie fishtail would be better if it flared below the knee - it looks a bit ra ra at that length. Love your outfit for your meetup blog day - I saw the green coat in Zara whilst with a friend and actually said 'oh Kat's got that" - guilty pleasure almost disclosed! actually it was through Avril meeting up with you last year that made me find your blog - you were by far the most stylish out of the group photo shots!

    1. oh thank you so much! Let me know what you think of the Lianna dress, it's gorgeous, isn' it?

    2. Haha - we'll not be getting our photos beside Kat again in that case ;)

  2. The cobalt blue lace dress is my favourite, an absolute stunner! Shame I've no need for it. Oh & a baby on board! Great shout though, surely a sell out in the making?

    1. Yes, probably not the best maternity dress. Stunning though, isn't it?

  3. Keep up the research Kat, I'll be looking for a christening dress very soon! Would have loved to have made London, I'm definitely there next time- I'd say it was very sensible indeed!!

    1. Ps. Utterly in love with that coat, such a stunning colour!!

    2. Thank you love - there will definitely be more dresses coming up and yes, it was such a shame not to see you. Next year deffo!

  4. Adore the Coast one. The navy - really not sure about the exposed zip though. I feel they cheapen the dress. Thanks so much for the code... I'll take a good look at Coast.

    1. I know what you mean but I do think they can work to keep a formal dress from being too mumsy? I guess it's how you pair it. I LOVE the zip detail - makes it look that little bit different xx

  5. Love how Coast has jumped right out of it's comfort zone recently - that hemline on the Connie dress - woohoo it's positively mini. Love it. I don't need anymore dresses at the mo but I am seriously contemplating checking out all the blue ones you have featured. Stunning. Loved your necklace yesterday Kat x

    1. I have to say I too am trying to justify a dress, i'm not entirely sure I *need* one... And thank you - yes that necklace has turned out to be a really good buy x

  6. Coast have definitely got their act together I am loving the stripey dress, I am such a sucker for pockets in a dress..they actually 'sell' me the dress! It was fabulous meeting you all yesterday, your outfit was stunning as always, love the green coat x

    1. God that dress is SO you! I think it would be much better on someone more diminutive actually and totally agree, the pockets transform it.
      So so so great to see you too. Am still in awe of your lilac jumper. Just looked so amazing on you xxx

  7. I have always disliked Coast and I know the Connie dress would make me look like mutton dressed as Girls Aloud I am starting to like their work! Great post as always.

    1. They really have started branching out in a new direction although yes, there are still the rails and rails of godawful wedding guest tat!

  8. All dresses are very beautiful and adorable. Is it the price include is already discounted or not? Well I need party dresses for this coming event on my work and I love to buy from you.

    1. No this is the price without the discount!

  9. The fake collar is so cool! You will get tonnes of use out of that! Love your London outfit! Stunning! Ax

  10. Shame that John Lewis dress doesn't have short sleeves. Glad you had a fab time in London hun x

  11. Stop with the temptation woman! I think I don't need anything more in my wardrobe and then I read this - that Ellie May dress is gorgeous. Great to see you this weekend Kat x

  12. Beautiful dresses! Love your blog and thanx to you I now have the idea to which my party dress. how about this dress.